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Chapter 366
July 7, 20X2 (Monday)
Miss M & Friends' Designs Building

Trisha was at Miss M&Friend's Design Building, working nonstop to distract herself with the anxious thoughts for her younger friend, Mei Lin . Although they were not as close as Mei Lin with Yue, Trisha was proud enough to call herself a friend . It had been more than two weeks once she had contact with Mei Lin . Tisha had tried texting, calling, SMS, even sending a business mail, but it was always Zhao Yang that answered .
Apparently, Mei Lin was not feeling well due to her pregnancy and needed time away from work . Trisha knew it was so much more than that . There was some reason why they could not see Mei Lin . Coming from a prominent background in the states, Trisha knew what it was like to deal with fame, scandals, and events that could potentially endanger a person's life . She wanted to do more for Mei Lin since the painter had helped and trusted her more than Trisha could ever ask anyone in her family could .
Hearing her phone rang, Trisha answered immediately, hoping and praying it was Mei Lin or some news about her . She responded with eagerness, "Hello?"
"Miss Fuller? This is Bai Yu Sheng . "
Trisha was surprised when she neared the voice, "Mr . Bai? Secretary Bai of Y industries? The secretary of Zhao Yang?"
"Yes, this is the same person . "
Trisha blinked her shock away . Why was this man calling her? They did have brief interactions and some small talk about the weathers and the news before, but they were not closed . Trisha had more interactions with the sadistic CEO, Zhao Yang, than she had with his secretary . Secretary Bai has always been busier than the CEO, which had once made Trisha wondered if the Secretary was the CEO hiding in the shadows .
May I ask why you called? How did you know about my number, anyway?" Trisha asked, full of curiosity . Hopefully, her affronted tone did not show her nervousness .
"I would like to talk to you about something that CEO Zhao had asked me . I cannot talk to you on the phone about it . . . I was hoping we could meet up somewhere?"
Trisha took the phone away from her ears and watching the screen display if there was really a person talking or if she just imagined it . Why did it sound as if Secretary Bai was asking her for a date or was she also imagining that tone?
"What are we going to talk about?" Trisha asked, her voice was smaller than she expected it to be . She smacked her forehead with her open palm, why was she nervous all of a sudden? Trisha was nervous for so many reasons, but it made her so nerve-wracking stupid that she could not think of the reasons .
"I can't divulge it on this phone call . We do not know who is listening . "
Trisha straightened up immediately . Shifting her weight in one leg to the other, Trisha gulped and reluctantly agreed, "Alright . Where? And When?"
"Are you available later? This lunch? I'll take you to Sheng Restaurant . "
Trisha looked at the large circular clock mounted on the wall . It was already ten thirty, so only one hour and a half before lunch . Suddenly, Trisha froze once again in shock, "take me?"

Gulping, Trisha asked, "We are not going to meet there- at the restaurant?"
"No, I'll fetch you . We are going together . "
Once Trisha heard Secretary Bai's words, she was silent for a moment, dumbfounded . Was this really happening to her? Why was this happening to her, exactly? There must be a reason why . Yes, there must be something important that the secretary was going to tell her! Why would he go above and beyond to book a table in the restaurant that is famous for being always full so that they could talk about something important?
In fact, this could not have been possible if Secretary Bai had not prepared for it beforehand . Sheng Restaurant needed a reservation to get in! Trisha wiped the dampness of her palms in her black tailored skirt . What if Secretary Bai liked her? Trisha shook her head, and she was getting ahead of herself again!
"Okay, what time will you arrive here?" Trisha asked, her voice still soft and small . Why was she behaving like a teenage girl with a crush?! Secretary Bai was younger than her, for goodness sake!
"Probably around eleven thirty if that is alright with you?"
Trisha nodded n hobbit, not realizing that she looked like a fool who was nodding at no one, "Of course . "
" . . . alright, see you then . "
"See you . . . " Trisha hanged up in dazed . Was she really going out with Secretary Bai? She was going out with Secretary Bai! Looking up at the clock, Trisha hurried to the staff room and took her make-up bag, getting herself ready for his 'not date' with Secretary Bai . She's going to have a short lunch talking about business, yes . Trisha took her lipsticks and reapplied it one her lips .