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Chapter 374
July 17, 20X2 (Friday)
The Hospital

"Where the hell is my fucking husband?! He had the gall to get me pregnant but he's no show now?!"
Chang Min's snickering became worse as Zhao Yang flinched, clearly showing how scared Yang was of his little sister . Once Yang caught him not so subtly snickering, Chang Min was glared at so ferociously . Nevertheless, the glare did not halt his amusement at all .
Dr . Zhang Li Xi shuffled his feet in nervousness, worried about Mei Lin and her lack of knowledge about the number of babies she was delivering, and said, "You should go inside and calm her down, Yang . You should also tell her about the extra baby . . . "
Zhao Yang touched his nose and helplessly asked, "You want me to go inside and do those things when my wife is already loudly proclaiming to cut and kill me without knowing the additional headache I'll soon call my son? Who had the bright idea to withdraw that information from her anyway?"
"Your mother did . " Chang Min's snickers turned into loud and boisterous laughter . Yang wanted to punch his brother-in-law but refrained because he was too nervous to do anything . He also did not want to add more reasons for Mei Lin to withdraw sex .
The doctor shook his head . Although he did find it funny, his worry about Mei Lin overcame his amusements watching Yang scared and flighty . With a deadpanned voice, he commented, "If you go inside, you'll have some mercy from her . If you don't, you'll have no mercy from her and your mom if she knew that you waited and didn't help at all . "
Horrified once again, Yang's eyes widen, "You guys would tell my mom?"
Chang Min and Dr . Zhang Li Xi both looked at each other and nodded without hesitation . Mother Zhao was the scariest person they knew . Who cares about their friend, they'd rather live to say the next day .
"Traitors, " Zhao Yang mumbled .
Dragging his feet towards the door, Yang gulped as his hands opened the delivery room after a nurse had signaled him that it was okay to do so .
"Why the fuck are you so slow?!" Mei Lin shouted with gritted teeth . Her lethargic voice that used to be so gentle has become rough and monster-like in her anger mixed with a large amount of pain .
"I just arrived . . . " Yang tried to defend himself but knew it was futile .
"I don't care! Come here so I can rip your dick out so it'll never touch me again!" Mei Lin cursed again as the pain of another contraction hit her hard .
" . . . That's not what you said when we were doing it . . . " Yang mumbled . The nurses in the room shook their heads . Now was not the time to oppose the woman in pain . Men and their ability to be stupid at the most important of times are really amazingly dull .
"Do you really want to die?!" Mei Lin screeched like a harpy . Her teeth ready to bite Yang and snap one of his fingers off of his person .
Yang hurried to Mei Lin's side and put his left hand to where Mei Lin was gripping on the side of the bed . Without notice, Mei Lin let go of the bed and intertwined their fingers together with a grip that made Zhao Yang flinched .

"You're ready to give birth!" The doctor signaled every nurse to be ready . One was on the side opposite to Yang, ready to help Mei Lin .
"Ahh!" Mei Lin shouted, "No shit are they ready to go!"
Because of the numerous things that happened, one after the other, Yang had forgotten about telling Mei Lin about the additional baby . The needed information that needed to reach Mei Lin's ears first completely went pass the woman .
Yang was on the side with his hands being gripped so hard by Mei Lin as the doctor in charge shouted, "Push!"
Yang's mouth opened with astonishment as Mei Lin's grip on his hands hardened again while she pushed . The CEO felt sorry for his wife as the doctor once again called out, "Push longer and harder!"
"I'm fucking pushing hard already!" Mei Lin shouted in the middle of trying to push . One of the nurses on the side was already gripping some towels for the babies .
"Push Harder!" the doctor once again insisted .
"Uwah! Wah!"
With wide eyes, Yang heard Mei Lin's scream of pain being overpowered by another small cry that sounded so cute but annoying at the same time . Yang's eyes followed where the blueish baby covered in liquids .
"One is out, one more to go . " Mei Lin said as she patted herself and prep herself for more energy .
The doctor did not know about what happened and the prank that was being still pulled so she corrected her patient, "Two more to go . You have triplets, remember?"
Mei Lin who was resting for a few seconds had doubled in anger and the annoyance that was in her heart caused her to pushed so hard while she screamed, "Zhao Yang! You are dead!!!"
In her anger, Mei Lin pushed the second baby without any problems and less pain than the first one .
Yang gulped, afraid .