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Chapter 51

November 15, 20XX (Thursday)

Fourth Floor, Jin's Place Bar, Beijing

Yang stumbled into the Bar with heavy steps . His feet stumped with every stride as he went up to the fourth floor . Everyone's head turned to the fuming Zhao as he entered the room that had his complete set of friends sitting on their own bar stools .

Hao Chen looked at Dr Zhang Li Xi, motioning him to ask the angry man why he was mad . Dr Zhang Li Xi, scared at Yang, turned to Alexandre for help . Since their European friend was still tired from his long flight back, he turned to Xue Chang Min immediately .

Chang Min ignored the obvious looks he was receiving because he was unwilling to be the sacrificial lamb . Everyone knew not to bother Zhao Yang when he had that scary grin on his lips with that black eyes looking as if it would shoot lasers if possible .

Knowing Yang, his friends prayed for the poor unfortunate soul that would be eaten alive, chewed, and then spat out . Everyone knows not to bother Yang amongst all of them, regardless of his smiling face . Jin places a glass of wine and a bottle of milk in front of Yang . The bartender was just as scared, if not more .

"Guys, I need you to blacklist these three people . "

The four guys' phone beeped, alarming them that a message has arrived . All heads were down as they opened the message that had three names; all three with surnames of Chen . Chang Min, being the overprotective brother he truly was, instantly gained a hint as to why his friend was mad .

"Did something happen to Miss Wu that her former ex-boyfriend and his family needs to be blacklisted in our companies?" Chang Min asked, pretending as if he did not know a lot . In fact, his anger could be seen by the tightening grip on his whiskey glass . If his sister was bullied by this family, he would do more than just blacklist them .

"To summarize all of the events; Her condo was taken by them…" Yang muttered while returning back the glass of wine and drinking the milk . He really needed to teach Mei Li how to be malicious a little; she needs to know how to stand up for herself and not get bullied . Other people had taken advantage on her soft nature .

Alexandre sighs . He had personally seen how much Yang cares for the Painter, he had seen how Yang would go above and beyond to satisfy Mei Li, and with this event; Chen Zhong had marked himself a target in Yang's shooting range .

"Do you need help?" Chang Min asked while mentally noting the different guns they were developing that needed to be tested . Nobody was allowed to hurt his sister and not expected to be burnt!

"Chen, I need your help . "

The Heir of the Hao family sat upon his seat as if electrocuted with a powerful voltage as he heard Yang's voice . If Yang asked for their help, they knew he wanted a person completely destroyed .

"… . about your loaning business…"

Hao Chen listened attentively; fearing if he would miss a single word out of Yang's mouth and disrupt his plans . Zhao Yang was the most influential of their group, the richest, and had the highest status . Because of these facts, he rarely asks for their help . He always feels that he was a little in debt to Yang every time he needed someone to ask about certain things in the business world because the CEO would always take care of him and offer a hand immediately to solve problems .

Yang then turned to Alexandre and said, "I will talk to your wife . "

Now Alexandre wondered if he should prepare a suit suitable for burial because if Yang wanted his wife's help, he knew he wanted help from the Li family, not the company that Alexandre manages . The Li family was one of the five influential families in Beijing, along with the Hao's and the Xue's .

"Chang Min, can you lend me some of your people?"

Chang Min smirked when he heard Yang asked him while showing him a fist signalling what kind of people he wanted . The group had a signal to Chang Min; a victory sign for people who could spy without being detected, a pinky for people who can gather information, and an okay sign for people who can disguise themselves to be someone, and if worse comes, a fist for people who can do dirty deeds and not be traced .

Happy to be a part of this revenge for his sister, Chang Min drank his whiskey with a smirk . He adored Yang for being this merciless .

"…and Li Xi, you have the most important role…"

After hearing Yang's plan, Dr Zhang Li Xi wondered if he would be fired for malpractice… but if he was, he'll just ask these group of friends of his money to survive while being their on-call doctor . Besides that, he had already saved up enough money to make his own hospital if he wanted .

After he was done talking about his plan, Yang opened the message his father had sent him, 「Your mother wants to know if she needs to use her task force?」

「No need, I got this . 」Yang smirked while he replied to his father . He was enough to take care of the Chen Family . No need for his mother to dirty her hands using their elite guards .

If the Chen Family were going to start this fire; he's going to be dousing it with water as large as an ocean . Let them drown! He was going to show then what bullying truly looks like; this was just the start of his plan! That family should be counting their good days because they wouldn't be having them for a long, long time .

He stared at his phone's screen while thinking, 'Your kindness is your biggest weakness… but that's alright, you have me at your back . '