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Chapter 47

November 13, 20XX (Tuesday)

Y Building, Beijing

On the second day, Mei Li arrived just in time for Yang to eat his lunch . She was once again fetched on the front entrance by the secretaries in a line and was motioned into the CEO's exclusive elevator in a hurry . The only difference was that there were more people walking around near the public elevator .

When she arrived at Yang's office, she immediately noticed that instead of having only one chair on the desk, now there were two . The old chair was black with greyish undertone while the new chair was grey with black undertone . She knew immediately that the chair was for her .

Squealing with delight, she sat on it with a large grin on her face . This was the best thing that the CEO had ever done for her! She once again made herself comfortable by wiggling into the cosy and fluffy comfort of the cloud-like feeling . She noted to ask if the CEO could buy her one for her studio so she could paint in this chair . Would she be able to paint when she felt like falling asleep?

"Do you like my present?"

Mei Li turned to the source of the voice, knowing it was Yang, with a large grin full of sunshine and rainbows . She nodded thrice and cheekily answered, "You finally bought me something, I have no complaints or any disagreements with!"

Yang chuckled underneath his breath . Really, he had bought this woman a three thousand piece of dress with an additional 400 dollars worth of accessories in Paris, he had also given her a black card that she was allowed to use for any purchase for her trip in Milan, and he had even bought her shoes that were worth more than all the purchases she did in Milan with his black card . She was not half as happy then as she is now receiving a 350 dollar chair!

He had given up with understanding this woman ages ago . Yang could only follow after her like a lost puppy with his tail tucked between his legs . This woman would be the cause of his early death but at least it would be a happy death .

The two ate on the expensive mahogany desk, both seated on their own chair . Mei Li's feet dangling from the height of the chair . She had pouted when they discovered that her chair had to be adjusted up for her to reach the desk on a comfortable level to eat . Her height was once again another reason for Yang to chuckle in amusement .

Yang thought that if she would lay on top of the desk, she could probably sleep comfortably on it . Suddenly an image of Mei Li laying on top of his desk runs through his mind . He pinched the bridge of his nose acting as if he had a headache when he really was just trying to stop himself from having a nosebleed .

Mei Li looked at him when she noticed that he had stopped eating, "Are you okay?"

Yang coughed to hide his discomfort, "…just a headache . "

"Do you need medicine?"

Her voice was too sultry in his ears as if teasing his imagination more wildly . The medicine he needed was a cold shower . This woman was too attractive, all the time . He needs to plan where to build the tower he would trap her in when they'll begin to date because he could see himself being jealous to every man that dares comes close .

Fortunately, a knock interrupted his erotic thoughts . He commanded the person outside to come in while glancing at the painter who was still eating . Secretary Bai entered the room with the Interior Designer following soon after . The two visitors froze up when they saw Mei Li seated on the CEO's desk with her own chair that was identical in design with the CEO's . In front of them were foods that were half eaten and beside Yang were papers that were worked on while he had eaten .

Mei Li's eyes brighten when she saw Trisha and told, "You're here! Let me finish with food and we'll go see the rooms . "

Mei Li then turned towards the CEO and said, "Hurry up and finish eating . I need to look at some of the rooms that need to be done first!"

Secretary Bai and Trisha had to mask their surprise with an indifferent face when the CEO had hurriedly inhaled the food into his stomach as the petite woman had commanded . They had never seen the CEO that mannerless and careless . It was then that they knew, they must gain Mei Li's good favour . In their eyes, Wu Mei Li was the easiest way to the CEO's good side .

Mei Li and Trisha were readying to go out while Secretary Bai stayed to receive the finished paperwork when suddenly, Trisha remembered something that was plaguing her mind, "CEO Zhao, I would like to ask what you would want me to do about your hidden room?"

Zhao Yang felt the blood draining from his face like the toilet being flushed . His eyes instantly zoomed into Mei Li's curious face . He had been so careful about Mei Li not discovering the photos on his devices that he had forgotten about the hidden room that should have been destroyed long before the painter and his mother's return to Beijing .

"What do you mean by 'hidden room?'" Although she was asking Trisha . Her large doe eyes stared straight into Yang's soul .

For sure, he would be dead soon .

Unable to speak up, Yang remained motionless as Trisha pushed the button hidden between two men figurines and the two large bookshelves moved to the side and revealed a room filled packed with fine wine . There was even a small wet bar in the centre .

Yang wanted his chair to swallow him whole as Mei Li's enraged eyes burned into his . The fire aflame in her iris couldn't be any brighter than the sun . He looked down as his eyes hurt from being burnt with her passive anger .