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Chapter 49

November 14, 20XX (Wednesday)

Zhao Manor, Beijing

It was quarter to eleven o'clock in the morning; the sun directly overhead in the sky shining upon the large Zhao Manor . On one of the larger room on the west side of the manor was a handsome man beginning to wake . His eyelashes batted before he groaned while covering his eyes; shielding it from the glaring light on his blaring phone . His hands patting his side table in search for his annoying phone sounding his alarm .

CEO Zhao Yang had stayed up late at night yesterday because of unexpected work that Secretary Bai had sent him to do . He had stayed up until seven am and could only sleep for four hours before he needed to prepare to go to work at one o'clock .

He stretched his body; his hands on top of his head making his shirt ride up and showing his taunt abdominal muscle above the peaking garter with the Calvin Klein brand . He quietly drank the water on his table before going to the bathroom .

After a few minutes, he went out of his room fully dressed, ready for work, and hungry for food and coffee . He stumbled groggily to the kitchen, yawning numerous times . If he knew how much work it takes to join 5 companies into one, he would have hesitated . Although he had an idea as to how much blood, sweat, and tears it would take, he was not prepared for the stress that it caused his mind and body .

"… Why stop to think of weather…"

Yang stopped upon hearing a tune being mumbled in his ears carried by air . That familiar sultry and soft voice made his eye widen and his legs unconsciously walking faster . His sleepy eyes turning eager with every step .

"… This little dream might fade?"

He turned the corner sharply, making his right shoulder bump unto the wall's edge . Uncaring of the throbbing pain, he hurried with large strides unto the hallway . Cursing inwardly the vastness of his Family's manor .

"… We've put our hearts together…"

Yang heard the clear instrumental of guitar and bass . Nobody had the audacity to sing this noticeable on the manor except his Mother . Although he loves the woman who had given birth to him, she could not carry a tune especially as complicated and as raw as what he was hearing in his ears . His sister was still outside the country for her modelling stunts . The only woman who could possibly be singing was only one person .

"… Now we are one, I'm not afraid!"

Yang stopped a while to calm his beating heart, trying to prepare himself to what he was going to see . It would differently be a feast to his eyes, nevertheless .

"… If there's a cloud above…"

The door opened without the creaking sound from its hinges . He briefly thanked having a wealthy family that could afford a more durable door; at least there was no sound on his entrance and would not disrupt the singer in surprise .

"… If it should rain we'll let it…"

Yang stood on the spot as if his feet were glued to the floor . His black eyes flashed with surprise . His throat parched as if he was thirsty but not for water . His stomach heated with hunger uncaused by famish but by desire .

"… But for tonight, forget it!"

Mei Li, unknowing of her single audience, swayed as she stirred the cabbage into the soup . Putting the lid on the pan with the tune still carrying on her lips, sultry and soft .

"… I'm in the mood for love…"

She sang the last verse with a smile and a nod towards the simmering soup .

Knowing the song was done, she turns towards the large island to pause her playlist selection only to meet eye to eye with a man wearing a blue collared shirt that always accentuates his muscles . Her hands clumsily turning off the new instrumental that came blasting after while her cheeks flushed red . His eyes felt as if it bore into her being .

"You're awake . I'm almost finished with this stew . " Mei Li told, shyly tucking her hair into her left ear . Her actions were followed by his eyes; she was sexy the first time then acting cute this time . How many layers did this woman have? Every day he discovers something interesting; some things good and others not as great .

His eyes briefly scanned the littered pieces of paper that had lists of flower shops, event planners, and coordinators . He felt a bit sorry for pushing into her hands the work for the interior designs for his company when she needed to plan for his sister's birthday party with family members and banquet with friends and business partners .

"Yes, please…" His unused vocal chord, parched from both water and longing, had come out rough and deep making the unexpected sultry singer stare a little .

