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Chapter 360
June 30, 20X2 (Tuesday)
Various Places

Jerome was pissed off when he read the message that was from their spy forwarded to him by his son-in-law . He had thought that he had dealt with every spy in the Manor! He was sure that he had! Jerome had never failed in spotting a spy, but now! How could he not notice the person hiding in the manor?!
"The spy might not be working in the Manor," Yang commented the things that Hao Ren had mumbled out loud to them in their conference call before .
Jerome hummed and nodded his head, understanding colored his face .
Mei Lin's eyes were twitching when the two men that were with her was talking about something she has only a little information about! How can she even interrupt them when it was done for the safety of everybody? Mei Lin pouted on the bed, crossing her arms in exaggerated gestures so her father and her husband would notice her .
"Did you scan for your employees?" Jerome asked with his chin being lifted and placed in between his pointer finger and thumb .
Yang nodded, "We have already done background checks on all of our employees that have entered the manor . We found nothing . We were hoping you could suggest something for us since this is your specialty . "
Jerome hummed in contemplation before he answered in honesty, "Scanning one large company is hard, but all of your companies in a matter of days? Impossible, even for me! Numbers are usually an advantage, but this time, your numbers are a hindrance . The only thing I can tell you is to trust only the core members of your friends, and nobody else . Treat everyone as a suspect . "
Yang nodded .
Mei Lin's pout worsen . She had been trying to get their attention for more than an hour now, but to no avail, she failed with every attempt! feeling desperate, Mei Lin sprouted out nonsense that she did not mean, but was instead taken seriously, "What if the spy is one of my employees?"
Just as she had planned, Jerome and Yang turned to face her like robots program to be in unison . Mei Lin's eyes widened when the gravity of her words dawned on her . Did she put her employees on a rough path with her innocent question?
Jerome nodded to Yang, who nodded back after . Jerome moved to sit beside Mei Lin while Yang kissed her cheek on the opposite side . Mei Lin's line of thoughts vanished as Jerome and Yang continued to pamper her with love . Once Mei Lin was asleep, Yang immediately dialed Uncle Wu's phone and said, "What if the spy is one of Mei Lin's employees? She has three core employees: Elias, Dan, and Trisha . I remember that those people visit her a lot in the Manor . "
"I will run a background check . I will call you back when I have some leads . " Uncle Wu replied, hands working nonstop on his keyboard and mouse . If it were Mei Lin's employee, then it would be best that they discover the spy as soon as they could .
Meanwhile, at his apartment, Dan was on the phone talking with David, "I already told you what I know . The Zhao family had forbidden everyone was going to their Manor! Not even Elias could get inside, and Elias has been with Mei Lin before she was Miss M!"

David growled in annoyance, "What use are you to me if you can't figure out why Zhao Yang was speeding like a mad man to the hospital?! Do you want your family killed?!"
The Fool leaned into a small boy tied on a chair beside two elderly with white hair . David ripped the gag on the little boy's mouth and the plea of, "Help, please . Uncle Dan, please . "
Dan straightened out in distress as he heard the begging words of his beloved nephew, who he adored like his own son . Biting his lips, Dan helplessly said, "I will ask some more . Trisha Fuller is close with Mei Lin, and they text constantly, I will ask her now . "
David grinned, "I will await your good news . "
Once the call disconnected, Dan's feet gave in to the weight of betrayal that he was about to do, again . He steeled his spine and hardened his heart . Dan would do anything for his nephew to live, even if he has to sacrifice the world with him . Dan stood up, forcing his shaking legs to move . With every step he took, regret and guilt came to him even before he could do the task that was ordered to him by the Fool .
On the other side of the call, David ended the call before he tried to put the gag back on the little boy's mouth . The boy struggled in fear, causing David to fail multiple times . In annoyance, David slapped the boy's right cheek with the back of his hand with a firm command, "Be quiet or I will kill your grandparents, you stupid child!"
With heavy hearts, the elderly couple watched with fear and praying for their grandson to survive even if they have to exchange lives . When will their suffering end?