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Chapter 349
June 15, 20X2 (Monday)
Zhao Manor

Once Monday came, Yang found himself in a meeting with all the Zhao family in his father's office . His grandparents were looking worried, and Aunt Qinyang had to lean her weight on his uncle for comfort . Mother Zhao was seated beside Yang, already knowing what Yang has to say to everyone . His father was sitting in his office chair, putting his clenched fists on the desk .
"Come again?!" Father Zhao's voice was loud and booming . Yang flinched when he heard it . It's not often that his father became angry enough to shout . There's not a lot that scares Yang, and when his father becomes incredibly angry is what he is most afraid .
Father Zhao's temper was just like Yang's grandfather . They both don't care for much, but when they do, they kill everybody in the way . To be honest, Yang's temper was like that too .
"They want to target mother," Yang shifted nervously at his seat .
"Calm down, " Mother Zhao told Father Zhao while rolling her eyes .
"Aren't you worried at all, woman?! They're targeting you! They're planning for your death?!" Father Zhao yelled .
Grandma Zhao was shaking her head at the side . Shouting at Lady Xing was not a great idea, when will his child realize that his wife doesn't react well with being shouted?
"Ad if they are the only ones that like to plot my end, " Mother Zhao deadpanned . She crossed get arms and said, "They're not the only ones that want me dead . Yet, here I am, still alive and being shouted at like a dog who has done something terrible . Do I have to bark now too, dear husband?"
Father Zhao's anger wilted immediately after her harsh words . Yang has always admired his father, but it was no question that his mother has the upper hand in every argument that they have . Nobody can be as sarcastic as Lady Xing can .
"Let me come with you every time you go out, " Father Zhao said as he pleaded to his wife . He changed tactics to benefit him .
"Not going to let you be in danger of dying as I am," Mother Zhao firmly replied .
Suddenly, Grandpa Zhao banged his walking stick on the floor, creating a sound that echoed likens bomb . His wrinkling hands girl the handle of his walking stick as he asked, "Why are we not preparing for this?"
"My friends and I have prepared something, " Yang comforted everyone with his words as best as he could .
"That fast?" Aunt Qinyang sat up, ready to offer her help .
Yang nodded, "Hao Ren had expected something like this to happen . "
"Him? Mother Zhao asked with a skeptical expression- right eyebrows raised and head tilted to one side in question .
"Yes," Yang nodded . "He had shown an aptitude for a lot of things . He used to beat me in chess before . I would have never been friends with him if he was just a normal person . "
There was silence for a while . Everyone was worried for many things, but Mother Zhao and Grandma Zhao were worried more about the safety of one person, who is currently carrying babies .

Grandma Zhao asked, "Did you tell all of these to Mei Lin? What do you plan to do with her pregnancy? She will be in labor in three to two months . We need to have more security around her . What if the terrorist targets her again?"
Yang almost had a heart attack with his grandmother's words . It had been the source of his anxiety and fear . Mei Lin alone was a worry, but with her pregnancy, it doubles her risk to anything . Mei Lin could not move as she did before because of her large stomach . In fact, Yang swore her stomach was larger than necessary .
"I have told her everything I know . She has assured me that she will stay inside the manor from now on . " Yang said, but his worry was still seen plastered on his face .
Everyone felt how uneasy Yang was . They were used to Yang being reckless and caring for nothing, but when Mei Lin came, they have seen so many sides of him that they did not know it existed .
Meanwhile, Mei Lin was cuddling Yue and her children in her bed . Yue's hands are stroking Mei Lin's large tummy, hoping the babies would kick her opened palms .
"Does having twins makes a stomach grow this big?" Yue's innocent question was met with a glare, making Yue raise her hands up in surrender before going back to the stomach to feel the babies move .
" . . . . just asking, you are far too big . " Yue murmured .
Thankfully, Yang entered the room just in time to save his little sister from being shouted upon by his petite wife with a bulging stomach and a typhoon of emotions . Yang opened the door while saying, "She's not big . She's beautifully pregnant . "
Kissing Mei Lin's cheeks and then her forehead before placing their lips together for a passionate kiss, Yang calmed the raging storm within Mei Lin . The husband has, once again, wooed the pregnant wife .
Yue pouted as she rolled her eyes . They were both show-offs! How can they let her, their treasure little sister and best friend, eat dog food?! Yue noted to call Hao Chen and deliver vengeance as soon as possible!