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Chapter 353
June 20, 20X2 (Saturday)
Various Places

"Calm down," Mother Zhao tried to comfort Father Chen, the shaking of his hands only worsen with every passing minute . Today was the day that they would be deceiving the Fool of their death . Father Chen was glad that Zhao Yang had the heart to let him read all the messages that Chen Zhong had sent, and he was even given a chance to write a letter for his son . He had also written another letter that was on Zhao Yang's hands, which will be sent to his son if ever he does not survive today's ordeal .
"Everything will be fine . I have done this multiple of times to diffuse the paparazzi; the only change here is that the other car will explode . " Mother Zhao's softly uttered words, somewhat tamed his beating heart to steady as if it was a lullaby .
After all of this will be finished, after Arcadia will be entirely gone, Father Chen will devote his life to the Zhao family as thanks for all the things that they have done . Hopefully, Chen Zhong will not stop him .
"Remember that once we go out, we have to act . " Mother Zhao told, once again reminding Father Chen . The shaking of his hands did not vanish, but it had lightened up considerably .
Father Chen went out first to open the door of the car . His eyes glanced at the duffle bag that was on the passenger's seat with the harmless duplicate of the bomb .
A few minutes later, Mother Zhao walked out and into the vehicle as if it was an ordinary day . Father Chen mirrored the calmness that Mother Zhao displayed .
Father Chen drove the car with a purpose to live a longer life without Arcadia to control him like a puppet . While driving to the destination, Father Chen started sweating in nervousness . Just as planned, there was a sedan that was beside him driving almost the same speed as he was . Once the short tunnel was reached, Father Chen was amazed when the car turned autopilot and interchanged lanes with the other one . Because he was inside, Father Chen had not noticed that the vehicle he was driving had changed colors .
Once the tunnel ended, and light began to sipped into his eyes, Father Chen felt the car they were ridding speed up before turning to the right . It happened so fast that Father Chen only noticed two things: One, the other car beside them had changed its appearance and had mirrored the vehicle that they have driven before, and two, it looked as if they were on the other car too . Was this how advanced technology has become? Amazing!
They have successfully changed cars without any mishap . Mother Zhao looked at Father Chen's eyes using the rearview mirror, "My family uses this method to run away from paparazzi . They think they are following me when in fact it's just a realistic hologram combined with plastic and gel-like materials . "
They were miles away from the other car, but they could still hear the loud explosion . Hopefully, there was nobody that was injured .
Uncle Wu, who was watching the whole thing together with his assistant, was piloting the car that the original Real Mother Zhao was riding . Hao Ren was sitting on Uncle Wu's side, operating the fake and planted vehicle .

"No signs of civilians, you can detonate the bomb now, " Uncle Wu said . Hao Ren nodded and pressed the red button on the side of his controller that was modeled from a game's joystick .
Hao Ren watched with rapt attention as the bomb exploded, spreading sharp metal all around the almost half empty highway . Some people were walking on the side and got injured in the process, but no sign of death was observed .
Uncle Wu dialed Li Alexandre's number and said, "We are done! It's your turn . "
Uncle Wu turned on the television, and moments later; a reporter came out looking sad . The reporter turned to the camera with no emotions and reported, "We have just received word that former Lady Xing now Mrs . Zhao Hui Ying's car has exploded . The reason is still unknown . Police are still investigating on this news . We will return for more information . "
Hao Ren marveled at how efficient the five dragons were . The reporter then showed the people from Dr . Zhang's workplace show up to help investigate and confirm the fake bodies while Hao Chen's men were on the side acting like gossip mongers and passer bus that was pulled into the situation .
Hao Ren checked the mental list that he had memorized, Step two: Fake death . Check!
Now, it was for step three to commence .
In the evening, Mother Zhao and Father Chen had to use Zhao Yang's car to sneak back into the Manor . Father Zhao hugged Mother Zhao so tightly that Mother Zhao had to kick Father Zhao away from her .
"Mom, nothing else happened?" Yue confirmed for the sake of her nervous father that had been pacing circles around the room, making Mei Lin dizzy enough to go back to sleep while resting her head on Yue's shoulders .
"Everything went as planned . Dr . Zhang Li Xi had to take some blood to authenticate the dummy we planted . " Mother Zhao showed her arm that had one small needle prick .
"Carry me," Mei Lin woke up and smiled at Yang, spreading her hands for her husband to pick her up . Even while Yang was exhausted with balancing work and the matters with Arcadia, he still managed to find the time to spoil Mei Lin . Carrying his wife to their bedroom, Yang was sad to see that their children were already sleeping in their bed .
There goes another plan to have sex, down and flushed into the drain by his innocent children . Since Mei Lin was going to be Eight Months soon, Yang knew he was going to be friends with his hands again .