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Chapter 36

November 7, 20XX (Wednesday)

Fourth Floor, Jin's Place Bar, Beijing

Xue Chang Min have it all, the face, the wealth, the status, and the fame . He is handsome enough to be printed on women's magazines, wealthy enough to be considered a billionaire, status high enough to be escorted with bodyguards everywhere, and famous enough for everyone in Beijing to know his name . He would have been the perfect man if only his past was not as horrid as the most disgusting melodramatic soap opera .

Having a mother who was a famous government agent that protects high profiled ambassadors before her death, his father being a high profiled noble decent turned politician from abroad who was now a painter as his disguise because of witness protection program for his testimony against a bunch of international terrorists that were specialized in government take-over, and his elder sister died with the same reason as his mother .

His younger sister was sent on an orphanage for her protection as being with his father while on the run was dangerous for an infant and being with the Xue Family would instantly sign their family's death by the terrorist group . Because she was seen as a baby by the culprits, she needed to disappear for her to remain alive . Thus, Xue Chang Min grew up parentless and sibling less .

His life was the best melodrama you could possibly imagine .

For Xue Chang Min, this was his reality . He had grown up knowing the truth about his family's story but was hopeless unless the terrorist group named 'Arcadia' would be terminated . It was his burden to carry the Xue name his mother had left for him while protecting in the shadows the only sister he has that lives . If he had spent that day together with his family, he too would have been suffering a fate of hiding or worse be buried below the earth .

On that day, the members of the terrorist group named Arcadia discovered the location of his father who was already in the witness protection program . It was also that day that his mother had taken his sisters to visit his father .

Chang Min had stayed in Beijing because he had to take lessons with his grandfather so he could manage their company as the heir and soon to be CEO . He had not realized how much an ignorant fool he truly was back then because that was the last day he saw his mother's cheery smile and his elder sister's haughty attitude . That was also the last day he was allowed to meet with his younger sister, Xue Mei Lin who was now known as Wu Mei Li .

Honestly, he would have preferred the name Mei Lin with the last 'N' like his Chang Min and like his elder sister's Yue Rin . Whoever thought on just taking out the 'N' was unoriginal . They should have just stuck with 'Lin' and changed her 'Mei' with something else .

It was a Xue tradition to have 'n' as the last letter on their name! The blasphemy caused for taking it out!

Chang Min took another gulp of the whiskey in his hands, drowning his thoughts of the past with alcohol as the anaesthesia for the gripping pain in his heart .

He glances at his longtime friend, Zhao Yang . He had never thought this friend of his would one day ask for files about his younger sister . He had compiled just for the sake of keeping up pretences but when he also discovered the cheating ex-boyfriend of his sister, Chang Min was fuming with rage .

He had been so tempted to plant a fake bomb on that stupid ex of hers' luggage so the stupid ex would go to prison but stopped when Chang Min realized that going to prison was a lighter sentence .

He needed to suffer first before he can go to prison .

He had been thinking of ways to dispose of his little sister's ex when he received a long call from his father . It was only just yesterday when his father, for the first time in the year, called him to demand that Zhao Yang 'leave his little sister alone and not covet her like a hound after a steak' as he had said word for word .

He had mixed feelings listening to his father rant about his friend defiling his precious little sister in Paris; first he was surprised that Yang actually liked someone strong enough to give chase, second he was amazed that it was his sister that caused him to do so, third he was proud that his sister could move someone like Yang, forth he was angered that Yang had DARED to touch his sister, fifth he was irritated that Yang HAD touched his sister, and lastly he was hopeful that because of this progression, he might finally meet his sister even if it was in a way of her being his friend's girlfriend .

"Is something wrong?" Yang's deep voice woke Chang Min from his thoughts .

"She must be something to keep you from your wine . " Muttered the hidden big brother .

Chang Min could see how Yang's eyes soften and that scary grin was replaced with wistfulness . The older brother inside Chang Min briefly acknowledges the tenderness in Yang's expression .

Yang said, "She's amazing, really . I'll bring her here soon so you'll get to know her . "

Chang Min's hands grip his glass again with force as excitement and hope filled his doubtful heart . Will he really?

"She's quite like you, I find . She's such a goody-goody and a stickler to the rules…" Yang's observation made Chang Min still for a moment . Did Yang notice something? Chang Min's grip on the whiskey glass loosens as his thoughts grew with alarm . He noted to himself to be more careful because this friend of his was someone he must never underestimate . He didn't know what else was in this man's mind .

"Oh? So when are you going to introduce her to us?" Chang Min asked, his heart thumping like drums beaten in the fastest tempo possible . 'When can he finally meet my sister?' was what he had wanted to ask but refrained . Life was f***ing unfair, Damn it!

Yang took a gulp of his milk before replying, "… when she wants to come, I'll bring her here . I can't force her to do anything . She's the boss in this, whatever this is . "

Chang Min chugged the last gulps of whiskey on his glass to avoid cursing his close friend . A minute more of listening to Yang's happiness, he would beat him black and blue .

Xue Chang Min cursed himself for being a helpless but overprotective brother, and at the same time a single man having just eaten dog food from Yang .