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Chapter 350
June 17, 20X2 (Wednesday)
Various Places

On the eve of the night, Hao Ren was up and working . On his side was a secured laptop that he could use to message Uncle Wu . Hao Ren knew that he had been given another rare chance to prove himself and he was determined to show his sincerity . His eyes were looking at one monitor to the next, ready to alert people if he found even the weirdest thing .
Hao Ren and Uncle Wu have both agreed that if one has to deliver a bomb to a spy inside Zhao Manor, it would be done at night, where most guards are lowered . In the side of the wall of monitors, Hao Ren noticed a bush inching closer to a certain tree as if it was moving . With eyes narrowed, Hao Ren observed that specific monitor with a glare of annoyance .
When the bush inched once more, Hao Ren immediately dialed Uncle Wu's main computer and said not a second too late after the call connected, "The terrorists are moving! They are using camouflage to disguise themselves like in the army! I see one in the monitor in the last row of the first column!"
Uncle Wu, inside Y Building, stood up and reviewed the wall full of the surveillance monitors . True enough, a bush was moving forward like a human crawling . Uncle Wu would have patted Hao Ren's shoulder if they were near . He had great eyes! Uncle Wu then pressed the button that signaled the pins that Yang and his friends used for various purpose .
Suddenly, Hao Ren and Uncle Wu's call became a conference as Zhao Yang, and Xue Chang Min joined after a few seconds, who were followed by the doctor, Li Alexandre, and Hao Chen . Hao Ren immediately reported to them without prompt by Uncle Wu, which made the chaos bringer nod his head in appreciation for his new assistant . Hao Ren was doing an excellent job with helping him!
"Is the person already in contact with Father Chen?" Chang Min asked instantaneously after the short report was heard .
Hao Ren shook his head as if the people who he was in a conference call with could see his actions before he replied, "Not yet . He is inching slower than I aspected . "
"It's not a trap, right?" Alexandre voiced out their thoughts . Although they have prepared for the events, what if the spy was telling a lie? What if fool didn't trust anybody, so he secretly made other people work on another plan?
Hao Ren hummed, "It's highly unlikely for it to be a trap . If it were, this person that is slowly and with a lot of effort trying to blend in on his surrounding wouldn't be so thorough with his actions . If this were an ordinary CCTV camera, I would not have noticed it at all . I never expected the use of a High Definition Camera with motion and heat sensors to be used as surveillance . "
The five friends almost joined Uncle Wu in his laughter as Hao Ren continued to praise the cameras that Chang Min had designed for spy work . Hao Ren ignored the laughter, and continued to mumble as he watched the man disguised as a bush move slowly, "I am just thankful that the terrorists are not locals and knew more information about the Zhao family . "

Hao Chen snorted, but he also agreed with his older brother . The foreigners did not know much about the Zhao Family, and they were grateful that it was another Li family and not Li Ru Shi's family that had been taken over by the terrorists . It would have been disastrous .
"Is that camouflaged man still there yet?" Dr . Zhang Li Xi's voice echoed his boredom .
Uncle Wu snickered, "Not yet . . . he's slower than a snail . I should keep a copy of this, it's funny . "
"I want a copy~" the doctor exclaimed without same . Everyone was curious about how the camouflaged man was trying so hard . It must really be amusing to see if Uncle Wu would decide to keep a copy .
"How long do you guys think that he will reach where Father Chen is 'discreetly' smoking and minding his own business?" Chang Min asked, but his voice showed a hint of challenge .
Yang's grin could almost be seen in his voice, "Is that a bet?"
"You want to?" Chang Min urged .
"Bring it on!"
Hao Ren could not contain the shaking of his head as the five dragons of the underworld started behaving like children . Since the five of them could only speculate, Hao Ren knew all of their guesses where just random and without any bases .
Yang started, "2o minutes . "
"30 minutes," chimed Hao Chen
"25 minutes," the doctor exclaimed .
"15 minutes," Alexander said .
"1 hour," Chang Min said .
Uncle Wu's snicker turned into full-on laughter as he revealed, "It would probably take an hour . Did you morons forget that Chang Min made these surveillance cameras and have a copy of every signal . He could easily tap into the camera if he wishes to . . . "
"That's cheating!"
"You cannot be trusted!"
Xue Chang Min's chuckles sounded like a villain's evil laugh as he listened to his friend's complaints .
Hao Ren touched the back of his neck . Are these people even concerned about the bomb that the man inching closer to Father Chen carried? Are these men, even adults? It was hard to picture them sitting on their executive desks when they behave like infants .
When Hao Ren's eyes moved to watch the camouflaged man inch closer to his destination, Hao Ren could not help the twitch in his lips . The sight was indeed funny . High Definition cameras are the best!