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Chapter 358: 358
June 29, 20X2 (Monday)
Various Places

The days went by as calm as before the bombings did . Although, there was hysteria about it, and people were now more cautious when going outside their homes . Yang was in Y Building doing his job as the top executive, stamping paperwork all day long . He had thought it would be another calm and dreary day at work .
Suddenly Yue burst into his office, huffing and puffing with nostrils flared out like a raging dragon . Yang was snickering at the sight of her .
Yue did not care for his reaction and exclaimed, "Mei Lin is in the hospital! You have to go!"
"What?" Yang uttered . Disbelief marred his handsome face . His wife? Hospital? Was she already in labor?!
"She slipped," Yue explained .
Yang's face was starting to lighten up with the thought of meeting the babies, but Yue's words made his mood darker . Any accident in Mei Lin's fragile condition would have catastrophic endings . Yang's heart jumped with worry .
"Mei Lin was going to the bathroom but slipped on the tiles on her way back to the room . She managed to steady herself just in time, but her back could not handle the weight and cave in . "
"Did they take her to Dr . Zhang immediately?"
"Mom and Aunt Qinyang rushes her using the helicopter piloted by Uncle? Grandpa, Grandma, and Dad are going to the hospital as soon as they can . You have to hurry; Mei Lin was shouting your name . "
"I'm going," Yang left everything he was doing and vanished without a word .
"Stay safe," Yue warned . Although the threat of the bombs was somewhat settled, there were still terrorists left . Left alone in her older brother's office, Yue remembered that she had to go to the hospital too .
Running again to catch up to her brother, Yue exclaimed, "Wait for me!"
When Yue reached the private parking lot for the top executives of the company, Yang's car was already gone . Her brother left her behind! Yue fumed, "Stupid Brother!"
Secretary Bai appeared on her side and said, "Yang told me to take you to the hospital . "
Yue's anger vanished instantly, and she took her words back just as she uttered it, "Not stupid after all!"
Secretary Bai just scratched the back of his head in helplessness . These two siblings have fun but a weird dynamic relationship .
One the streets of the city, Yang's car zoomed from one highway into another, drifting like a pro racer in every corner . Many citizens were watching in awe as the red car passed by them, traveling like the speed of light . The driver was in a state of panic that he did not even care if other cars were slowing, scared of his speed .
Arriving in the hospital, Yang's legs worked as if it was running a marathon and was near the finish line . Yang did not even evade the people around him; it was the people that made way for him . With a face that looked like it was going to snarl at them, Yang looked scary in his worried state .
"Where is Zhao Mei Lin's room?!" Yang demanded when he reached the nurse station, slamming his hands on the desk, causing the poor nurses to jump .

Scrambling to guide the famous CEO, the nurses had no time to even look at his face and marvel at his handsomeness as Yang hurried to the room . The nurses that saw his state sighed at how perfect Zhao Yang was- brilliant, rich, handsome, and such a caring husband . Mei Lin must have saved the world in her previous life .
Opening the door, Yang was gentle and careful, thinking Mei Lin was asleep . When he saw the state of his wife, smiling at him while laying down on the hospital bed, Zhao Yang heaved a deep sigh of relief .
Dr . Zhang Li Xi's chuckles made Yang's face blush a little . Mei Lin giggled when she saw the ruffled clothes of her husband, and how much he was trying to catch his breath . The amusement of seeing Yang vanished the pain that she still feels in her back and the sleepiness in her eyes .
"Will you be fine? How are you and the kids? You made my soul jump out of my body," Yang asked immediately, leaning down and placing a kiss on Mei Lin's forehead while his hands caressed her large stomach .
Mei Lin beamed a smile at her husband while her head rested on her soft pillow . She looked tired, but in Yang's eyes, She was still the same gorgeous, sassy lady he met in Paris, just a little bit lacking in sleep . Yang patted Mei Lin's arm and whispered, "Go to sleep . I am here, and will be here when you wake up . "
As Mei Lin's eyes closed, Yang was meet with silence as his wife fell asleep . Turning to the other man on the room, Yang asked his friend, "What's wrong with her? Why is she admitted? Did her spine break?"