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Chapter 354
June 21, 20X2 (Sunday)
Various Places

"Lady Xing and her driver have now been admitted into the city's general hospital . "
"Terrorism against people with noble blood is said to be the cause of the explosion . "
"People have been cautioned by the government against trusting foreigner nationals that seems suspicious . "
Many news reporters covered the story . Dr . Zhang Li Xi had pulled the fake body into a private place to hide the traces of their deception and casually mentioned to some reporters that he was still trying to identify if the body is really Lady Xing . There were no words from the Zhao family, so almost all people were frantic about finding the reason .
Many media companies interviewed different people that have mingled with Mother Zhao at least once in their lives . Some believed it was her, but the majority thought it was another person since Mother Zhao used to disappear from the public eye in favor of staying at their manor .
Of all the interviews, Jean Bonaparte's was the most watched interview . One news reporter dared to ask the noble, "There has been an incident that these kinds of hate crime have happened in your country, what's your stance on this?"
"The truth about Mother Zhao? I do know, but there are terrorist groups everywhere . They thrive on the public's hysteria, so I suggest that you don't, and deal with the situation ad calmly as humanly possible . " were the words that Jean Bonaparte said that left an impact on everybody . The short panic of the general public was calmed after that, but the questions remained- Where was Lady Xing? Why haven't the Zhao family said anything? Who was behind the explosion? Is the public safe?
On Arcadia's hideout, Chen Zhong and David were watching the news with different reactions . CCTV of the blast was seen, and from their standpoint, there could have been no other woman that was in that car but the Lady . If Chen Zhong were not informed by Yang beforehand, he would have believed it .
David's maniacal laughter rang through Chen Zhong ears, making him itch to punch the foreign man in the face or better yet, where the sun doesn't shine . If Father Chen had not received the help from the Zhao family, he would have also died!
"What are we going to do next?" Chen Zhong asked, remembering that he needed to pretend to be supportive of the cause . He added, "Should we wait for them to gather and then attack?"
Chen Zhong tried to ignore the unnerving stare David directed on his way while he answered Chen Zhong's question . "Depends on how long the Zhao Family would prolong the inevitable death of that Lady Xing . "
In Zhao Manor, Lady Xing, the rumored dead woman, was fussing over her daughter-in-law . It would be a while before a fake funeral is staged, so Mother Zhao kept herself busy by taking care of the pregnant woman .
" . . . And then your mother made him wore the orange jumpsuit to hide the stain of the coffee . It was hilarious!" Mother Zhao finished her story .

Jerome was on the side touching the back of his head . The stupid noblewoman kept Mei Lin entertained by telling stories of the past . He would have been okay with it if Mother Zhao told other embarrassing moments other than his own when he was still courting his late wife .
"Did he really do something so idiotic?" Mei Lin asked with a grin . The children were also listening, so Mother Zhao made sure she would tell only those times that were safe and funny at the same time .
Jerome tickled Ling Ling side when she started giggling and murmuring, "Grandpa Janitor . "
Mei Lin was happy that Mother Zhao had more time to spend with her than before . Although the rest of the Zhao family members were busy, Mei Lin and Mother Zhao were always in the Manor; shopping online, gossiping, exchanging stories, watching dramas together .
Yang had mixed emotions with his mother's constant presence . He was glad that Mei Lin had someone else talk to, but he was annoyed that not only was he competing with his children for his wife's attention but now, his mother was added to the list of growing rivals .
"What will happen to you now?" Mei Lin asked after a moment of silence . The air was heavy because of the possible risks involved with the terrorist .
"We need to stage something that will make them use the other bomb that they have left . . . " Jerome trailed, looking at Mother Zhao's sad face .
"So there needs to be another bomb to detonate? I hope everyone will be safe . . . " Mei Lin prayed out loud . Mother Zhao and Jerome prayed to themselves the same words .
Placing her palms on her stomach, Mei Lin loved being pregnant, but she hated that she was pregnant in such chaotic times .
Hopefully, the babies will be born without the chaos, and the threat of the terrorist group will be gone soon .