Yang moved towards the counter seat on the kitchen island, directly in front of her . He watched as the Painter makes him coffee, completely at home with the kitchen . He wondered if his company would survive if he wakes up this late so he could always be treated with a song and a beautiful woman .

"Black and no sugar, please . " His voice stopped Mei Li's hands reaching out for the sugar . He noticed the black flat shoes she was wearing with approval . He also noted the green dress she was wearing was also one she had brought with his mother in Milan . She looked too pleasing to the eyes .

"Are you coming with me to the company?" Yang asked; hating the idea of other men staring at his soon-to-be woman .

Seeing her nod in affirmation, Yang scowled . She looked far too innocent with that big green ribbon on the back of her head . Can't she just stay home? If she goes out, how about wearing more baggy clothing? Would she wear it if he lends her his largest shirt and jeans to wear?

How can a woman this naturally attractive exist?

Yang's thought of ways to dampen Mei Li's beauty, making him unfocused . When he had stopped, he and the painter were already in front of the company as his driver had closed the car door behind them .

Being greeted at the front entrance by his secretaries with Secretary Bai holding a clipboard which was immediately passed into his hands, Yang could only stare as Fuller Trisha had also greeted Mei Li and then the two women began walking towards wherever they planned to do for the day .

"CEO Zhao, Department Head Wu asks to meet with you . " Secretary Bai said .

Yang sighed, back to work again . He walked towards the Research and Development department praying for luck as he was meeting with the hardest department head to get along with .


Additional scene for Chapter 48

Zhao Yang clutched a bottle of wine on his left hand with a scowl on his face . His right hand knocking at the door . He waited for a while before a deep voice commanded him to come inside .

Opening the door with his nose wrinkled in annoyance, Yang immediately entered the room . He stopped for a while to stare at two black garbage bag blocking his sight towards the office of the R&D department head . If this man was not someone he respected, Yang would have already fired his lazy ass .

The immaculate CEO avoided the trashes that were littered on the floor; pizza boxes, cans of beer, bottles of juice, tissue papers, and unworked documents were everywhere . Yang winched in disgust when he had stepped on a fallen piece of pineapple slice near the empty pizza boxes .

"What do you want, you brat?"

Yang looked up to see a large caterpillar-like being on the sofa, wrapped in a thick blanket with only his face seen which was covered by the large foggy eyeglasses .

"Wine…" Yang muttered while raising up the wine on his hand .

The caterpillar being turned into a man when the blankets were unwrapped to show the pyjamas underneath, "You're parting with that? Musigny Grand Cru 1990? Your mother found out about your collection?"

Yang snorted then nodded then proceeded to get some tissues to wipe away the pineapple on his soles .

"Did she discover your collection at your condo?"

Yang snorted and shook his head no . If she did, he was going to be really dead .

"So she didn't discover the wine factory you made too?"

"Shut up, you might not know who's listening…" Yang sneered .

The man laughed taking the wine off the CEO's hand with happiness . Really, the CEO had almost every wine in existence; those wine weren't a loss to him . His collection on his condo was worth enough to feed a small country for a week while the wines on his office were given to him and are not as expensive .

"You're giving all your wine or just the ones in your office?" The unknown man in his late 40's asked, popping out the cork and pouring the wine into a large beer glass .

"Only the one that was discovered… All the department head and the employees that achieved some status had one delivered to their desk . My secretaries are busy with receiving their gratefulness for me . Everyone was too scared to deliver yours, had to come here myself . " Yang told .

"I'm not thanking you for giving one bottle," The man head five fingers out before continuing, "I need about five bottles worth half a million to make me feel grateful . Brat, go out now, I need to enjoy this fine wine . "

Yang scowled and walked out of the room . Closing the door, Yang sneered at the nameplate on the door, 'Wu Tian Li, Research and Development Department Head . ' This was the only employee he had aside from Secretary Bai that was not falling on their feet to gain his favour . Sometimes, he regretted hiring his mentor in hacking .