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Chapter 371
July 8, 20X2 (Wednesday)
Hao Manor

Chang Min was in his home office with his father, Jerome Bonaparte, when they received a call from Wu Tian Li, who was not on good terms with his father . Chang Min was hesitant to answer that call, but when Jerome motioned him too, he had no choice but to do so .
"Hello, Uncle Wu? Anything I can do?" Chang Min asked . Jerome's eyebrows perked up when the name was mentioned . Decades ago, Wu Tian Li had been his most promising love rival . He had not gotten along well with him because of that fact .
"Hao Chen has captured a woman trying to enter Mei Lin's room in the hospital in a nurse disguise . He was going to question her, but she poisoned herself . "
"Then it only means that The Fool already expected her to be killed . He was testing the waters if we have suspicions on him . He will most likely doubt his spy . " Jerome interrupted .
"My thoughts exactly . We have to figure out all the spy has before The Fool gets to him . " Wu Tian Li agreed . If it were not for their love and history with Xue Mu Lan, Wu Tian Li and Jerome Bonaparte would have gotten along well like brothers or at least be friends . They shared almost the same bloodline lineage of being bastard sons, and both were excited with the thrill of being dangerous government agents .
"Let Hao Chen deliver the man here . I am ready for him . " Jerome smirked .
Xue Chang Min stood up, "You've been handling torture sessions in the house, let me have a turn to distress . "
Wu Tian Li immediately hang up after that statement . He took back all he said . He did not want to be friends with anyone from the Xue family with sadistic tendencies . What sane man would enjoy torture as stress relief? Why not try cross stitching or pottery if they want to distress?!?
It was already night when Hao Chen entered the large Xue Manor with impeccable French Neo-baroque style followed by his large muscled men that were lugging Dan, who was gagged and tied chain like ropes . Chang Min was at the door, grinning like a madman . He welcomed them into his home and guided them to the most inside part of the Manor, his office and entered a room on the side to pass a hallway that was filled to the brim with weapons that looked like they have killed many men before . After the long hall, they were lead to a room that had no windows, and only small air vents .
Jerome pushed a wooden chair out and gestured with a small grin that mirrored Chang Min's, "Tie him to this . "
Hao Chen gestured his men to follow Jerome's words, even if the men had already started to comply even before his permission was issued . Hao Chen did not blame them; he was also scared as his men were . Hao Chen knew how to handle his guns, but he was in no way a competition to a Xue family member that was as trained as Jerome Bonaparte and Chang Min were .
"Is it okay to put him on a wooden chair? He might escape . . . " Hao Chen asked after gulping his fear from the atmosphere of the room .

Chang Min snorted, "Don't worry even if he escapes, Xue Manor has dogs that will eat him alive . "
Jerome nodded, "Or the new carnivorous rats you have breed . . . "
Chang Min nodded, "My new rats need to be fed, now that we are talking about it . "
"Shall we cut one of his limbs for their appetizer?" Jerome asked, slapping Dan's left arm .
Hao Chen almost laughed when his muscled men slowly inched back and came nearer to him as if he was the best shield they have . Hao Chen was more amused by how much Dan's expression changed from fear into undiluted horror mixed with dread and panic .
"How about I beat him around first? I haven't had anyone to torture for a while because Yang kept on calling you instead . " Chang Min almost pouted at his father .
Jerome's laughter flowed like a devil's evil chuckles giving shivers into people's spines, "I'll give you some time to distress then . . . "
Hao Chen wanted to leave before the torture happened, but Chang Min kicked the chair so hard that Dan toppled forward and faced planting straight into the hard cemented floor . Hao Chen flinched as Chang Min's feet collided with the back of the chair, stumping on it hard countless times with a broad grin of amusement . The muscled men stood stupefied with the scene .
Dan's muffled groans of pain became louder as Chang Min kicked Dan forward, flipping him to look at the ceiling, but because he was tied on the chair, the impact became more painful because of the work that slammed on his back . Chang Min preceded to stump his feet on Dan's face with a strength that could break bones .
"Don't do that . " Jerome stopped Chang Min . The sane men breathed a sigh of relief .
"You need to keep him alive to answer questions, target his limbs first or else you'll kill him without what we need from him . " Jerome continued .
The sane men on the side could not help but jump in shock . Were there no sane Xue family member that can extract answers without being too excessive?
"Alright! I'm a little bit calm now, anyway . " Chang Min shrugged . He took four kinds of plier-looking tools from the metal drawer on the side before he added, "Now we should ask him questions . "
Jerome nodded and asked with a bored tone, "What do you know about The Fool?"
Hao Chen was glad that they were starting to question the man without any more violence but was shocked when both Xue did not take the gag on the mouth as Chang Min slowly strapped Dan's hands on a table and started to pick the nail on the pinky finger on the left hand . Hao Chen avoided watching the scene as Chang Min pulled and pushed the nail and then pulled at it so hard that Dan's gag was not enough to muffle his shout of pain . There is torture where you just use it to get questions, but with the Xue family, Torture was always worse than death .
At least, Hao Chen was on the same side as Chang Min . Having Chang Min as the Fool would probably end every one of them already . Hao Chen had to steel his backbone as more muffled shouts of pain invaded his ears .
Hao Chen wondered how many fingernails will be left after Chang Min was satisfied .
When the torture ended, Hao Chen counted only two left . Both thumbs were left untouched . It was gory, and a very pitiful scene but they have their answers . Hao Chen felt sorry for Dan, who was now bald even his eyebrows and eyelashes were missing, no pinky, ring or middle fingers on his right hand, and have one left hand with four fingers without nails .