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Chapter 364
July 6, 20X2 (Sunday)
The Hospital

Yang and Uncle Wu immediately took action after hearing the plans . It was pure genius even for the brilliant mind of Hao Ren, as long as they follow the plan then they will expose the spy sooner . Yang had to applaud Hao Ren once again in secret . He was really grateful that his once close friend was starting to use his brain for good and not let his lust take control over his decisions .
The first thing that Zhao Yang did was called Jerome into the hospital room, where Mei Lin was staying . Jerome, thinking that something had happened to his daughter, rushed right away . He had heaved an enormous sigh of relief when Jerome saw how happy his daughter was in the arms of her husband .
"Why did you call me here?" Jerome asked his son-in-law, sitting on the bedside of her daughter . He used to hate seeing Yang and Mei Lin showing public display of affection, but because they keep doing it regardless of his feelings, Jerome found himself numb to everything they do .
Yang greeted him with a nod first before he replied, "There is still one spy . Uncle Wu and Hao Ren have searched for some clues in everyone's private and public files . . . "
" . . . and why am I here exactly?"
Mei Lin giggled as Jerome started to look at his son-in-law as if he was wasting his time . Yang poked Mei Lin on the side, causing her to jump and pout before Yang continued, "We want to know the lacking points in Elias' files . "
Hearing those words, Mei Lin was startled . Elias had been with her even before she met Yang . Elias made Miss M! He did so much for her! "Elias is not the spy!"
Yang sighed and started to appease his wife, looking like a ruffled cat, "We think he is not the spy . I want to know if he can be trusted . "
Mei Lin calmed after the short explanation .
Jerome was staring into space as he started, "I can guarantee you that Elias can be trusted with Mei Lin's safety and anyone else . He was an agent for France before he quit and devoted his life to helping Mei Lin succeed as Miss M . At first, I only asked him to keep an eye on her, but Mei Lin showed him so much more . My daughter has a way of accepting people even if they are disabled, gay, trans, or plain stupid . "
Yang scoffed, "Yeah . I couldn't agree with you more . She accepted stupid Zhong . "
Mei Lin rolled her eyes, "Are you still sulking about the letter? We did not even exchange anything else but Sorry's and Thank You's!"
Jerome snickered, "I agree . She even accepted a jealous Zhao Yang . "
Yang felt as if he was struck by lightning . He froze up and straightened his spine, letting them see an indifferent Zhao Yang that was so different from the sulking Zhao Yang before . Mei Lin subtly showed her father two thumbs up when Yang was not looking at her . Jerome's snickers worsen .
After Jerome's visit, Yang knew that Elias was not the spy and that he could be trusted enough to be part of the plan that Hao Ren had made . Making a call to Elias using Mei Lin's phone, Yang was amazed at how fast Jerome answer . It was almost as if he was waiting for the call . For all he knew, Elias could have been .

"Mei Lin?" Elias' voice sounded like it was expecting something .
"This is Zhao Yang," Yang cleared his throat as he continued, "I want you to come to the hospital . Bring no one and tell no one . 10-15 . "
Yang locked his phone with a smirk as Elias ended the call with, "Responding to the code, I copy . "
Without a doubt, Elias was someone capable that he even knew how to respond appropriately to a code American Policeman knew . Yang had modified the meaning a bit, but he knew Elias get what he was trying to convey .
Mei Lin titled her head in question, "What's 10-15?"
Yang snickered, "It's a secret . "
Mei Lin promptly threw her pillow at her husband's face .
It did not take long for Elias to come to the hospital as one of Yang's personal guards guided him to Mei Lin's room . Mei Lin was shocked to see the ever smiling and teasing Elias wearing a mask of indifference . When he crossed the room and went near to Mei Lin, he grinned and exclaimed, "Agent Elias reporting to the person that he had been secretly guarding for a long time .
Mei Lin rolled her eyes and knew, instantly, that nothing has changed, Elias was still the gay man that wanted nothing to do with girls . She waved her hand lazily and signaled Yang to talk to Elias with whatever he wanted . Mei Lin was far too sleepy to care . Closing her eyes, the painter drifted off to sleep as Yang and Elias plotted like evil twin brothers .