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Chapter 351: 351
June 17, 20X2 (Wednesday)
Various Places

Yang and his friends really had to wait an hour for the bomb to be given to Father Chen, who had done well with pretending to be the same as always . In that hour of waiting, Uncle Wu and Hao Ren had found out that Chang Min had sent a clip of how slow the camouflaged man crawled, causing their conference call to be full of snide comments and tactless brutal honesty .
"Oh! He is slowly crawling again to go back!" Chang Min exclaimed, laughing so hard in between his words .
"Did they expect us to be stupid? This is golden!" Yang's laughter was not as loud as Chang Min, but it was laced with so much ridicule .
"Maybe we should send the copies to David after we foil his plans, let's make sure to record his reaction too!" Alexandre commented .
"We can upload it to a video hosting site, and watch it go viral with the title 'creepy crawling crawler . '" Dr . Zhang Li Xi hollered; his laughter was the loudest of them all .
Hao Chen was only chuckling . Hao Ren was proud to say that his younger brother was more matured than the older men that he called friends .
Hao Ren almost felt pity for the terrorist as he listened to the five dragons of the underworld tore every ounce of dignity . When he remembered that it was a terrorist, Hao Ren joined in the fun . Their trash talking ended when the head butler reported to Zhao Yang, telling him about Father Chen requesting old talk to Yang .
"Let him come inside, " Yang permitted . He took some of the papers that cluttered his desk and placed it into the drawer . His home office looked immaculately clean, but his desk was cluttered like Uncle Wu's had been before Mei Lin invaded .
"CEO Zhao?" Father Chen walked inside so delicately, carrying a large duffle bag .
"Is that it?" Yang asked with eyes narrowed at the bag .
Father Chen nodded . When Yang motioned for the bag to be placed on his desk, Father Chen put it with much care . He was glad to have the bomb away from him .
"Was there something that had been said?" Yang asked while zipping open the bag . The others were still listening in on the conversation because of the conference call . Nobody dared to utter one word, hating to disrupt Yang's mood and his line of question that almost felt like an interrogation .
"The man only murmured 'Lady Xing' and 'Sacrifice yourself is necessary' to me . . . "
Zhao Yang's hands stopped moving once he heard those words . Suddenly, he realized why Chen Zhong have eagerly reported everything he knew about the plan . Because he knew what the orders his father would receive, Chen Zhong must have been desperate .
"Did you know that it was your son that tipped us about this? He had been such a good spy than he was before . . . " Yang trailed .
Father Chen smiled, awkwardly, "Chen Zhong is just human . He knows how to be scared of himself and others . "
Once the bag was opened, Zhao Yang was shocked to see a massive time bomb that almost looked like a limpet mine . This kind of explosives was only sold to the military! How did the terrorist get a hold of these kinds of bombs?!

Yang took the phone he placed on his breast pocket and said, "It's a time bomb with a delay reaction . I don't know much, but I know it's not a long delay . Chang Min, I need you here as soon as possible . "
"I am coming, " Chang Min added, "I'll bring dad to add to your security for Mei Lin . Dad is the veteran when it comes to dealing with military shit from abroad, so he might know more than me . "
Father Chen stood nervously on the side . He had no idea about the words that left Zhao Yang's mouths . He had no clue what kind of bomb it was . All he knew was that it was dangerous .
Yang momentarily lowered his phone to tell Father Chen, "You may go, and don't worry so much . I promised Chen Zhong that I would help you in exchange for information, so there's no need to worry . "
Father Chen shook his head . Before walking out of the room, he replied to Yang, "I am not worried about myself . My son is much more important than my life . "
Yang approved of Father Chen's words . As a father to two cute kids and an additional two in the future, Yang had to agree with Father Chen . A Father's job was to protect his family, not the other way around . Father Chen must constantly be thinking about Chen Zhong .
"Yang, be sure that the bomb is placed somewhere safe . It should be out of reach from children or any curious hands . " Uncle Wu warned . One wrong move would end all of the people in Zhao Manor .
"I'll put it in a place where only Mom and I knows . Don't worry, " Yang reassured .
"Now, we have to stage a bombing accident with Lady Xing and Father Chen . . . " Hao Chen mumbled .
"Easier said than done, " Hao Ren commented .
It was the first time in the night that the five underworld dragons were not acting like children . Hao Ren knew their minds were running a million miles per minute, but he mentally checked his lists, Step one: obtain the bomb . Check!
Step two shall commence!