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Chapter 41

November 10, 20XX (Saturday)

Heights Condominium

Mei Li entered her room hoping to quickly go back to Zhao Manor . She only needed to get the favourite lip balm she had hoarded, some of her clothes, some papers, and her Louboutin shoes . In fact, it should take her only 5 minutes maximum to be done .

What she didn't expect was that someone was in her room, moving her things and trying her dresses on .

Mei Li openly stared as Mother Chen had opened her closet cabinet and had tried some of her clothes, as evidence to the hangers put aside while the dresses had been thrown into the single bed in a clutter . Mei Li noted that her precious Louboutin shoe, her favourite pair, were also on Mother Chen's feet . Her favourite pair that had cost her almost three thousand dollars looked as if it was going to break in Mother Chen's bigger feet .

How she fitted into it, Mei Li dared not guess . Mei Li felt the biggest disappointment she had ever felt in her entire life . A bigger disappointment than her seeing Chen Zhong cheat with other women . Mother Chen had not asked permission from her . These were her things; things that she had worked hard for . From an orphan who had nothing, these things were her little treasures .

Mei Li interrupted Mother Chen by clearing her throat loudly . The mother jumped with surprise but smiled at Mei Li as if she was not doing anything wrong before saying, "I really like your clothes, can you give them to me?"

Mei Li stared at her in disgust . The painter had finally met someone more shameless than Zhao Yang . Was she blind before her heart broke or did love got in the way with her vision? These people, who she had treasured and wanted to be a part of their family, was so different than what she had previously thought .

Seeing the dresses already worn by Mother Chen, Mei Li nodded and complied, "Sure, keep them . " Mei Li had more dress bought by Mother Zhao anyway and she can just buy new shoes with Yang's card because she would be working for him so she wouldn't feel guilty with spending his money . She'll just ask for his permission before she will do it .

"Thank You, you are such a dear . Have you talked with Zhong'er? Have you decided when you're going to be married?" Mother Chen's questions brought a headache to Mei Li . Did she really expect Mei Li to marry her cheating son? Did this woman expect Mei Li to just accept everything with a smile? Mother Chen had always spoiled Zhong and she was always the first to support him but this was another level of stupidity . Was this woman proud that her son is dishonest?

"We haven't talked and we don't need to talk . Please, move out of this condo after the month ends . I'll be renting this out to other people who need a home . " Mei Li firmly said, knowing how overbearing this woman in front of her could become . She did not want to deal with any more drama from this family .

"What?!" Mother Chen's shrill voice was raised causing Mei Li to winch in pain .

"I and Chen Zhong's relationship will be that nothing more but stranger and nothing he will do will change that . " Mei Li felt good saying these words out loud . As if a heavy load was lifted off her back .

"Then what about these clothes?" Mother Chen asked pointed at Mei Li's dresses that she had tried .

"Keep them . " Mei Li deadpanned .

"These shoes?" the shameless woman pointed towards the shoes she was wearing .

It hurt Mei Li to part from her first and favourite Louboutin but she felt too disgusted at it now, "You can have them too . "

"These beauty products?" the foolish woman pointed at the products that were carefully stored in a bin, still unopened .

Mei Li had hoarded these products because she liked them and is always using them every day . Mei Li felt she didn't have the heart to fight as her disappointment at Mother Chen's behaviour was the greatest emotion that conquered her being as of now . The Painter sigh before agreeing, "It's all yours . "

"Then you give us this condo too since you're that generous . "

Upon hearing those words, Mei Li's disappointment turned into sadness . To think that the mother she had hoped to call her own before, had turned into this unknown woman because of money . Was this really the woman whom she had respected before?

"I'll give you a month to move out . " Mei Li told, trying to withhold the tears that were threatening to fall .

"Please, Mei Li . You can make more money with your paintings and buy your own condo after . This condo is near Zhong's workplace so it's convenient for him . Give it to him in exchange for all the happy times he spent with you and the way we didn't maltreat you as an orphan . "

If she was not on the verge of crying, Mei Li would have thought that it was comical for Mother Chen to beg while wearing her dress and a shoe that seemed to be too small for her . Mei Li ignored Mother Chen and took the important documents she had filed on her small desk beside her bed . These documents containing her bank statements, Diploma, governments papers, resume, and etc . She also took out a plain locked chest under her bed and carried it near her door .

Mei Li packed her documents in a bag pack that Yue had given her when they were still in high school, she took the frames that had pictures of Yue and her and into her bag . She also tried to take her underwear but stop when she glance at Mother Chen . What if this woman has also tried it on? Instantly, she stops what she was doing and just gets one of her favourite lip balm from the collection of things that Mother Chen had asked her to give .

"I thought you were giving that to me? Taking back your word as you did with marrying my son . It shows how indecisive you are," Mother Chen clicked her tongue .

"Leave that . I'll buy you a new one . " Yang's deep voice surprised the two women .

Mother Chen had jumped backwards; her bum hitting the floor with a large thud . Her eyes widen with fright at the sudden appearance of the man she never thought was connected to Mei Li .

"That shows how uselessly dramatic you are," Yang drawled at the ugly woman on the floor . He then turned to Mei Li and asked gently, "Let's go?"

Mei Li nodded while picking up her things, struggling at the same time . Yang immediately carried the locked chest with his left hand holding it with his hips as support and taking Mei Li's left wrist with his right hand .

Mei Li and Yang had left the condo faster than when they entered it, leaving behind the mother and son pair to stare in disbelief . Their plan to stop Mei Li had failed . There was no wedding to be had .