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Chapter 359
June 29, 20X2 (Monday)
Various Places

"Thankfully, her spine did not break . If it did, there would be many complications for the birth, but I am keeping her here to monitor the pregnancy . These kids are not even born yet, but they're already a riot . You can't believe how rowdy they are, even when Mei Lin is asleep . " Dr . Zhang pointed out at Mei Lin's stomach .
When Yang's eyes glanced on the small but consistent movement, his eyes narrowed in annoyance . Why did he want kids again? He hadn't had sex for months! Yang craved for Mei Lin's time which these kids of his has already stolen! Now, they made their mother go to the hospital! The CEO was fuming mad .
"How long will she stay here?" Yang asked .
"Until she pops out all of your little me, she'll be bedridden . . . " Dr . Zhang Li Xi murmured without thinking, realizing too late that he had spilled the beans of the gender of the babies .
"My mini-me?" Yang pondered for a little, and suddenly, his face grew horrified, "BOYS?! I have boys?! Tell me there is at least one girl?!?!"
The doctor shushed Yang immediately . He had never heard Zhao Yang lost his calm as much as today . It was a record for Zhao Yang . Not only had he raced like a mad man in worry, but he had also been shocked enough to shout .
Hushed out, Yang hissed, "One girl . . . just one girl . "
Dr . Zhang Li Xi shook his head with a smirk of amusement, "Unfortunately for you, they are all boys . "
Yang's face was comically horrified, "Can I return them to my balls, so I can eject them out of her and not inside her?!"
Dr . Zhang Li Xi snorted, his shoulders shaking with laughter, and his hands covered his mouth . He could not laugh out loud because of the sleeping pregnant woman, but, damn, was Yang hilarious when horrified .
The young CEO did not care about the doctor's reaction . All that was in his head was how he was going to fight for Mei Lin's time and affection with more boys! "How about I give one to Chang Min . . . No, Mei Lin will hate me for separating the boys . How about Chang Min taking all of them? If he needs a baby sitter, he can take Chang too, but not Ling Ling, Ling Ling is ours . "
The doctor had a hard time keeping his laughter at bay . Remembering Chang Min's reaction, Dr . Zhang Li Xi knew Chang Min would rather stuff the babies back into Yang's balls than take all of them . It was so funny that Yang was so biased to daughters than sons!
Mei Lin opened her eyes and calmly said, "The boys are ours too . You can't separate me from them!"
Yang jumped in surprise as his wife woke up to interrupt . Yang was about to explain himself when Mei Lin's glare told him to shut up . The woman pointed at the door and snarled, "You two are noisy . Get out!"
Knowing her temper, and how easily she can explode again, Yang pulled the doctor out of the room in a much greater panic that before . Dr . Zhang Li Xi's laughter burst out once the door shut closed . All the nurses looked at the two handsome men with curiosity .

On the other hand, in the hideout, David was in front of the members of the group, snarling, "I've received words that Father Chen is still alive! He must have been the one to reveal about the bomb . The coward was scared for his life and betrayed the group!"
Chen Zhong tried to make himself as small as possible when all eyes pointed at him . He was horrified about what David said, but he was grateful that he wasn't the one being pointed out to be the blame . His life would instantly be forfeit!
David, the Fool, looked straight at Chen Zhong's eyes, making him straighten his spine . It was almost as if David measured his trustworthiness . Chen Zhong tried his best to keep his nervousness from showing . The minutes that their eyes met was like an eternity of suffering for Chen Zhong .
"I will give a chance to the son, one last time . No other chance will follow," David said before he turned his back and entered his room, probably scheming .
Chen Zhong could only sigh in relief when he was in his secured place . Analyzing what has happened, Chen Zhong realized that there must still be a spy that he did not know! How could David knew that his father was alive when Father Chen was deep in hiding in Zhao Manor and could only be seen if people visit the Manor or work in the Manor! Hurrying to his laptop, Chen Zhong started another report for Zhao Yang through his private email address that only he and Mei Li knew .
Chen Zhong briefly wondered if Mei Lin was doing fine . He had noticed the weird obsession that the Fool had with his ex-girlfriend, and Chen Zhong knew that Mei Lin would not be in any danger as long as she is not in the hands of the Fool . Yet, his mind could not help but wonder what would have happened if he had not cheated .