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Chapter 357
June 26, 20X2 (Friday)
Various Places

When the day started, Yang had to force himself to calm down . Although he had already told Mei Lin what she should do in case of anything, He was still so nervous for her and their unborn children's safety .
Mei Lin was dressed in a maternity couture gown, but her stomach still showed like a flashing light in the middle of the night . The painter was grateful that only family and very close friends were invited .
"Do I look like a whale?" Mei Lin asked, staring at the mirror on the side .
"You are beautiful, don't worry too much . " Yang kissed Mei Lin's forehead while caressing her left arm, letting his wife feel the heat of his palm .
Yang and Mei Lin went downstairs to the living room together . Mei Lin had to stop and rest for a little when she went down the stairs . Yang was very patient with her and waited for her with a smile .
When the two reached the living room, the people inside stood up to greet them . Mei Lin could see the Xue Family, Zhao Family, Elias, Secretary Bai, Li Ru Shi, and Yang's friends were the only ones who were incited, and that calmed Mei Lin .
Tugging on Yang's shirt, Mei Lin asked, "Where is Uncle Wu, and Mother and Father Zhao?"
"He can't come, he and Hao Ren are monitoring the actors we hired and the guards that are posted on the fake baby shower, and Mom told me that she has to be there to greet the 'guest' and show that she isn't dead and Dad have to go with her, of course," Yang explained .
Mei Lin could only nod her head, hiding the disappointment from showing in her face . She understood the need for secrecy and did not push further . Mei Lin knew Yang's friends had to do some disguising to attend her baby shower in Zhao Manor . She was thankful enough they came .
Gifts were already piled on the side of the table for their food . Everyone tried to have fun, but the thought of the bombing still lingered in their heads . Yang had to check his phone all the time .
Meanwhile, on the monitor room in Y building, Uncle Wu and Hao Ren looked at the surveillance monitors with hawk-like eyes, eyeing their prey, ready to strike . Since the event was in one of the Zhao property, Mother Zhao knew her way in and out of the building . While she was greeting the family guests that were actors and guards dressed and masked to be the people she knew, Mother Zhao felt awe at how well made some of the fave masks are .
"Madame Stupid, a weird person is passing in the gates . " Uncle Wu reported that once they saw some activity in the outside of the gates .
Mother Zhao adjusted her earpiece, annoyed at her brother, and immediately gathered the actors to the underground hidden vault/panic room just as they planned . Like all whipped husbands, Father Zhao was with her every step .
"You guys need to stay there, " Uncle Wu cautioned . Since the secret vault/panic room had been fortified, Uncle Wu started to play the noise that they have prerecorded .

The foreigner who was supposed to be passing on the gate had now stopped when he heard the voices of Zhao Yang and Wu Mei Lin . David had commanded him to plant the bomb far enough that the pregnant woman will not get hurt, but close enough to cause some ruckus .
"The bomb is planted!" Hao Ren exclaimed in his mic to let all the people know . It did not take long for the bomb to explode, causing the beautifully fenced garden to look like a disaster . The people that were around begun to talk and speculate .
"That . . . Was easy . . . . " Uncle Wu could not believe how easy that was! The fool was indeed a fool . They have wasted their ammunition, but that was good for Uncle Wu since, according to the spy, they only had two bombs . Now, he can rest in peace for a while .
On the hideout, David was fuming with rage . He had never thought that the event that they would be gathering was Miss M's baby shower and not a funeral! David had panicked when he had heard Miss M's voice; he could not bring himself to hurt what was his!
"Damn them!" David kicked the chair in the side with so much force that it flew to the other side .
Chen Zhong and Li Nai Nai were standing near the door, uneasy . Already used with wearing a deadpanned face, Chen Zhong did not show the relief that he felt .
Mother Zhao and Father Zhao went home, that day with smiles on their faces for having successfully done their task to protect their family . When they opened the doors of the living room, they instantly saw Mei Lin's figure on the couch sleeping with her head related to Yang's shoulder .
"Why are you guys still here?" Mother Zhao asked with a hushed voice, careful not to wake Mei Lin .
Yang sighed, "She wanted to wait for your return . She could not concentrate on the baby shower and be continually asking for you . "
Even when they have opened the gifts, Mei Lin still stared at space before asking about the absent people's safety . It had to not been a fun baby shower, but Yang was glad that Mei Lin was out of the range of the bomb .