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Chapter 368: 368
July 7, 20X2 (Monday)
Various Places

Trisha wasted no time to tell everything of her past to Secretary Bai . If the man really liked her, then he would not be scared of the past that still haunted her in her waking thoughts and her lucid dreams .
Once she was done, Secretary Bai was a gaping mess resembling like a fish . It was only when the food came that Trisha and Secretary Bai had a respite from the awkwardness they both felt . Trisha was awkward because she did not know what Secretary Bai though, and Secretary Bai was awkward because he could not get his thoughts wrapped around the knowledge of Trisha's birth . Her father was one of the most, if not the topmost, famous Senator in the states .
Bai Yu Sheng could not say anything because of his thoughts, but one thing is clear about Trisha Fuller, she's not a spy . Well, not an Arcadia spy at least .
It was after they ate their lunch in an awkward silence that Secretary Bai spoke up, "Will you permit me to tell CEO Zhao and Mei Lin about your past?"
"As if you wouldn't tell them even if I say no, " Trisha snorted .
Bai Yu Sheng raised one eyebrow, "I won't tell if you don't permit me to, I have respect for people I admire . . . And I do admire you a lot . "
Trisha's face returned to looking like a ripe strawberry . This man was far too dangerous! Her heart almost felt like it was going to burst! Not only did he accepted her past; he was also in full support of her!
"You don't have to tell them, I can do it . I have been meaning to tell everything to Mei Lin ever since her past was uncovered in public . . . " Trisha trailed .
Moments later, the interior designer was inside the secretary's car, blinking in shock . Why were they at the hospital? Secretary Bai had dragged her to come with him after he paid the bill with a black credit card that was suspiciously not his name .
Trisha got off the car when Secretary Bai opened the car door beside her . She turned to the man and asked, "Why are we here?"
"Follow me, please, " Secretary Bai said . Trisha had to run to keep up with the Secretary's longer strides .
Arriving on a private ward that looked like a hotel room, Trisha saw one pair of couple that was lovingly wrapped in each other's arms . Mei Lin's stomach sandwich between her and Zhao Yang . Trisha marveled at how large Mei Lin's stomach has grown before she had to sit beside the bed, careful not to anger Zhao Yang- the demon .
"It's been a while, " Mei Lin smiled at Trisha .
"You work fast . . . " Yang said to his secretary .
Trisha and Secretary Bai looked at each other before the secretary motioned Trisha to speak up after he gave the picture of Trisha and her dad to Yang . Trisha hated how unsurprised Zhao Yang's face was when he saw it .
"Who is that with Trisha?" Mei Lin asked, peering over Yang's shoulder to see the image .
"CEO Zhao wanted to know why my files have some discrepancies . . . It's because of that man . I am Senator Wilhelm's first daughter before he married his wife . To make my story short, My father's wife doesn't like me much, and my half sister hates me . My previous boyfriend is now my half sister's husband . "

Because she was moody and pregnant, Mei Lin could not help but shed a tear . Yang sighed before he wiped his wife's tears away with his thumbs . Trisha shifted nervously in her chair, comforted by the large hand that Secretary Bai had put in her knees as a sign of support .
Mei Lin turned to Trisha and gently gestured Trisha to hug her . Yang pouted when he had to let go of Mei Lin so she could do what she wanted . Why did she have to hug Trisha anyway? She could just hug him!
Seeing Trisha could be trusted, Yang was eager for Trisha to be out of the hospital so he could solo Mei Lin's attention again . He immediately told Trisha of the situation and his plans .
"Of course! I am always happy to help, " Trisha agreed without hesitation before she was told what to do next .
When Trisha and Secretary Bai was about to go back to their work, Yang stopped them with a teasing remark, "Why not go to another place and continue your date? Auntie Bai has been asking for grandchildren . "
Trisha's face colored red, and Secretary Bai's face was still stoic but his ears were deep pink . Mei Lin giggled, "If Trisha gets pregnant soon, my babies will have a guaranteed playmate!"
Trisha went out of the room with a pout . She and Ba Yu Sheng had only one date and they want them to make babies already? Glancing at the side profile of the secretary, Trisha thought that she wouldn't mind having one .