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Chapter 356
June 23-25, 20X2 (Tuesday to Thursday)
Various Places

Because they were preparing for basically doing two baby showers, Yang and his friends had to have help from the females . It was Li Ru Shi that took the managerial position of both events . Eyes observing Ru Shi and her safety, Chang Min's mind immediately compared his sister's pregnancy and Li Ru Shi . Even if Ru Shi was pregnant, her stomach was not nearly as large as Mei Lin .
Chang Min was glad that at least one pregnant woman was not as moody, but definitely not as cute to tease as Mei Lin .
Comparing the two woman, Chang Min noticed something that needed to be addressed . The concerned older brother went to Dr . Zhang Li Xi's side and asked, "I'm worried about Mei Lin's pregnancy . Does twin pregnancy really cause the stomach to grow that massive? She looked like she has four in her stomach, not two!"
"Don't you know?" The doctor trailed, the hesitation was apparent in his eyes before he took a deep breath and revealed, "She's having triplets . "
"What?!" Chang Min hissed; his soul almost jumping out from his body . Why haven't they told anyone? This news was big! Why are they saying they have twins? This is nuts!
The doctor rolled his eyes and whispered, "Mother Zhao told me not to tell them . . . some revenge plan . I really did not want to know what she planned, so I did not listen, but she threatened to release naked baby to toddler photos of me to the public, so my lips are sealed . "
Once Mother Zhao's name was mentioned, Chang Min immediately shut up . The noblewoman was a gentle and kind lady, but sometimes, she can be very petty, especially when things don't go the way she expected .
Hao Chen, who was eavesdropping on the side, popped and interrupted their conversation, "Did I hear correctly or do I need to clean my ears? Triplets? Three? Kids? Hopefully, it'll be cute nieces . Boys are boring . "
Chang Min nodded his head eagerly; Nieces are the best! Mei Lin should pop out girls!
"Your ears are fine, " the doctor deadpanned . He made sure that both of his friends were in front of him so he can see their unedited reaction as he said, "And they are all boys . Three little devils that's from the smiling demon . . . "
"No way . . . " Hao Chen's mouth dropped with shock .
"I don't want to be their uncle anymore, " Chang Min's eyes widen . Yang was the most sadistic and mischievous man they know . I . agining having three mini Yang's felt like the earth was turning into hell .
Hao Chen turned to Chang Min and teased, "Imagine three boys smiling at you and pulling you to help them with their pranks, but then tell on you so they can watch you go down . . . "
Chang Min did not want to imagine! His dream of having cute little nieces . Thank goodness, he still has lovely little Ling Ling .
Because the doctor had spread it to two other people, Hao Chen and Chang Min could not help themselves and told some people too . In their minds, they needed to want the people of the coming damnation in the form of three devils with Yang's face .

Every since Chang Min discovered that it would be three boys, he had begun to pray before bed, asking for miracles . Chang Min prayed that at least one was calm enough to inherent the Xue family business and that there will be nieces in the future .
Hao Chen had told Yue, who the told Ru Shi, who then told Alexandre also . Soon, the fact that Mei Lin has three boys, and that they are not to be told the truth in fear of castration from Mother Zhao, has spread to their circle of friends . It had become everyone's secret .
Days later, they were finally done with all the little details of the events . Now, it was time to plan the possible things that could happen and put a safety precaution to assure nobody would get hurt . Chang Min was installing cameras, detectors, high-end defense weaponry that can be disguised, and unique attack weaponry was hidden in small chambers that they only knew where . The doctor had also prepared first aid materials and stashed it on compartments that double as decorations .
Everyone could see the dark circles under Chang Min's eyes, they could feel how worried he was . All heart reach out to him, the Xue family have been dealing with a lot of hurts because of the same terrorist group that they are trying to deceive on the twenty-sixth .
"Did you even sleep?" Dr . Zhang Li Xi knew how important it was to be prepared, but what's the use of preparedness when one's body will shut down because of lack of sleep in the middle of a crossfire . It was just suicide .
Chang Min nodded, "a couple minutes . I will sleep more after I install everything . "
After that, nobody could stop Chang Min as he fortified the venue where the real baby shower will be held .