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Chapter 348
June 14, 20X2 (Sunday)
Various Places

Once again, Chen Zhong was in the middle of another meeting . David was lounging in the seat like a lethargic tiger, ready to pounce and kill people if they were disagreeable . Chen Zhong had once been comfortable with David's presence . He had thought of David as his savior, especially when David had offered him a hand to his revenge against Zhao Yang, who had killed his mother . Now, he was terrified of David . The insanity that lingered in David's mind was greater than anyone could ever perceive .
"I have decided to target one of the Zhao family . There is this woman by name Zhao Hui Ying; she was once known as Lady Xing Hui Ying . This woman is one of the last remaining nobility of this country . If we kill her, everyone will gather in her wake to show their condolences . We can strike at that time . "
Chen Zhong sweated when the woman that had been mentioned was someone almost all Chinese national respected . They may have no monarch sitting on the throne anymore, but that doesn't mean they have forgotten about them . The people still have a great impression of the royal family; even Chen Zhong saw Lady Xing as someone to be respected .
Suddenly, Chen Zhong remembered that his father was still working as Lady Xing's driver . Although he was being kept captive most of the time, Father Chen was allowed to sit on the driver's seat and asked to pretend to drive with another person piloting the car manually . If Lady Xing would be attacked, Chen Zhong knew his father would also be a casualty .
"What about my father?" Chen Zhong asked, interrupting the silence that permeated in the room .
David's blue eyes narrowed as it met Chen Zhong's murky Asian dark eyes . Chen Zhong wanted to cower away from the glare . It was the thought of his father dying that gave him strength .
"Your father will understand our purpose . " David said, "There are necessary sacrifices for the good of our cause . Your father had been a member of Arcadia since he was young; he knows the consequences . I am sure that if he were here, he would gladly offer himself for the task .
Chen Zhong had spied for Zhao Yang because he was blackmailed, then he wanted to save the innocent, but now, Chen Zhong's reason has changed . He spied for David's end . Chen Zhong was ready to end his life as long as he takes David with him to hell .
Father Chen had only been a member of Arcadia because he was young and stupid and did not know what he was going into . His father had continuously warned Chen Zhong, and he had not listened . Now, Chen Zhong knew how much a mistake it was so let his anger cloud his judgment .
Once the meeting ended, Chen Zhong hurried into his room and reported everything that he heard . With eyes blazing with new determination, Chen Zhong was proud to admit that he was blind, but now he had seen . Because of David's casual tone with dealing with the death of a loved one, he had given birth to one of the best spies his enemy has planted .

Meanwhile, on Zhao Manor, Mei Lin was still in bed, pouting like a child . As days went by, and her stomach grew bigger, Mei Lin found it harder to leave her bed . Her stomach was too heavy for her even when she sat down, so she had tried to exercise her body while laying in bed . Mother Zhao and Yue were always beside her, ready to help .
Since it was a Saturday, Mei Lin was happy that Yang did not go to work . Yang stayed with her and helped her with anything she wanted . When it was time to eat, Yang had carried her to the dining room .
Mei Lin saw how much Yang was struggling . She knew she had gained more than ten kilos because of the pregnancy, but she hated being called fat because of it .
"Am I heavy?" she asked her husband .
Yang looked at her for a brief second, measuring how she would react and said, "You are only heavy because of the babies . In fact, this is good news . It means you are providing them an adequate amount of care and love that they grow up this healthy . "
"Silver-tongued Yang," Mei Lin pouted, wrapping her arms on Yang's neck to help his grip . She had wanted to explode at him and start a squabble, but who could get angry after hearing such an answer . Mei Lin lamented, why did she marry someone so good with words that it was hard even to pick fights?!
Once they arrived in the dining room, everyone started to eat . Feeling feed up and lazy, Mei Lin dropped her spoon on Yang's plate and demanded, "Feed me . "
Everyone's eyes twinkled with mirth and hid their laughter as best as they could . Only Yue let out a little snicker, which was stopped when Mother Zhao pinched her daughter's leg . The children proceeded to eat their dinner, and they were already used to their Mother, demanding weird requests for their father to do . They have even begun to think that their father was a masochist because never had he ever complained, not even once .
Yang, true to his nickname as a slave husband, picked up Mei Lin's spoon, and without hesitation, feed her . The demands that Mei Lin had dished out at Yang were not annoying at all . In fact, Yang liked Mei Lin being dependent on him . It's not every day the independent woman would pout and act cute .
Looking straight into Mei Lin's eyes, Yang grinned, "Did I tell you that I love you, today?"
Mei Lin blushed red as she ate the food that Yang spooned into her mouth . Yang was such a flirt, but he was her flirt!