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Chapter 379: 379
July 18, 20X2 (Saturday)
Various Places

Hao Ren had never been so anxious in all of his life than he was now . His eyes turned to his guardian slash mentor, Wu Tian Li . The older man's eyes were glued to the screen, watching every minute of the struggle while hands were typing so hard on the computer .
Frustration and helplessness; those we're the main emotions that Hao Ren felt . He wanted to go out of the room and run towards Zhao Manor to help, but he couldn't . If only he could use the monitor as a portal so he could be there!
"Hao Ren, take the other computer and open the firewall of the company . " Wu Tian Li calmly commanded Hao Ren .
Hao Ren nodded his head and did what he was told to do . If he did not saw Wu Tian Li's murderous face as the Zhao Manor was infiltrated and a terrorist hacker actually opened the gates that they controlled, Hao Ren would have thought that Wu Tian Li did not care . Hao Ren knew better . Wu Tian Li cared so much, but he just knew how to hide it so well .
"What are we going to do with the firewall open? People might take advantage of it . " Hal Ren commented .
Wu Tian Li was about to reply, but suddenly the voice of Zhao Qinyang echoed in their speakers, louder than any gunshots . The two men observing the scene stared horrified as the two fell . Hao Ren immediately dialed his brother phone and demanding him to hurry . Wu Tian Li dialed his sister and reporting every action they could see . Helpless, the two could only watch as the children were taken .
"Dammit!" Wu Tian Li kicked his computer . What good is a hacker in these times? Without people to work under their command, they are just eyes without hands .
Hao Ren vowed to do something about his lack of movements . Being a hacker was okay, but he felt too helpless to be just a hacker .
When Mother Zhao and Father Zhao, Hao Chen, Zhao Yang, and Chang Min arrived, they were horrified to see piles of bodies on the floor . Dr . Zhang Li Xi and his team of medics were immediately called inside after they deemed it safe .
Mother Zhao hurried to where her sister-in-law and brother-in-law were, guided by Wu Tian Li in her ears while dragging doctors to follow after her . Arriving at the place and seeing the site, Mother Zhao's tears couldn't be hidden . It flowed freely and uncontrollably . Their blood pooled together, mixing into one .
"Mom, let's go and ask for the security footage from Uncle Wu . " Zhao Yang subtly dragged his mother to his room, where his computer was hidden on the compartment that he had made .
Once opened, a branch of files opened and played with Uncle Wu and Hao Ren's faces on the side, narrating the events . Mother Zhao could see the sadness in her younger brother's eyes . Wu Tian Li and Qinyang grew up together with Xue Mu Lan . Of course, he was feeling so many things at once now . Watching the events that have happened, Mother Zhao knew that the terrorist completely overpowered the guards . Many of their most reliable guards were killed . None of Mei Lin's guards survived .

"Do you know where the children are being taken now?" Yang asked his Uncle .
"In the port, they are entering one of the ships . " Hao Ren was the one that answered .
"Keep a close eye on them . . . " Yang told .
"Alexandre and Hao Chen are already taking your men to surround the docks . I told them to let no one enter or exit . " Wu Tian Li said after he finished reading the confirmation of Yang's friends .
"Jerome and Chang Min have mobilized all of their forces to protect the hospital . Grandpa Zhao and Grandma Zhao have also informed the military . " Wu Tian Li added, making Hao Ren awe . Hao Ren was only following the car where the children were and had not noticed how much work Wu Tian Li had done .
Wi Tian Li continued with a more grieved voice, "The Xue Grandparents are also in the hospital with The Bonaparte Patriarch . The Hospital is one of the safest places to be right now . . . But One of us must tell Mei Lin . She is asking for Ling Ling and Chang, right now . She's turning hysterical . "
Yang and Mother Zhao blanched white . How were they going to tell Mei Lin?!
Suddenly, Zhao Yang's phones rang . Answering it immediately and putting it on speaker phone, Dr . Zhang Li's voice was rough and in a hurry, as he spoke, "Aunt Qinyang's and Uncle Zhao's hearts are still beating . I will operate Uncle Zhao immediately . He is far worse, and Aunt Qinyang will pull through . Whoever shot her was thankfully not good . Unlike Uncle Zhao however . . . "
Wu Tian Li sighed, "It was Chen Zhong that shot Qinyang . He isn't a bad shooter; he is outstanding to have missed the heart while making it look like he had shot it . "
Mother Zhao did not care about the spy, "So Qinyang and Yu Rong will be fine?"
Dr . Zhang Li Xi sighed, "I will try my best . Aunt Qinyang will pull through, that I am sure, but Uncle Zhao, I do not know yet . We are going to the hospital now . I must go . "
The call ended abruptly . Mother Zhao sighed before she forced herself to stand straight, "We should go to the hospital to take care of Mei Lin . . . "
"But the children . . . " Yang mumbled .
"They kidnapped the children to be their hostage against us . They will not kill them without trying to bargain something from us . Now, we need to plan what we need to do . " Mother Zhao explained .
Zhao Yang nodded, but his fists were clenched . His children were just taken; he did not want to deal telling this news to his wife at all .