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Chapter 373
July 17, 20X2 (Friday)
The Hospital

Yang had not realized that what he really wanted to do was unnecessary . He was so nervous about the worse possible outcome for what might happen with Mei Lin and his unborn children . The possibility of their children being born without him in the midst of a small war made him frightened .
Zhao Yang would gladly sacrifice his life to have his children and wife safe from any harm . Because of this drive, he had mobilized every task force he could think of the duration of his way to the hospital . His family and the Xue family was stationed outside, waiting for his and Chang Min's signal . He would have brought a tank and more armored vehicle but he was restrained with the civilians . Although, fighter jets, helicopters, armored vans, and high functioning and fast capacity machine guns were on stand by just in case .
Stepping inside the hospital with Xue Chang Min and ready to back him up anytime, Yang readied his gun at his gasp for any possible attacks . The two men did not even stop to look like the people around them gathered to see what they were doing . Some people have even gone to look at them as if they were shouting something, but the only missing thing was their cameras . Some children that were coincidentally at the hospital for a check-up were following what they were doing- acting like paranoid chickens .
"What the fuck are you doing?" Dr . Zhang Li Xi was the first that discovered his two best friends . He had hurried from his office when Mei Lin's ob-gyn doctor has paged him to hurry as Mei Lin was already in labor .
"What about the terrorists?!" Yang hissed .
Chang Min put down the gun he was holding and tilted his head to the side . He had been suspicious about it but he didn't think much of it because of the consequences that could happen if what they were fearing was the truth . Having embarrassed themselves was a better outcome than having gone into battle unprepared .
"There are no terrorists! Did Hao Chen even stop you? I have had him guard the premises In case anything happens while Mei Lin is still in Labor!" The doctor frustratedly hissed back . Dr . Zhang Li Xi forced Zhao Yang's hands that were holding a revolver down and added, "And for fuck's sakes, put all your guns and call off all the people that you might have summoned . It's just Mei Lin going into labor!"
Zhao Yang had never been more speechless in all his life . He had made a fool of himself . Yang's eyes shifted to Chang Min's side; he was glad that he wasn't embarrassed by himself . At least he had someone to share it with . The most annoying fact is that Hao Chen and Hao Ren knew about it but have decided to play a prank at him . Hao Chen knew about Mei Lin and yet he did not stop him at all! Yang wanted to be livid at his friend only to realize that he did not let anybody stop him .
Suddenly, Yang's embarrassment faded and the color of his pinkish cheeks turned pale as Yang realized that his wife was in labor! He yelped like his head was cut from his neck and shrieked, "What are we doing standing here?! Take me to my wife!"

Unused to hearing Yang shout, Dr . Zhang Li Xi panicked and lead his two friends to the labor room while mumbling about the events that happened before the contraction hits . Along those trail of thoughts by the doctor, he spilled, " . . . and we had to prepare for three babies at the same time . It was hectic for us!"
Yang's fast strides stopped, "Three?! Weren't they twins?!"
Realizing his mistake, the doctor stopped too and replied with an, "oops . "
Chang Min shook his head at the two of them before he signaled Dr . Zhang to keep quiet and continue leading them to the labor room . Zhao Yang was following behind mumbling about an additional problem child who will, for sure, take more of Mei Lin's time from him . He really should have pulled out and spared himself this hardship .
"I must have done something bad in my past life . . . to have three mini-mes at the same time," Yang mumbled . Both Chang Min and Dr . Zhang chuckled underneath their breaths .
"Wait! Does Mei Lin knew that we have triplets instead of twins?!" Yang asked horrified of the thought . Zhao Yang is a CEO and not a psychic but he knew if she discovers it late, his little Yang Junior will not be getting any action for a long, long time! How horrifying!
"Zhao Yang, if you aren't here for the birth of our twins, I'm gonna chop your dick fourteen times and feed it to big brother Chang Min's rats!"
The three men heard Mei Lin screams all the way down the hallway they were in . Yang's already pale face became worse . Clearly, Mei Lin still thought she was carrying twins . Yang came to the hospital fearing for his wife's and children's life . Now, he feared for his life .
"I'm never having sex with you again, Zhao Yang! arghhhh! That fucking hurt!" another scream echoed in the private ward .
Chang Min chuckled as he heard his sister let out countless of curses that she normally doesn't say out loud . How amusing this day has turned into .