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Chapter 52

November 16-19, 20XX (Thursday-Monday)

Various Places

On the 16th day, The Chen Family had celebrated life and their success . They paid the attorney a hefty amount when he had delivered a paper for them to pass to the city hall for approval with Mei Li's signature on the bottom right . They had not expected her to agree fast . They had expected to fight for the condo out of her hands in the court .

That night they had invited the Lu Family with Lu Yi Jie as Chen Zhong's partner to eat at a high-end restaurant located at the famous Wei Mei Resorts and Hotel that Zhong works under . They rejoiced and tried to pair the blushing Lu Yi Jie to the bashful Chen Zhong . Father Chen even order a glass of expensive wine for Father Lu to drink as a show of goodwill .

But on the 17th, everything they had worked hard to gain disappeared in a matter of hours . The loan sharks that Father Chen had borrowed money from had forcefully collected the owed money causing them to sell their three-bedroom house and move into Mei Li's two-bedroom condo .

"This is because you didn't pay for those loans! If only you stopped volunteering on that group of yours and started working to earn money like our son!" Mother Chen blamed his father immediately at their misfortune .

"You should start working and buy your own stuff then!" Father Chen huffed .

Chen Zhong watched helplessly on the background as his parents started shouting at each other's faces, blaming the other for things that are mostly both their fault . Their son could only pacify them by telling that he will work harder to provide for the two of them causing the angered parents to fawn at their son for being filial .

On the 18th, Sunday, Chen Zhong had met with Lu Yi Jie on a date at a private booth on a rooftop branch of Sheng Garden Restaurant . Zhong had displayed his impeccable manner to Yi Jie; moving her chair for her to sit down, offering his arm for her support, cutting up the meat into smaller pieces for her, listening to all she was saying, and so much more .

It was with a large smile that Chen Zhong had taken Lu Yi Jie back to her home and the woman had kissed his cheeks goodbye . Although Lu Yi Jie was not as beautiful as Mei Li, she was attractive in her own way and much more tactile .

When he came back home that day with a smile, he discovered that most of Mei Li's staff and furniture were moved out by CEO Zhao Yang's people but he could care less . He had the condo, that's the most important part . His mother had complained about Mei Li's miser attitude and had said things that were unpleasant, Chen Zhong couldn't help but agree . The painter was not one to part with her money if she could help it, and that miser status of hers would often time be the reason for most of their fights before .

On Monday on the 19th, Zhong went to work with determination and drive . Only to discover the things on his desk were kept into a box on the floor and a Termination Letter the only thing on his desk .

"Why? I did not do anything bad!" Zhong had pleaded to Butler Bai, who was Father Zhao's secretary .

The Butler frowned and said, "You have improperly used the facilities for your personal needs, that is one contract violation . We have proof in our security footage of your deeds just in case you want to bring this to court . "

Zhong had wanted to defend himself but the murmurs of his fellow co-workers had stopped him . Although he had noted the sarcastic tone Butler Bai had used when he said the words 'bring this to court . ' Mei Li must have something to do with this! That woman was evil!

On his way home with his things, he encountered a woman who he had affairs with before named Liu Yuli . He tried to duck into his car, hiding when the man the woman was with on the side of the road, walking in the pedestrian lane saw him . The man had scars on his face and a scary glare directed towards Chen Zhong .

'What have I done today to deserve this misfortune?' Zhong thought as the man kicked his door causing him to swerve the steering wheel and his car had bumped into a post . The ambulance had come immediately, he had already passed out by then because of the pain in his legs . When he woke up, a world renown doctor by the name Zhang Li Xi had told him and his parents that his right foot would take months to be healed and would need rehabilitation after .

Chen Zhong helplessly stared at his broken right foot; no way was he going to be walking anytime soon . He felt as if he had lost all hope . He was jobless and was useless for the rest of the month that he needed to heal his leg .

His family had been worried on how to pay the hospital fees when Zhao Yang had visited him personally sitting on the chair beside Chen Zhong's bed and in front of the worried parents while saying, "I will pay and provide for your stay in this hospital even until you're done with the rehabilitation… in exchange, you will not bother Mei Li, you will not talk to her again, you will not show yourselves to her not even a single strand of your hair . "

Yang stared at his parents, in Mother Chen particularly and said, "This goes to you two as well . Mei Li is not someone you can just bully and expect me to stay silent . "

The Chen Family agreed immediately, afraid of the CEO and the overwhelming presence he brought . Not to mention that the room was surrounded by about twenty bodyguards .

Yang spared no time to go out, disgusted that he came . Before going out he told Zhong, "You should be thankful that Mei Li pleaded for your leniency because if she didn't, I assure you… you would have been in the morgue . "

Yang has shown Chen Zhong that if he bothers Mei Li, his bones will be broken . If he bullies her, his life will be forfeited . If he dares to lay a hand on her, five generations of his family will be done . Call him extreme but Yang would be glad to dirty his hands as long as Mei Li stays the way she is, unbothered and stress-free . Only he could stress Mei Li to a point of desperation, only he could tease Mei Li, only he could bully Mei Li, and Only he can have Mei Li . No else can!

Yang hastily went back to his office, fearing Mei Li would discover what he had done . She would probably not be too angry at him if she knew . At least he didn't kill that stupid Zhong; he had been so tempted especially when Chang Min had sent him offers to test the new long range sniper gun he had developed .