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Chapter 362
July 5, 20X2 (Saturday)
Various Places

Because he was apprehensive about Mei Lin, Chen Zhong did not waste making a report . This time, he wrote it like a letter to Mei Lin . Chen Zhong knew that her husband might be the one to receive it first, but he did not care . Chen Zhong has to tell her at least . With a deep breath, Chen Zhong started to type the words that had been left unsaid before .
[To Wu Mei Li,
It's been a while . I know you are not expecting to hear from me . You might not want to hear from me at all, but I have to at least warn you about David, the man that is known as The Fool in the terrorist group named 'Arcadia . ' I hope this letter gets to you .
This man has been planning so many horrific things to your family, and now he wants to do something unimaginable to your unborn babies once they have been born . He is now lying low, waiting for that day to come . Please, listen to my warning and make some safety precautions for yourself and your children . I know how much you have longed to have children for your own, and I know how much you want to grow old with your children, so I hope you heed my warnings .
I am also writing this letter to say sorry to you . I have never once said it to you . It has taken long, but I am deeply sorry for the infidelity that I made, which probably made you question your worth . Please know that it was never you that had lacked something, it was me . I was still immature and too brazen for commitment . Now that I am in this deep shit, I realized how a jerk I was to you, and I cannot just ignore it and not apologize .
I know you are doing well with Zhao Yang, and thank you for all the things that you have done for me . You were a wonderful girlfriend, too bad; I did not treasure you like the way you should be treasured .
Chen Zhong . ]
Just as Chen Zhong expected, it was not Mei Lin that had received the letter . It was Yang that opened it and read it first . Gritting his teeth, Yang knew he should show the message to Mei Lin, but at the same time, he hated the thought that Chen Zhong had hurt Mei Lin in the past . No, what Yang hated the most was not that . Yang hated that Chen Zhong was Mei Lin's first in most things . No matter what Yang will do, Chen Zhong will always have a special place in Mei Lin's heart .
When Mei Lin woke up from her nap, Yang was cuddling Ling Ling like a Teddy Bear, burying his face on their daughters back, making the cute girl giggle . Chang was on Mei Lin's other side, reading books about spies and war tactics . Mei Lin ignored the fact that Chang was reading a book that most college students would have a hard time understanding, already used to Chang's genius brain .
"What's wrong?" Mei Lin asked, her voice rough from sleep .
Yang looked up at her with agonizing slow movement . He groaned in agony as he lethargically went to his laptop . Mei Lin looked at his actions with curiosity . Yang adjusted her bed to make her sit instead of laying down while Mei Lin wiped her face with a damped towel . Once he placed the laptop on her lap, Yang said with pursed lips, "Chen Zhong wanted you to read something . "

Mei Lin's eyes run through the words with intrigue and then her face slowly morphed into fear, and slowly turned into a mixture of sadness and happiness . It looked as if she did not know if she would cry or laugh . Mei Lin looked at her husband, pulled him close to her that he had to sit on the bed beside her, "Come read what I am going to reply . "
[To Chen Zhong,
I am happy to hear from you finally, and I am thrilled to know that you have matured . You are already forgiven and thank you for telling me . What we have had been a wonderful lesson for me, and I am grateful that you were my teacher . It could have been someone like the man you mentioned, and it makes my heart light to know that you are not the same man that you were before .
I am grateful that at the end of all the hurt, I still found the courage to stand up . Our past has made me stronger, and no Fool can break me down, especially with Yang looking out for me also .
I am sorry that you are in a situation that you are today . I pray for your safety and good health . Take good care . Don't worry about your father; he is safe in Zhao Manor .
Mrs . Zhao]
Yang's eyes zoomed instantly at the name that Mei Lin used to sign her letter . The pout that was in his lips immediately brightened . She's his wife now, not anyone else's girlfriend!