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Chapter 53

November 20, 20XX (Tuesday)

Fourth Floor, Jin's Place Bar, Beijing

Zhao Yang toasted with his friends as half a job well done . He had even told Jin that he will be paying for the tab tonight causing his friends to roll their eyes, money was not a problem to them so Yang treated them felt like nothing, but they let it go since the cheerfulness in the usually sadistic CEO's face was contagious .

Chang Min, in particular, was talking to Yang about his new weapons and an old sword he had just bought from Japan . They were eager to try the newly built designs that Chang Min had been working on for a while now .

Dr Zhang and Hao Chen were playing billboard with Alexandre trying to calm them down as the two polar opposites began to bicker . Jin was just wiping some glasses dry while shaking his head at the childish chatter these grown men were always doing .

"YANG!" Suddenly a feminine voice shouted . It was too soft to be considered a shout .

All heads turned towards the doorway as a petite framed woman with her hair tied in a messy bun, some sort hair fell into her face . That short shorts she was wearing was swallowed up by the large T-shirt .

'Did she just call my name?' Yang's mouth opened in disbelief and his eyes began to wonder at Mei Li's body, 'Is that my shirt?!'

"…Yes?" Yang's voice was squeaky when he replied . Who gave Mei Li his shirt? He'd kiss his mother is she did . Heck, he'd even kiss his sister if she did it . The Painter looked too good in his clothes . He shifted in his seat . Now was a bad time to be turned on . Damn, those milky legs would be heavenly around him!

"HOW DARE YOU?! You should mind your own business! I know what you did with the Chen Family and you should know that I don't…" Mei Li started rambling .

It was comical for Yang, she was a soft-spoken woman than even her anger seemed as if it was fake . He really wanted to tease her but refrained, with great difficulty . He tried to act as if he was listening as he drank the milk he had on his hands while looking at her . She was beautiful even with a red face, nostrils flared, hair in disarray, and hands flared around as she rambled .

He noticed immediately that his large shirt could not hide the fact that she had ample boobs because it made mountains out of the flat plain the shirt caused . He cursed himself for being too perverted and started to say a mantra in his head, praying to stop himself from getting more aroused than he already is . Why does he find a red face Mei Li to be so arousing? Well, those legs didn't help him at all .

"Lift up your ban on them…" Mei Li begged .

If this is how she was going to react to him blacklisting the Chens, he hates to know how she would react when he was the one to arrange his accident . Some of his plans haven't even started yet . Yang tilted his head and asked, "Why?"

"I'm not mad at them!"

Yang drank his milk again and asked, "Why?"

Mei Li froze, unable to answer his question properly, "… Just, please?"

Yang turned away from Mei Li and patted the vacant seat next to him on the left, signalling her to the seat . Only when she had sat while eyeing his milk did he ask another question that froze the entire room in awkward icy silence, "Do you still love him?"

'I'm too busy thinking of you to even realize Zhong's existence . ' Was the first thought that popped in her head . She knew she can't say that out loud so she answered safely, "…I'm too disappointed at him to know if I still do…"

Yang approved of her answer with a nod, "Then you don't have to worry about our banning him on our companies . "

"…But, that's the thing! I don't like acts of revenge! They're pointless and a waste of time . To take revenge on them would indirectly tell them that they've successfully made you mad enough to move, it would tell them that you cared enough to be mad at them . Being indifferent and uncaring is much easier at the same time it kills the cycle of hatred that revenge starts . "

Yang snorted at her, She was too soft . Yang motioned for Jin to place a bottle of milk in front of her, "Who told you I banned them? I just blacklisted them . "

Mei Li smiled at the bartender and gave a short nod of her head as thanks when he places a full strawberry milk bottle before asking, "Isn't that the same?"

"Hi!" Alexandre's head appeared in front of Mei Li causing the woman to be surprise but grin after realizing who it was .

"It's been a while!" Mei Li gushed as she turned her head backwards . Seeing four other guys staring at her in amusement, her cheeks immediately coloured . How embarrassing of her; because of her anger she had once again done something so impulsive as to coming her without even dressing properly .

Yang chuckled his chin supported by his right hand, palms out as he rests his right elbow on the bar counter while his left hand was placed near the small right hand of Mei Li's . Only a bottle of strawberry milk separating them . He stared at her small hands; How he loves to hold her hand again .

He had not expected the small hands to move closer to his and her little pinky interwinds with his and then tugged at his large pinky to gain his attention . He immediately traced her arms towards her neck and then meeting her waiting eyes . He swore his heart melted at that pitiful look as she had nonverbally motioned him to introduce her to his friend . He shifted, trying to calm the heat in his stomach . The way he had traced her from her fingers to her slender arms towards that small neck and into her waiting golden eyes worsen his state . This was a calamitous happenstance .

He rolled his eyes at his friends, trying to act cool amidst the heat of his body when he saw them smirking at him knowingly except for Chang Min who was as quiet as before .

He shifted his head, careful not to unlink the small tactile touch of their pinky, and said, "Mei Li, the guys . Guys, meet Wu Mei Li, your future sister-in-law . "

Her small pinky's grip tighten which made the large grin on Yang's face much brighter . Yang's eyes noticed the redness of her ears was beginning to reach into her cheeks and neck . She was too cute . He crossed his legs grateful that he did not wear tight clothing when he came to the bar .

If he stood up now, he knows it'd be noticed . So he ordered more milk, trying to calm himself while listening to his friends introducing themselves to the painter but his efforts were futile as their linked pinky finger provided him proof of his slowly but successful efforts .