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Chapter 45

November 12, 20XX (Monday)

Y Building, Beijing

It was chaos inside all the rooms in Y Building . All department heads had hurriedly clean up before hurrying again to the conference room to wait for their CEO . All employees were dashing to and fro; cleaning the floors then the ceiling, filing the cluttered papers, tidying their desks, and the wiping the windows . They had gone above and beyond to make everything immaculate .

Upon arriving at work that morning, every staff member was greeted at the front by their CEO's secretaries in a row . They had told every employee that someone important to the CEO was visiting every day for this month to deliver lunch for the CEO and help with the interior design for the expansion . Every person was expected to behave, show the visitor the proper respect, and not loiter anywhere .

Everyone had tried their best to behave themselves but their curiosity and excitement were evident in their soft murmurs to each other . Their questions growing aplenty by every passing second . Some had even theorized who was coming; some said it was the CEO's little sister, some said it was his elder cousin, and some said it was a lady named Mei Li . Some employee had relayed that they heard the CEO speaking softly on the phone with the person named 'Mei Li . ' Some employee even dared to asked uptight and aloof Secretary Bai but was only ignored as the head secretary continued to work on his pile of documents that seemed neverending .

When CEO Yang arrived, all the employees noticed the carefree smile on his face instead of the scary fake smile . He was obviously in a good mood . Once again the people around began to gossip while Secretary Bai refrained the sigh on the edges of his lips waiting to be done . The Secretary listened as the CEO commanded him to, " . . . take care of Mei Li . " since he had a scheduled meeting with all department heads . Sometimes, his CEO was too over the top .

He looked at his watch and read the time; 9:38 am . 'She should be here soon,'

Secretary Bai stood up from his seat abruptly, surprising the other four in the office .

"Let us go meet the visitor as CEO Zhao said," Secretary Bai said, gaining the undivided attention of the four women . He sighs visibly this time, why must he be in-charge with four women secretaries?

When they arrived at the front entrance, Secretary Bai stood at the place he always did when he greets the CEO every morning when he arrives for work . The Head Secretary knew how important Wu Mei Li had become to the CEO . The fact that the painter was important to the CEO's family members was reason enough for his respect . The secretary nodded at the secretaries while motioning them to line up facing the entrance . The women gladly did as they were told, excited to be the first to greet the visitor . Their curiosity evident in their silly grins and anxious eyes .

As if on cue, two guards in a suit went inside while guiding a petite woman with brown locks, golden brownish eyes, a large handbag in hand, wearing a Gucci coat, and a red bottom heels that could pay their food expenses for two months . She was like a beautiful painting coming to life .

"Miss Wu, We're glad to have you here on our company . CEO Zhao is currently on a meeting so he had asked us to welcome you in his stead . " Secretary Bai said .

The four secretaries stared at the petite woman who had shaken her head before saying, "Why are you so formal with me? I'm going to tell Mother Bai that you were too uptight with me again . "

The four female glared at their superior, so he did know who the visitor was! He was too silent, sometimes! Their eyes returned to the woman who was softly giggling when Secretary Bai showed an exasperated expression .

"I'm a bit early for my meeting with the Interior Designer… Where will I be waiting for the time being?" Mei Li asked after briefly glancing at the inexpensive watch on her wrist .

"The Interior Designer is already waiting for you at CEO Zhao's office," Secretary Bai said opening the exclusive elevator to let Mei Li inside . The Painter paused before pointing towards the other four women who Secretary Bai had forgotten in his haste .

"They are the new secretaries under me; each managing different aspects of businesses in the conglomerate . Call them Do, Re, Mi, and Fa as CEO Zhao does . " Secretary Bai snorted in amusement when the four women said their complaints loudly in unison causing Mei Li to giggle again .

Secretary Bai hurriedly left the four noisy women guiding Mei Li to the CEO's office where the Interior Designer was waiting for her . He introduced Mei Li to Trisha and the two women hit off talking about art, concepts, ideas, colours, and furniture . He left the office after making sure the two women had tea available for their convenience only to be stopped by Mei Li asking him to tell CEO Zhao that she needed to borrow someone's laptop to view some files . Secretary Bai nodded to the painter before he closed the door . He then messaged the other fours secretaries reminding them of their work and continued his way to the conference room that Yang's meeting took place .

When he opened the door after knocking three times, Secretary Bai notice all eyes turned to him as he enters . He cleared his throat before announcing, "Miss Wu had arrived safely and is not meeting with the interior designer . She had asked if she could borrow your laptop or your computer to look at some files . "

Secretary Bai noted with confusion when Yang had delivered his laptop to the secretaries awaiting hands only for it to be taken back before saying, "Let her borrow yours . I need mine for something . "

Secretary Bai couldn't help but ask himself, 'Was there something in the laptop that he doesn't want to be shown?'

The Secretary nodded; ignoring the plaguing questions on his mind . Mindful not to provoke this smiling devil in front of him with the face of his employer . He returned to his desk and notice the pile of documents had increased . With a sigh, he hurriedly took his laptop and gave it to Mei Li .

When he returned to his paperwork, Secretary Bai pinched the bridge of his nose feeling a headache coming .

The day was not even half done and he was already halfway dead; another busy day in the life of Secretary Bai .