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Chapter 369
July 8, 20X2 (Tuesday)
Miss M & Friends' Interior Designs Building

Just as Zhao Yang had told them to do, Trisha and Elias went to work as if the CEO hasn't scrutinized their pasts . They did not want to believe that their co-worker Dan was one of the possible men in the list for the last undiscovered spy .
Elias was disappointed with himself . Although he was an art agent now, he had been one of the top agents in France! To think that he had not even doubted his co-worker even the slightest bit meant he had been remiss of his actual duty- to protect Mei Lin . Trisha, on the other hand, had a hard time wrapping her head with the idea of the person that followed her out of the company to be the spy, but at the same time, it made sense .
Trisha and Elias went to work as if nothing had happened beforehand . They carried on acting like before, making sure that all of their actions did not deviate from the norm . Trisha was still the first one to arrive to unlock the building, and Elias came into the building strutting like he had been wearing heels and a crown made of confidence . As workers entered, Trisha began to grow nervous . She already knew what she was going to do, but that does not mean she was not anxious . Lives depended on her acting!
Elias bumped on her side and whispered in her ears, "Don't be too obvious . You are too nervous to be acting normal!"
Trisha hissed, "I am trying!"
"Just think of him not being a spy," Elias suggested .
"But I know he is a spy!" Trisha hissed again .
"Then delete that thought in your head because he is coming now . " Elias did not look to the side, but Trisha did . She saw Dan enter with a nervous smile . Trisha lamented that she had thought Dan's always anxious behavior was something because of his past; it turned out to be a darker reason . With that thought on her mind, Trisha's nervousness turned into anger .
Anger was an emotion that Trisha knew too well . She knew how to navigate herself when she felt anger like a professional liar . Gulping down the last of her nerves, Trisha beamed a broad smile at Dan like he usually does to encourage him to speak .
"Dan! Good morning!" Trisha said in her cheeriest voice .
" . . . Morning . " Dan replied, shuffling his hands to his back . Elias almost snorted at Dan, but his amazement to Trisha's personalty's one-eighty degree turn was a more excellent source of astonishment . Elias mentally nodded his approval to Trisha, She had made him a bit worried about her behavior, but it seems his worries were laid to rest . He had not expected these turn of events . Elias was prepared to salvage the situation, already coming up a lie to tell in case Trisha behaved too weirdly .
"Dan, our Boss is in the hospital . They said it might be dangerous for her anywhere else, so she has to stay in there for the remainder of the pregnancy . " Elias calmly spoke up . At the side, Trisha nodded her head, envious inside at how natural Elias seemed while she was trying so hard .

"Is she going to be okay?" Dan inquired softly, almost sounding genuinely concerned .
"We don't know yet . . . " Trisha mumbled, lowering her head to hide her pissed off face . If she had not known that Dan was a spy, she would have believed his concern .
"What about her children?"
"We don't have much information since CEO Zhao, her husband only called for a few seconds . We could not ask more questions before he had to go . " Elias answered . Trisha only nodded to confirm .
Dan fumbled his hands and bid the two a short farewell to go to his desk . Once Dan turned his back to them, Elias and Trisha turned to each other with a grim look . They have done what Zhao Yang had told them to do . Now, it was just a matter of waiting for any movements from the enemy . They both hoped that Dan was not the spy . Who would want your friends to be a bad guy?
For the rest of the day, Dan did not talk to them unless it was necessary for their job . Elias and Trisha knew they were walking on eggshells whenever they spoke to him, careful not to reveal their knowledge or any nervousness on their part . They both knew that Dan might not act fast, but he was more than smart enough to behave differently .
It was until Dan returned to his one-bedroom apartment that he unlocked his phone and dialed the Fools' number with hands that shook as much as his heart was erratically beating . He needed to save his parents and nephew, even if it cost him his morals .
"Hello," The man, who had been so angry at him, answered calmly . As if he was an average human who had never killed nor kidnapped anyone .
Dan gulped his ethics, morals, and integrity down his stomach before he spilled the information that he had gained . Praying to every God he knew, Dan wished all these loads on his shoulders would be gone soon . He prayed that devils like David would just choke and die .