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Chapter 352: 352
June 18, 20X2 (Thursday)
Zhao Manor

Mei Lin hated that Yang had to get up early even when he had slept so late last night . Yang had told her everything that had happened, not omitting a single detail . Mei Lin had even laughed so hard when Yang sowed her the video clip that her older brother had spread for their satisfaction and distraction as they waited for the terrorist to finish his transaction with Father Chen .
Speaking of Father Chen, Mei Lin had done her best to provide him with the best stay in the Manor as possible . His son may have hurt Mei Lin, but Father Chen had treated her with more decency than most people could say for themselves .
"Yang, wake up!"
Mei Lin groaned when she heard Chang Min's loud voice while he was insistently knocking on their door . Since Yang was in the showers, he could not be the one to open the door . Mei Lin tried to ignore her older brother in favor of sleeping . She was almost eight months pregnant! She needed al the sleep she could insert in her life!
"Yang, hurry up! Let me in!" Chang Min's voice irritated Mei Lin . She felt she was being tested with every knock that was placed on the door as if it was her head that was being knocked .
"Yang, get up! We have so many things to do!" Chang Min shouted again .
Pregnant and pissed off, Mei Lin stood up like a raging hulk . Opened the door with her massive belly poking out from her shirt, Mei Lin fumed with eyes narrowed as if it was going to shoot lasers soon . Chang Min's hands stopped midair . Seeing Mei Lin, his teasing smile turned into a frown . His eyes glancing from left right, Chang Min searched for his friend . He had not taken account that Mei Lin would be the one answering the door . Where, the hell, was his brother-in-law?
"He is still in the shower . Go and wait for him in the living room or his office! I want my sleep, piss off!" Mei Lin snarled like a rabid dog, slamming the door as loud as she could in Chang Min's face . Not even her older brother can get away with separating her from her precious time with sleep .
Chang Min's eyes widen . It was very unusual to see his usually gentle little sister spit fire like a dragon . It was almost comical too since she looked like a whale who had bed hair . Of course, because he valued his life, Chang Min did not say the words that were in the forefront of his mind .
"Hey! I am still your big brother!" Chang Min shouted, trying to gain some of his pride back .
"Well, you are my annoying older brother . Let me sleep in peace! Go away!" Mei Lin shouted back .
"Okay, Okay! Sheesh, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed!" Chang Min retorted, still shouting so Mei Lin could hear . The older brother stifled the snicker that almost made its way out when he heard Mei Lin growl in annoyance .
"Don't tease her too much . Her moods are all over the place . " Jerome suddenly appeared beside Chang Min, which made the younger man jump in surprise . He glared at his father . No matter how much he trained, his father could still sneak past his defenses .

"It's amusing to see her so moody . She is normally so calm and collected, chick and elegant . Right now, she can't even stay calm enough to talk to me!" Chang Min mused . It was fun talking to Mei Lin while she was a good girl, but it was cute and more enjoyable to tease her . Little sisters are best for their reactions, Chang Min learned . He vowed to tease Mei Lin more if he was given a chance .
Moments later, Chang Min and Jerome was in Yang's office with Mother Zhao inspecting the bomb . Jerome immediately recognized it as a French military naval weapon that can also function above sea level . Yang was amazed at how easily Jerome picked the bomb apart and reassembled it without any fear . Even Chang Min was in awe of his father's finesse with the foreign weaponry .
Noticing their stares, Jerome said to Chang Min, "Your mother was the best when it came to bombs . She had made a mini bomb that could almost be as destructive as a nuclear bomb with the right ignition power . "
Mother Zhao agreed without hesitation, "Mu Lan used to play with grenades in training too . It scared Qinyang and me to death . "
Chang Min laughed, "Mom sounds fun, but she would be a danger to Ling Ling's mischievousness . "
Yang changed the topic from his innocent daughter to a more serious matter, "We need to duplicate this bomb as fast as we can to finish step two from our plan . "
Chang Min nodded; his grin vanished when Yang became more serious . He placed the medium-sized bomb into an orange box from a famous bag brand to innocently camouflage it . It would be easy to make a replica of the weapon, just give him two to four hours, and he will be done .