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Chapter 46

November 12, 20XX (Monday)

Y Building, Beijing

A cup of green tea was innocently placed beside the pile of papers with sketches and colour swatches . A beautiful flower sat on the large sofa located in front of the large mahogany desk, she swept her long hair to her left shoulder with a sigh . Her eyes darted across the room, observing the little things inside the office .

Upon entering the room, you will immediately notice the floor to ceiling windows and in the centre was two sofas opposite to each other with a table separating them and dark grey carpet with abstract design in black underneath . On the side of the sofas, nearest to the window was the enormous office desk with a movable chair that looked so comfortable . The chair had building foam covered with faux leather .

Mei Li got up from the sofa to hastily touch the chair and pushing the foam with a bit force that made a crater which immediately returned to its original form . Both her hands pressed it again and with glee, she watches the foam inflate to the way it was before . What a soft and comfortable chair!

Mei Li looked at her back . Discovering nobody else in the room, she sat on the CEO's chair with a smile of eagerness . The chair was too comfortable looking for her not to try . She felt her bottom touching the soft cloud-like foam and breathing out heavily while wiggling into the comfort of the chair . She felt as if she was sucked into the foam . How marvellous this chair is! It was on another level from other chairs she had sat on, As expected of a CEO's chair!

"You look comfortable . . . "

Mei Li sat up like a bolt of lightning, then looked up to the owner of the voice . Her golden brown eyes meet with black . Yang smirked at her while leaning on the door frame and enjoying the free entertainment .

"When did you arrive here?" She asked hurriedly, hoping he had not seen her grope his chair and behaving like a child .

"…When you were playing with my chair like a kid . "

So he was here from the beginning then . Her cheeks immediately flushed in embarrassment . Her hands slapped into her face, covering the shy and red face she knew she had . The laughter that followed worsen her state . Damn her for being too curious!

Mei Li tried to stand up from the source of her embarrassment but was pushed back by a large hand and heard the CEO said, "Stay there . You looked far too comfy . "

Her red have had turned even redder . She coughed twice to try to hide her bashfulness and calming herself . She pointed towards the large bag she had brought and said, "We need to eat lunch . "

Yang hesitated for a while, glancing at the 6-foot tall grandfather clock on the right . Since it was lunchtime, he could not stop Mei Li from doing the task his mother had asked her .

The CEO stood at the side while watching her busily arranging the lunch boxes in the table in the centre . Her hand fluidly taking out boxes, opening them, placing the lids to the side, and motioning him to sit down beside her .

Yang felt the angels singing beside him in glorious victory . Why did he feel as if he just won the lottery while watching Mei Li care for his sustenance? If this was what he will be feeling for the whole month she will be bringing food, he knows there will be good days ahead; best days, in fact .

He sat down with a soft smile that went to unnoticed by the still red-faced painter . She passed to him chopsticks while putting a piece of tissue paper on the table before placing a soup spoon on top . Yang marvelled at the food in front of him, there was Rice, Char Sui, Chow Mein, Bird's nest soup, Mapo Tofu, and Bon Bon Chicken .

"Did you make these?" Yang asked before he ate the chicken in his chopsticks .

Mei Li nodded as she ate her own portion . He relished the delight of homemade cooking and eating together with someone undeniably beautiful . Nobody but his was on top of the world, right now .

"So…" Mei Li motioned her head towards the door, indicating the four women secretaries outside before continuing to ask, "do, re, mi, and fa?"

Yagi chewed and swallowed his food first before replying, "'Do' is the woman with the shortest hair-do . 'Re' is the woman whose name is Rei Rei . 'Mi' is the woman who's always talking about herself, and 'Fa' is the woman who always has that far away look . "

Mei Li snorted, "'So' should be Secretary Bai, he needs more soul in his boring replies . "

"Agreed, I've tried to drag him to my fun activities with my other friend . He always denies me saying something along the lines of 'our different statuses'" Yang picked the spoon, eager to try the soup .

Mei Li was eating and talking as if she was not gauzing the CEO's reactions to her cooked food, "… 'La' should be that cheerful bodyguard stationed in front of this room and Trisha should be 'Ti' . Now you have the complete set . "

Yang chuckled . Indeed, with the three later additions, CEO Zhao now had the complete do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti group . Remembering the work he had pushed into Mei Li's way, he asked the painter worriedly, "How was your talk with Ti, Miss Wu?"

"It was fine, Mr Zhao . "

Yang paused his hands that were on the way to picking up another Char Sui . He turned his head to Mei Li's side; her voice sounded annoyed .

He put all his eating utensils and asked, "Care to elaborate, Miss Wu?"

"No, I prefer to plan the interior of two large buildings by myself . A total of 33 floors are not that much . . . " Mei Li glared at him . He touched his nose helpless at her passive aggression . She was clearly unhappy with knowing how much work she needed to do .

" . . . can you do it in a month?"

"Of course not!" The painter huffed while rolling her eyes at him before continuing to glare at him . Her glare did not work for him . She looked far too cute to be considered scary .

"Can I hire you for a while then? You can use the card I gave you if you need anything! I don't have a hint nor hide about designs . I failed at art when I was in High School and had to bride my classmate in web designing for ideas…" Yang knew he could only resort to this tactic . He knew she would immediately deny him if it was any other reason .

Mei Li curse her bleeding heart and reluctantly agrees . At least she would be allowed to use the black card for her own convenience .

Yang jumped with glee inside his mind . An image of himself dancing like a fool prevailed in the forefront of his mind eye, rejoicing secretly at her agreement . This was one way to tie her down to him even if it was only for a few months . He needed all the time he could get away with .