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Chapter 370
July 8, 20X2 (Wednesday)
The Hospital

When the next day arrived, everyone was on their toes waiting for any movement front the terrorists . Although the security around the hospital didn't look tight, many guards were in civilian outfits disguised to look like they were also patients in the hospital .
"Any progress?" Chang Min's voice carried over the phone's speaker of Yang's cellphone that was in front of Mei Lin .
"What progress are you talking about?" The pregnant woman was not as moody as she was before, but she looked exhausted with the dark bags underneath her eyes .
Yang was on her side, making her lean her head on his chest to comfort her .
"I'm talking about any progress; your pregnancy or the spy . "
Mei Lin motioned for Yang to answer as her eyes closed to sleep . Yang's right hand that was caressing her back felt like a gentle mother's lullaby full of warmth and affection .
"Mei Lin will be in labor anytime soon . Twins almost always come early . " Yang answered with a lowered voice and continued with an even lower one, "As for the spy, you should ask Hao Chen and Hao Ren, they're the ones leading the protective detail of the hospital . "
"Those two brothers are starting to bond again, huh?" Chang Min drawled with amusement .
"As they should be . They can't let one woman, who is already dead, ruin them . " Yang commented .
Chang Min snorted and did not expand more because he shifted the conversation to another topic again, "I am monitoring all of our houses and properties right now . I see no movements from the terrorists . "
Yang hummed a long sound of contemplation . He had wanted something to happen, so they spy business could be solved, but at the same time, he did not want the spy to be someone from Mei Lin's company . He knew it would hurt her so much .
"I'll call you back after I am done checking up with Hao Chen and Hao Ren," Chang Min's abrupt leave from their conversation did not surprise Yang at all . He pressed the side button to lock his phone . Suddenly, Mei Lin's head on his chest was starting to fall forward . His soul almost jumped as he caught her head with his hands, careful not to jerk her large watermelon stomach .
Yang carefully maneuvered himself out from the bed, putting Mei Lin's head on her pillow and tucking her into the warmth of the blankets . Zhao Yang then cautiously opened the drawer on the side, revealing guns, knives, and ammunition . He slid all of the weapons inside his hidden straps on his clothes . Nowadays, he can never be too careful .
Just as he was finished with sliding the pocket knife on the side of his ankle-length socks, a loud knock interrupted the silence permeating in the air . Yang's body tensed . They did not have any scheduled visits .
"Who is it?" Yang called out . Thankful that he had locked the door even if it will not stop the most determined people, it will provide him some time .
"I'm just a nurse here . I'll be checking up on Mrs . Zhao . " The person on the other side of the door sounded like a woman and fluent in Mandarin . It was a Chinese middle-aged woman, probably . Yang knew there was no nurse scheduled to visit . Dr . Zhang Li Xi had already made sure that only he and Mei Lin's Doctor will come .

Zhao Yang tapped his pin to signal the others of his dilemma and asked for a little bit of support . Hao Chen's blue color light flashed out of the device, making Yang breathe out a sigh of relief .
Sitting down on the chair beside the bed, Yang ignored the woman outside the door and turned deaf as wild sounds of something being banged on the door a couple of times . Zhao Yang sighed in relief when Hao Chen's blue light flashed four times to signal that they were safe .
Mei Lin's eyes opened a little, having been woken up by the loud banging outside . Zhao Yang wished Hao Chen could be quieter . Mei Lin tugged on Yang's left hand and intertwined their fingers as she asked, "I everything okay?"
Yang leaned down and comforted her, "It will be . Don't worry about it . You need to worry about yourself and the babies . I'll worry about the rest . Let's delegate tasks, okay?"
Body weak from carrying three little mischievous fetuses, it did not long for Mei Lin to be in a deep sleep again . After a few moments, Zhao Yang's phone rang .
Seeing as it was Hao Chen calling, Zhao Yang answered with no hesitation, "What is it?"
"We have to be careful . The woman that was sent killed herself with poison after we have detained her . Fool must have expected her not to come back . "
Just as everyone expected, Dan was the spy .
"Detain Dan and question him until he has nothing left to spill . Make sure to get everything from him . " Yang growled .
"I'm not good at interrogation . . . " Hao Chen admitted, not really wanting to torture anybody else . His hands were bloody enough .
"I have just asked Chang Min or his father . They'll gladly do it without any merits or rewards . "
Just as he finished saying those words, Uncle Wu tapped into their call and said, "I already told Chang Min . Take the spy to Hao Manor . He's ready for him . "
Hao Chen sighed . What a poor man this man named Dan will become . Hao Chen almost pitied him . No one from Hao Manor was sane these days .