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Chapter 367
July 7, 20X2 (Monday)
Sheng Restaurant

Trisha had been to different restaurants in her life, but she had only ever stepped into Sheng Restaurant once with Mei Lin . When Secretary Bai fetched her at her workplace, driving an expensive car while looking like the successful man that he had achieved to be, Trisha had to remind herself that she was already a middle-aged woman; she was already Thirty- five years old and not a teenager . Trisha reminded herself why she had not gotten married; not all men liked commitment and loyalty .
Although she tried not to give herself hope, seeing the secretary open her door for her, adjusted her chair, and being such a chivalrous knight, made her hope . For someone who had no luck with love, hoping meant disappointment and unmet expectations . Therefore, Trisha comes to the conclusion that Bai Yu Sheng was dangerous .
'Business, Trisha! Concentrate on business! Maybe ask for Mei Lin's health too . ' Trisha reminded herself .
What Trisha didn't know was that Bai Yu Sheng was also prepping himself to be courageous, so he can make the first move, but at the same time respectful enough so he wouldn't be a bother .
Secretary Bai was too caught up with his thoughts that Trisha was the first one to make the move that he had been planning to do . Trisha tilted her head, and asked, " . . . so, why did you ask me out for lunch? We could have talked somewhere else . "
"Why? You don't like eating here? I could take you to another restaurant . " Bai Yu Sheng asked, his fingers drumming on the table in a random rhythm, creating small vibrations .
Trisha immediately rephrased her words, "No, I love it here in Sheng Restaurant, but you don't have to go above and beyond to book a reservation here when we can just talk st other restaurants . I heard it's hard to get a table here! You must have reserved this months before!"
Bai Yu Sheng blinked at Trisha's excited chatter before he smirked and replied, "All of the branches of Sheng Restaurant are owned solely by elder CEO Zhao . My family have served under the Zhao family for decades, getting inside restaurants and establishments that are owned by the Zhaos is as easy as breathing . . . not to brag or anything, but Babysitting Zhao Yang has its advantage . "
Trisha was glad she was not drinking or eating anything when she heard his word . Never had she ever thought that Babysitting and Zhao Yang would go well together . Suddenly, like a brick thrown at her face, Trisha realized the magnitude of how deep Zhao Yang and Secretary Bai's relationship went .
Feeling the topic going off into a different direction, Trisha repeated her initial question, " . . . so why did you invite me here for lunch? Is it something important?"
Secretary Bai looked at the menu that divided their spaces on the table, gulping his nervousness away, he calmly spoke after, "Can't I take a beautiful woman out without being questioned?"
Trisha immediately colored red, ripe for the eating . She covered both of her cheeks with her hands, trying to control the smile that was trying to spread in her lips . Secretary Bai is dangerous! He had said those words with a straight and stoic face but Trisha could still feel the sincerity that was hidden in the lines .

"I really liked those words, far more than I expect I would . . . But I doubt that is the only reason why you asked for me," Trisha confessed, which surprised Secretary Bai . He had seen her cower in front of Zhao Yang, so he never expected her to be this direct and blunt .
"I did want to take you out even before, but didn't gather enough courage to do it . " Secretary Bai replied as bluntly as she had asked . He could not say the other reason why he had gathered the courage to ask, or else his task fails .
Trisha's red face worsen . Bai Yu Sheng could not contain his amusement and chuckled . Pouting, Trisha asked, "So it's not because I'm not being trusted to be with Mei Lin?"
Bai Yu Sheng eyes slid to the right side of the ceiling, showing his nervousness . Trisha chuckled darkly . That was such an obvious answer . Opening her purse, training out her wallet, and getting a picture, Trisha passed it to the Secretary and said, "This is my proof that I can be trusted . . . This is a photo of my father and me . "
Looking at the old and worn out photo, Bai Yu Sheng's eyes widen in surprise . He looked up at the older woman and croaked out, "You- your father is Senator Wilhelm?!"