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Chapter 44

November 11, 20XX (Sunday)

Heights Condominium

Chen Zhong opened the cardboard box and then diligently securing its shape with a large-sized transparent plastic tape before putting his books from college inside . Picking up the book beside it and remembering whom it belongs to, Zhong immediately felt regret .

He admits that cheating on Mei Li was the most foolish thing he had done . She was a successful woman, earning millions of dollars, very pleasant to the eyes, and have a gorgeous curvy body . Compared to her, the girls that he had sex with were all nobodies .

If only Mei Li had not been so virtuous and gave herself to him, he would have not thought of going for others for relief . He was a healthy man with needs . . . who would fault him for doing something that he needed?

"My son, are you really packing away your things?" His mother disrupted his thoughts .

Zhong put Mei Li's book back in the shelf before replying to his mother, "This condo isn't mine in the first place . "

Zhong could see his mother's face turned ugly in indignation, "I told you that woman would not treasure you! You were blinded by her appearance! You should have chosen Lu Yi Jie as I've told you . Her family owns a business in the countryside, it might not be very big but since her parents don't have a son, you would have inherited it but instead, you brought home a poor orphan with no connections at all!"

"She knows the Zhao family…" Zhong muttered in both disbelief and anger . Disbelief because he could not believe what he had uttered and Anger because Mei Li, in their more than three years of relationship, had not told him anything about her connections . He only knew that her best friend was wealthy enough to travel abroad quite frequently .

"… what good is it to be hanged up on that orphan girl? Let your mother introduce you to some of my friend's daughters . " Mother Chen thought of the women who she usually socialize with on parties hosted by another Zhao Madam named Zhao Qinyang . There were plenty who had daughters in marriageable age .

Chen Zhong remained silent, continuing to pack his things into the box on the floor . Mother Chen felt sorry for his child . He should not suffer this series of event .

'That Wu Mei Li have no appreciation for all the things we've done for her . She was accepted in our family when she was just a lowly orphan!' Mother Chen thought, her fist clenching in anger . No amount of apologies from Mei Li could calm the rage in her .

"What do you want to eat later? Mother will cook it for you . You Father would join as after he is done with his volunteer work . " Mother Chen tried to comfort her son, hoping to ease his gloomy look .

"I'm not hungry…" Chen Zhong denied her and continued packing his things as if his mother was not in front of him .

"How about going to a restaurant you like?" Mother Chen was not one to give up easily especially concerning her beloved son . She took the books away from her son's hands which caused Zhong's grip to loosen and spilling the books into a clutter on the floor .

Frowning, Zhong narrowed his eyes at his mother causing her to scamper and pick up the things her son had dropped . Chen Zhong's eyes scanned the mess and instantly stopped at a single paper that peaked on a white folder .

His eyes immediately coloured with happiness as he shouted a command to his mother, "Mom! Give me that folder . Quickly . "

Mother Chen tucked the paper inside and handed the folder without any complaints before asking, "What's wrong? What's inside that? Is it something important?"

Zhong nodded his head, "This is something that could make me the owner of this condo unit!"

Hearing those words that left her son's mouth, Mother Chen could not help but be glad . She kissed her son's head and said, "Brilliant child! But what's inside that?"

"A blank paper with Mei Li's signature," Chen Zhong's eyes glinted with nefariousness as he continued, "We had a problem with the water bill before and it needed her authorization to allow me to process the documents for her… She was in a hurry to go out when I asked so she left me three bond papers with her signature so I can write the authorization myself . I've used the two and this was the only one left . Thank God, it's still here . "

"We can just print the authorization that Mei Li would 'gift' this condo to you? I'm not sure that would be enough… There are other things needed to do…" Mother Chen told bitting her lips . The plan was too shallow . To transfer properties, there were more papers to be done, taxes to be paid, and signatures to be signed .

Once Chen Zhong heard those words, his gloomy countenance returned . Mother Chen raked her brain for a solution that can cheer her child up, "Then let's hire a lawyer that's shrewd enough to use this piece of paper… But can you do it? You're such a good and filial child, taking this to court might hurt you . "

Knowing that Mei Li would not return to him again, Chen Zhong steeled his resolve as he replied . "Let's bring this to court . Maybe we will win… If not, she will be annoyed enough to give it to us . "

He had not spent three years with Mei Li and not pick up on her attitude . She was a no-nonsense kind of woman, she didn't even like the jokes that he told but she was also someone who didn't want to be bothered with things that causes her too much stress . If they won't win in court, Mei Li will probably give it to them because she was either too annoyed to be bothered or she pitied Chen Zhong . She was too soft sometimes .

"My son is a genius!" Mother Chen fawned .

Suddenly, Chen Zhong felt that his cheating being discovered was a blessing in disguise .