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Chapter 365
July 7, 20X2 (Monday)
Y Building

The day has just started, and everything felt too dull . It had been one of the most mundane days in Secretary Bai's life . Well, he thought it was, but when Zhao Yang called him into his office and gave him a task that he was not sure he heard right, Secretary Bai knew it was going to be one hell of a ride . The secretary couldn't help but clean his eyes with his pinky finger and asked after, "Pardon?"
Yang would have laughed if it was in other circumstances . Knowing about his secretary and friend's attraction to the designer that he wanted him to investigate, he refrained from showing his amusement and showed how serious he was with his request, "I want you to find more things about Trisha Fuller . "
Affronted, Secretary Bai immediately denied, "This is not part of my job description . "
Yang snorted, "You know it is . We have a very thorough signing of contracts . You just don't want to spy on someone you were attracted to . . . "
"Since you know I liked her, why choose me to do this?" the secretary was desperate . As long as he can escape this task, he doesn't care if he had to get on his knees and beg . He liked the older Trisha Fuller, but he respected her more . If she knew what he was doing, it would be the end of his chances .
Yang sighed, "I am not asking you to destroy her . I want you to know more about her so we can know if she can be trusted a hundred percent . You know about the hidden spy in our midst, and I am not saying she is the spy . I am saying that we need to know if she is trustworthy enough to be trusted so she can help with the spy . "
Secretary understood what the CEO was trying to say, but he still did not want to do it . There might not be a lot at stake, but the chance of him being ignored if his actions would be revealed was great . Secretary Bai could not find the courage within him . He valued her more than he had previously thought .
Zhao Yang saw the hesitation in his secretary's eyes . Even knowing about the secretary's hidden feelings, Yang was still surprised . Secretary Bai has never once hesitated . It seems love brings everyone in their knees . Trisha Fuller was one lucky woman if only she knew . Yang planted his feet on the ground, and insisted, "You are the only one I trust to do this . . . I need her help with something, but I want to know if she can be trusted . "
"I will tell you now," Secretary Bai added, "This is the last time that I will follow you over what my heart wants . You betrayed me for Chen Zhong, but I still followed you even when I wanted to be done with you . This task is the last . If this task brings me more heartache than you have ever caused, I will quit my job!"
Exiting the office with a slam, Secretary Bai fumed . How dare did Zhao Yang use his attraction to Trisha for his personal use! Oh, who was he kidding? Zhao Yang used everybody to his disadvantage . Stopping as he froze, Secretary Bai realized that maybe he had been far too overly dramatic . He knew that Zhao Yang would not take action if he thought there was no excellent possibility for success .

Returning to the office, Secretary Bai found the CEO crossing his arms and staring at him, waiting for him to come back . Secretary Bai cursed himself for being predictable and too loyal . He copied Yang and crossed his arms, "I was too dramatic, apologies . "
Yang snorted, containing his laughter with a hand covering his mouth . Secretary ignored him and continued, "I was consumed with negative thoughts, and let my emotions get in the way of logic . I did not think that you have already thought this through . There must be a reason why you assigned me to this task . "
Yang's snickers grew uncontrollable, and laughter bloomed in the once tensed office . With tears in his eyes, Yang commented, "Of course, I have a plan! I plan to become the matchmaker between you and Trisha . The only way I can do this is if you follow me and do this task! The task is you take Trisha Fuller to multiple dates and get to know her better . "
Yang handed his secretary a black card and grinned, "Costs are all on me . Just figure out if she can be trusted and not a spy . "
Yang was proud of many things that he had achieved, but this moment was one of the top things he had done . Yang had finally made his stoic secretary blush like a school girl . Yang prayed that his secretary would be successful with wooing the girl, for his sake and Mei Lin's .