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Chapter 375: 375
July 17, 20X2 (Friday)
The Hospital

"The second baby is out!" The doctor screeched to the nurses, making them scramble to get the newborn baby so the doctor's hands are free in case the third one pops unexpectedly like the latest baby .
The delivery room was now filled with two small cries that rattled Mei Lin's heart . She was exhausted, sweat dripping from her forehead to her cheeks and dropping towards her chin .
In haste to be on Mei Lin's good side, Yang immediately took his handkerchief and wiped his wife's face while murmuring sweet nothings to her, "You see doing great, love . One more and they're complete . "
Mei Lin wanted to punch her husband in the face . Of course, he would easily say something like that because he wasn't the one pushing it out! One more wrong comment from him and she'll really cut his dick! She was about to retort and shout at him when another contraction hit her like a ton of bricks being piled on top of her stomach .
"Ahhh! Another one! Another one!" Mei Lin shouted as she flared her right hand to punch the side of the bed so she was sure to gain the attention of the nurses .
Taking a peek at the doctor, Mei Lin was horrified when she saw one doctor and three nurses in front of her open womanly place and looking like they were having a discussion . Mei Lin felt like she should have totally shaved every last piece of hair down there, how embarrassing .
Suddenly, Mei Lin's thoughts were cut off when the doctor demanded, "On the count of three, you have to push hard and long again . "
Mei Lin eagerly agreed, "Yes! Just take them all out of me! I want to sleep properly for once!"
The nurses wanted to chuckle but had to force themselves to become stoic, so as to remain professional . Yang had no qualms in letting out a laugh, which made Mei Lin more annoyed with him .
"Okay, 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . Push!"
Mei Lin pushed with all her body . Her head going with the flow and neck curling a little towards her lower body as she pushed with all her might . Yang was on the side, his hand already numb with all the squeezing that Mei Lin did every time she pushes .
Within minutes, the third child came out . Everyone was holding their breath to hear at least a small cry from the newly born baby, but when the doctor scrambled to a small bed and asking for medical apparatuses to be brought to her from the nurses, Mei Lin's, and Yang's heart dropped .
"Will our child be okay?" Mei Lin asked Yang in a small voice and her eyes not leaving the scene of her doctor trying to pump air on her small baby .
"He will pull through . . . " Yang caressed Mei Lin's head with his free hand, letting his warmth deliver comfort to his wife . The two older babies had miraculously stopped crying as of they too were waiting for their younger brother to pull through .
It had only been a few minutes but it had felt like an agonizing year to the new parents . Watching their son being rescued from the brink of death changed their perspective as a human being . It was they have also been on the brink of their lives too . Yang had felt that their children would be his rival for his wife's attention, but being faced with the possibility of having only two sons compared to three have completely changed his mind . He'd sacrifice having more time with his wife as long as their sons are safe . Heck, he'd sacrifice his wealth, limbs, or anything!

'Let him live, please!' Yang and Mei Lin had the same thought being repeated over and over in their minds . Both were praying for their third son, willing to exchange some of their years just so he'll live to see to the world .
Mei Lin could not help but mellow down from her anger and annoyed state . Her tears pooling at her eyes, ready to fall into a small stream of sadness . Yang felt like he had a large lump in his throat that he can't seem to swallow .
As seconds passed, the clock on the wall continued to tick but their third child's heart still did not beat . The memory of their doctor trying to save the life of their third son was embedded deep within them .
Suddenly, a small cry sprung out from the lips of their baby and then the two older babies replied with a cry of their own . The room that was had been filled with screams of pain and then the silence of death has become noisy with the cries of life .
Yang and Mei Lin watched as their children were shown to them by different nurses . Yang could help but smile as Mei Lin gushed about how cute their sons were . . . But deep inside him, Yang thought all three of his sons were alien-looking buns .