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Chapter 361
July 5, 20X2 (Saturday)
Various Places

Mei Lin was bored . Staying in the hospital may be good for her physical health, but it was not great for her restless mind . The hospital was bland and without colors, and for a painter, it made her hands itch to paint . Having already stayed at the hospital for almost a week, Mei Lin was proud of herself for behaving .
For the other people that visited or planned to visit Mei Lin, they thought Mei Lin was not behaving at all . Every time someone would come inside the room, they would be greeted with an angry mama dragon clutching her eggs . Only Yang and the two children could come near the dragon without being scratched .
Chang Min had made a mistake of calling Mei Lin 'an angry whale' and was met with all the things that were near Mei Lin being thrown at his face . Chang Min had been trained in martial arts, but because he was caught off guard, Yang's cellphone hit his nose, causing it to bleed . Fearless, moody, and breathing fire like it was her past-time, Mei Lin was cautiously being guarded and entertained by everyone else .
Yang was happy about this because he got lesser competition when it comes to Mei Lin's attention . He made sure to take advantage of the opportunity until it lasted . Yang cuddled with Mei Lin, spooning her body through her back while caressing her stomach . He even kissed her as much as he could . Chang and Ling Ling had learned to ignore their parents, used to their embarrassing display of affections .
"I hope the boys will come out soon," Mei Lin complained . "The hospital is so boring!"
Yang caressed her hair, twirling the strands on his pointer fingers as he suggested, "Why not paint? I know you love painting . . . "
"But, I'm in the hospital! They won't allow rude of paints and art materials here that are large and for professionals!" Mei Lin liked the idea, but she doubted that it was even possible .
Yang looked at his wife with a smirk and said, "You forget who I am . "
Mei Lin tilted her head to the side . What did he mean by that?
Yang took his phone and made some calls and messaged some people . Hours later, Mei Lin was staring in awe with mouth gaping open . One by one, her painting materials from Zhao Manor was slowly being transferred into her hospital room . There was even a new easel that was made for her where she can paint on her bed, not needing to stand up from it!
"Wha-What? How? When?" Mei Lin stuttered as she asked . She could not get the right questions out from her brain . Mei Lin thought her brain has short-circuited with Yang's show of an effortless power play .
Yang grinned, put his hands on his pant's pocket, posed like a model, and drawled, "I am Zhao fucking Yang . I can do things many people can't . "
Mei Lin's awe vanished, immediately, turning into a frown . She loved Yang, obviously, but she hated his arrogance sometimes . Mumbling, Mei Lin rolled her eyes, "You can do many things, but you can't be humble at all!"
Yang touched his nose; he was only joking . Sighing, Yang pestered Mei Lin kisses as his apology . Ling Ling and Chang were on the side, entertaining themselves with their crayons and paints . They were not interested in watching their parents anymore . They already know what will happen . First, their dad says something ridiculous, then their mom would get angry, and finally, dad would beg for forgiveness . Honestly, it was already an overused plot even for them, and their father should realize that with one kiss on the forehead would already make their mother cave in .

Meanwhile, at the hideout, Chen Zhong was worried . Without a doubt, his fear was starting to shake the resolve of his hope . He has heard many things that David had planned, but he never realized how big his obsession with Mei Lin was .
"We can't let the babies she is carrying live, but we cannot harm her too . " David pondered, "We will just have to wait for her to deliver the baby and then kill them after they are kidnapped . "
Li Nai Nai was on the side, shaking in fear at the mention of killing babies- innocent and without a clue! She might have been manipulative and bad, but she could never do something like that! Even she has some morals left in her!
"How about we put them through foster homes?" Li Nai Nai spoke up . Her voice was quivering in fear, but her strength came from helping the innocent .
"No! Those infants would have both Bonaparte blood from France and the Last imperial Xing Blood! Those children would not only be wealthy but powerful and famous! They would be dangerous to our cause!" David snarled .
"They must be killed!" David slammed his hands on the table with so much force that it felt as if its legs were going to snap .
Li Nai Nai cowered in fear .
Chen Zhong grew worried . How can someone like David exist in the world?