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Chapter 377: 377
July 17, 20X2 (Friday)
The Hospital

For two hours, Mei Lin slept without waking up even if there was a loud noise nearby . Yang and the rest knew how much work she had done so they let her get the rest she so deserved .
It was only after two hours or so that passed when Dr . Zhang Li Xi and his two grinning assistants namely Mother Zhao and Chang Min wheeled the babies inside that Mei Lin woke up like she knew her children were coming to her .
"Oh, I knew I just felt my headache coming . " Yang drawled with fake annoyance .
Jerome and Trisha were chuckling at the side with great amusement while watching the events that passed by . The babies were put in a small bed and were rolled beside their mother's bed . Slowly, Mei Lin's eyes fluttered opened .
"My babies . . . " were the first words that she uttered . She forced herself to sit down so she could peer over her babies, ignoring her husband on her other side . Pissed off, Yang gulped his pride down . He had to get used to being second best now . No, he was the sixth best now . After Chang, Lingling, and the triples, he was nothing compared with the kids .
"The doctor will come here once in a while to check on them . Usually, we put them together so we can monitor their state but with the events and the threat that's around the corner, I have to pull some strings to get them here fast . Don't let anyone kiss them or start being overly close, everything is still new to them so they might easily catch something . " Dr . Zhang Li Xi started to explain as he took the youngest son from his small bed covered in blue blankets and place him into Mei Lin's waiting arms .
When the doctor was done, Mother Zha beamed a large excited smile, "What about their names?"
"Babies are a pain in the ass . They will be known as Troublesome One, Thing Two, and Terror Three," Yang commented to his wife, who promptly replied with a gentle slap to his arms, careful not to wake the sleeping boy in her other hand . Jerome's snickers turned into full-blown laughter and Chang Min followed his father's example .
Mother Zhao ignored them in favor of turning to Mei Lin, hoping that her daughter-in-law will have some normal names . Mei Lin smiled at Mother Zhao and started her naming spree .
"The eldest will be Zhao Xin . Xin for new, to signify the new area of the Zhao family . " Mei Lin smiled at the baby in Mother Zhao's arms .
"The middle child will be Zhao Yun . Yun for cloud, because like a cloud, even I cannot stop him from doing what he wants . Really, this guy was unstoppable in the delivery room . " Mei Lin mused as Yang snickered at the memory of his son popping himself out of his mother . Mei Lin didn't even have to force herself to push much .
"What about this one?" Yang whispered, but his voice was still heard by everyone in the room .
Mei Lin looked down to the baby but that was innocently sleeping in her arms . She smiled as she said, "This lovely child will be Zhao Wei . Wei with the meaning Great, to give him a name that would give him strength . "

Mother Zhao beamed in happiness . Her grandchild now has names that are normal . Everyone in the room was more amazed at how easily Mei Lin could tell apart her three identical babies . Without any identification, she could easily determine which one was which . Dr . Zhang Li Xi nodded his head in approval . Mei Lin was a great painter, but he had a feeling that she'd be a greater mother .
Mei Lin cradled her youngest son with a smile . It still felt weird to have her own children . Mixed emotions war inside of her- happiness, excitement, anxiousness, and hope .
Suddenly, the baby in her arms let out a small cry . Just like a train, the middle son followed and then the eldest joined not soon after . Yang's eyebrows twitched in real annoyance . He could feel the growing headache at the back of his head from too much noise . His large pointer finger softly poked the right cheek of his son in his wife's arms causing the child to cry harder . Like dominos, the other two babies also cried harder as if the three were one even if they were separate beings .
Immediately, Yang retracted his finger but Mei Lin's glare at him was as hateful as a man ready for revenge . The young CEO, who has now become a father, touched his nose in helplessness . Mother Zhao snickered . Yang as a child was just as noisy and demanding as the triplets, if not more! History has a habit of repeating itself, after all .
Mother Zhao was greatly amused .