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Chapter 40

November 10, 20XX (Saturday)

Zhao Mansion & Heights Condominium

Mei Li pursed her lips while picking up the small makeup brush to pick up the last tidbits of her favourite lip balm . She needs to return to her condo soon so she can get her things and transfer it to her studio . The beauty looked at the clock and saw it was still early in the afternoon . She decided that today was an alright time to do it . Dressing up in a hurry, she took the dress nearest to her and not caring how she looked wearing it . She left her room to be greeted with Yang trying to knock at her door .

They stood motionless, their actions freezing in surprise for a moment . Their path always seemed to cross this pass few days .

"Where are you going?" Asked Yang scanning at her from her feet to her head . She looked far too dressed up for his liking .

She shifted in embarrassment before replying, "I'm getting some of my stuff at the Condo, Zhong and I shared . "

Eyes narrowed with clenched fists, Yang immediately blurted out, "Let me go with you . "

Mei Li tilted her head while asking, "Aren't you busy? I can ask someone to drive me there . "

"It's fine, Let's go . " Yang quickly grabs her left wrist and dragging her to his Maybach . He needed a car that would intimidate that stupid Ex of hers and after this, he'll just drag her into a restaurant to eat for the evening or snacks- depending on what time they're done .

Besides that, no way was he letting her meet her cheating Ex alone and wearing beautiful clothes that might give that stupid Ex of hers ideas he shouldn't have . Mei Li was only his and no one else's .

The car ride was quiet with Mei Li visibly nervous as she shifted from left to right while Yang was upset as his grip on the steering wheel tighten with every turn nearer to her condominium . The thought of that stupid Ex of hers laying a hand on her, trying to get back together with her, and even breathing the same air as Mei Li had repulsed Yang . He was not qualified to even stare at Mei Li!

Yang allowed Mei Li to lead him to her condo before stepping in front of her, blocking her actions when she reached to open the familiar door . Yang quickly pulled the door open and entering first .

"You're back! I really missed yo-" Chen Zhong had expected to see Mei Li but stopped when he was face to face with Zhao Yang, who was technically his boss' son . Chen Zhong looked up into the raised eyebrow of Yang's with a face that was full of taunt as if baiting him for a fight .

Mei Li peaked from the back of Yang, showing her tiny head to Chen Zhong and her smile felt strange . She wanted to speak first but was stopped by Yang who covered her tiny frame with his large one, blocking Chen Zhong's eyesight .

"Good Afternoon, Mister Chen . Mei Li have to get some of her things . We will be going back soon after . " Yang said without looking at the Stupid Ex in fear of him punching that annoying face full of expectations gazing at Mei Li . The CEO motioned Mei Li to go inside her room and get her things . The faster they leave this place, the better!

"Of course, She'll always welcome here . " Said Chen Zhong as he tried to follow Mei Li .

"That's because this is her condo and not yours to allow anybody passage…" Drawled Yang while blocking Chen Zhong's way .

Chen Zhong could not help but size up and down Zhao Yang's physique . The CEO was taller and bulkier than him . The fact that the CEO was wearing a suit while Chen Zhong was in his homey mismatched pyjamas, contrasted their differences more . Chen Zhong felt like he was a cockroach in front of a lion . He could only pray that his mother inside the room would talk to her because his hands are full with the CEO .

"CEO Zhao, please . let's take a seat?" Chen Zhong forced himself to calm down as he guided Yang towards their small living area that was not even half the size of Yang's bathroom on his own condo .

Yang sat down without being told to and crossed his legs, narrowed his eyes at the man who sat at the chair in front of him, and then clicked his tongue in displeasure . No need for manners when it comes to dealing with this man . He did not consider Mei Li's feelings when he cheated so Yang should not consider his feelings too .

" . . . I didn't know Mei Li knew you . "

Yang scoffed loudly on purpose, which made Chen Zhong flinched scared . If he upsets this CEO, he could possibly lose his high paying job since this CEO's father was his boss .

"My little sister is her best friend… In fact, you've met her in Paris . She was also there to witness your passionate lovemaking . That was very entertaining! if you ever need a hotel room for your affairs, you can call me through my father and I can provide for you the best hotels I can find . " Cue the smile that sends shivers to every person's spine . Yang was sure that Mei Li had not trusted Chen Zhong fully . The fact that his little sister's identity was kept secret from him was reason enough why he thought that .

Not to be beaten at snide, Chen Zhong replied, "I see, she must have depended on your family so she could sell her paintings then . "

Yang's blood boiled in rage and his fist clenched, "She's not like you . In fact, if you were not Mei Li's boyfriend, my father would not have hired you . Be very careful about going to work, it might be your last day . "

"Are you threatening me, CEO Zhao?" Chen Zhong's voice began to grow louder, offended by Yang's words .

"Are you raising your voice at me, 'Employee' Chen?" Yang retorted emphasizing the word 'employee' to Chen Zhong's face . As if this mere employee could compare to him .

Chen Zhong shut his mouth immediately, sweat dripping on his forehead . He looked down on the floor and remained silent for the duration of their stay . It was only when Yang stood up after 10 minutes did he move again to follow the worried CEO .