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Chapter 376: 376
July 17, 20X2 (Friday)
The Hospital

"Congratulations, CEO Zhao and Mrs . Zhao . You two have now three more additional cute babies!"
" . . . They're three headaches, I tell you . Alien-looking headaches that have prunes as skin and blue blood . . . " Yang mumbled underneath his breath . As if they have heard their father's words, the babies began to cry louder causing Yang's eyebrow to twitch in annoyance . Not an hour old and they're already irritating him!
"Are they all healthy?" Mei Lin asked, interrupting her husband's thoughts . She did not care about anything else . One by one, the nurses showed her children to her . Counting every fingers and toe, Mei Lin was glad to see no abnormalities . Just because the outside is perfectly fine doesn't mean there's nothing wrong inside though . . .
"We will have to perform more tests to guarantee everything, but it seems normal to me, for now . The first child is as healthy as a single child with six pounds and two ounces . The second child is alright with five pounds and eight ounces . The third child needs to gain more weight . He cannot remain this small with four pounds and seven ounces only . " The doctor delivered all the things she had observed and Mei Lin listened to every word .
Although Yang behaved like he did not like his children, he was more involved with everything as Mei Lin drifted off to sleep . Mei Lin wanted to talk more but her eyes slowly began to close . The exhaustion of successfully pushing triplets out of her has come like a flood .
Jerome Bonaparte, who was staying outside the delivery room and waiting for news with Trisha Fuller, have already worn the floor from pacing around it in worry .
"She'll be fine, " Trisha once again pacified the French man .
Dr . Zhang Li Xi and Chang Min were guarding the doors like loyal dogs, waiting patiently for a signal . When Chang Min's phone rang, everyone waited with bated breath for any news .
Chang Min answered it without any hesitation and Yang's voice floated out from the phone's speakers', "All three are out . They're doing great . Spread the word!"
Outside, Mother Zhao and Hao Chen received word about the triplets being born . In her happiness, Mother Zhao squeezed so loudly that she forgot her lady etiquette . Excited to meet her grandchildren, she ran inside the hospital, leaving Hao Chen shook his head while clearing the small army that Yang had gathered in his panicked state .
For Hao Chen, today has been an amusing day . He got to see a paranoid Zhao Yang and also saw Lady Xing behaving like a child in a candy store .
Meanwhile, Yang was eyeing as the doctor and the nurses began to clean Mei Lin and the mess that resulted from the childbirth . At the same time, Yang also kept an eye as the nurses examine the babies and giving them a cleaning after writing something on the tag on their wrists .
Yang stopped one nurse before she could take his eldest son away from his sight, "Nobody goes out with the babies . . . Get Dr . Zhang Li Xi inside . I don't trust anybody else but him . "

"But this is our job, Sir!" One of the nurses insisted .
Yang's eyes narrowed straight at that nurse and glared hard, " . . . And it is my job to protect my defenseless sons . Dr . Zhang Li Xi or no one else!"
Yang's shouts must have been loud enough to be heard outside that the said doctor knocked on the door from outside while saying, "I'm here . Make sure Mei Lin is appropriate before I come inside . "
The ob-gyn doctor hurried as what she was told . She did not want to stay anywhere near Zhao Yang . Once she made sure and cleaning everything, the doctor called out to her fellow doctor outside, "It's all clear! You can come in now . "
The door opened and Dr . Zhang strutted inside together with a grinning Chang Min and an overly excited Mother Zhao . The nurses had to stop themselves from drooling and looking stupefied as Xue Chang Min took off his suit's jacket and then proceeded to disarm all the weapons that were hidden in his person . He gestured for one nurse to transfer the baby in her arms to his .
Dr . Zhang Li Xi reached for the youngest and smallest baby . Mother Zhao took the eldest in her arms while Chang Min carefully cradled the middle child in his grasp after the nurse placed the baby in response to his signal .
"We will take care of them . " Dr . Zhang Li Xi assured Yang .
Mother Zhao nodded her head in agreement as fast as she could while cooing at her precious grandchildren . When the three left, Jerome and Trisha entered, ready to help with Mei Lin and Yang instead of the babies .
"Everything alright?" Jerome asked the new father .
Yang looked up to his father-in-law before he touched his nose helplessly and complained with a pout, "Three Terrors . . . I have three headaches now . "
Jerome had been worried when he first saw Yang's expression, but his worry vanished after that statement had been uttered . Jerome snickered loudly and Trisha was giggling on the side . Both were amused at Yang's childish antics .
"Welcome to parenthood! I must remind you that there's no manual, and whatever you have done in preparation for this are all worthless . " Jerome grinned .
Promptly, Yang's head fell into his open palm . He felt a headache already coming . The cries of his newborn babies still echoed in his ears .
Today has been horrifying .
Parenthood; Yang knew he was going to be extremely bad at it .
Meanwhile, Mei Lin slept like she hasn't rested for eight months .