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Chapter 372
July 17, 20X2 (Friday)
Various Places

The sun was at it's highest that Mei Lin grew the most bored . She leaned back on her bed, adjusted it to make her sit so she could watch the TV correctly . Seeing Ru Shi'a face plastered on the television with a large round belly made her grin and smile . Mei Lin reached her phone and texted Li Ru Shi how beautiful she looked even when pregnant, while she was haggard and demonic with hers .
Mei Lin and Ru Shi began to text each other excitedly . It was only when Dr . Zhang Li Xi entered the room with Trisha that Mei Lin stopped and excused herself from Ru Shi . She and Trisha haven't talked for a long while, and Mei Lin has always found herself more comfortable with Trisha as she began to open with her past finally, and her plans for the future . They used to bond with art and colors before, but now their conversations would span hours and topics ranging from family to health, and plans in the future . After Trisha's history was discovered, Mei Lin and Trisha became free to talk about anything . The only hindrance they have was their imagination, and even Yang could not pull his wife away from their talks . Once they start, nobody can end them unless the day ends and Trisha has to go home .
"Trisha!" Mei Lin's boredom was immediately dispelled when the interior designer strutted into the room with her laptop and some sketchbook . Mei Lin knew Trisha had just finished work and rushed to the hospital to keep her company, especially when Trisha will hear from Secretary Bai that the CEO would be buried in work .
"You must be very bored to greet me with that much enthusiasm . " Trisha drawled, hoping to sound like a sarcastic person but seemed weird because of how fast she spoke the words .
Giggling, Mei Lin mumbled, "I just want to know more about what happened with the spy ordeal . "
Trisha sighed, pinching the space between her eyebrows in frustration . Mei Lin was not permitted to know everything about what happened with Dan because Zhao Yang and Dr . Zhang were afraid that it might cost her fright and shock . In a hurry to change topics, Trisha uttered words that have greatly shocked Mei Lin, "Enough about that . . . How about we talk about me accepting Bai Yu Sheng's proposal to start dating?"
"WHAT?! WHEN?!" Mei Lin's eyes almost popped in its sockets . Her body tensed at the news, and a little pain in her lower stomach made her flinch a little .
" . . . since yesterday night? When he delivered me home . " Trisha replied like a schoolgirl, twirling her hair with her pointer finger .
"TELL ME EVERYTHING!" Mei Lin demanded with her lethargic-like voice that seemed as if she had sung it . As they continued to talk, Mei Lin and Trisha did not notice the bed getting soaked with a transparent and water-like substance from Mei Lin .
It was only when Mei Lin's father visited, where Mei Lin had to shift her body to hug Jerome that she noticed how wet her bottoms have become . Suddenly a sharp pain between her legs jolted her with more shock . Inhaling and exhaling away her nervousness, Mei Lin began to think of explanations of what happened .

When another contraction like pain began, with a horrified face, Mei Lin shrieked, "The babies are coming! They are coming!"
Zhao Yang was on his office in Y Building when Jerome frantically called him and shouting frantically, "They're coming! Hurry up; they are fucking coming! We need you here!" Zhao Yang once again sprinted to the door, pushing all the employees to the side, and driving his way to the hospital like a madman, thinking that the hospital was being under attack by the terrorist .
"CEO ZHAO!" Secretary Bai tried to stop him but was thrown so hard to the side with a single swipe of Yang's heavy hand . Secretary Bai rarely showed emotions in the office but seeing his childhood friend and CEO run like he was flying as he jumped into the wrong conclusion made him touch his nose and exhibit the same behavior Yang would do when he was helpless . Secretary Bai looked at the text that Trisha had sent him . Apparently, Mei Lin was so shocked about the news of Dan as a spy that she grew so distressed . Although it did not immediately trigger her to labor, the story of Trisha and Secretary Bai going on dates made Mei Lin jump in her bed that it triggered her overly sensitive state . Was it astonishing that he was dating? Secretary Bai shrugged and continued his work . He needed to keep this company standing since his CEO seems to be too busy jumping into conclusions .
On his way to the hospital, Yang called Chang Min, who told all of his family members, who then prattled to the Zhao Family, who also was on the phone with Yang . Both families hurried to the hospital, bringing rifles and weapons . The Xue family brought their men, and the Zhao family had their men's scared all over the premise of the hospital .
Zhao Yang arrived in the hospital huffing and puffing; he was surprised to see every patient behaving as if nothing has happened . With a confused face, but still ready to kill, Zhao Yang went to Mei Lin's private room with mixed emotions .