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Chapter 54

November 20, 20XX (Tuesday)

Fourth Floor, Jin's Place Bar, Beijing

"Xue Chang Min . Nice to meet you . " Xue Chang Min, who was three seats away from her said with a soft nod of acknowledgement . Mei Li nodded in reply adding a smile, trying to calm her nerves . This was Yang's friend that was in the weapon and arms industry .

"Hello, Future Sister-In-Law! Dr Zhang Li Xi at your service . " The man with the longest hair in the room winked at her . The world renown doctor; Mei Li nervously tugged Yang's pinky finger to show her awkwardness .

"It's nice to meet you, I'm Hao Chen . " The shortest man and was the cleanest and tidy of them all; The heir to the Hao pharmaceutical company .

"… and you know me! Big Brother Alexandre, you meet in France . " Alexandre grin at the painter, hoping to calm her nerves down . It was easy to see that she nervous as evident to her shifting uncomfortably in her seat and her eyes gazing at Yang for help .

Zhao Yang often times forget that people get intimidated with his group of friends; thus he took pity on the overwhelmed Painter, "Come on guys, stop testing her . "

Hao Chen rolled his eyes at Yang while mocking him with a short questioning glance at Yang's areas below the stomach, "We're not teasing her…" 'We're teasing you,' Were the true words left unuttered .

Dr Zhang Li Xi joined in the fun as he took a bottle of beer and place it in front of Mei Li while cocking his head arrogantly to Yang before looking down at the area below his stomach, "Here, sister-in-law . You must try this . "

Mei Li vehemently denied, "No, I don't drink . "

Alexandre smirked, having figured out what the two of his friends were planning, and joined, "You don't drink or you have never drank?"

"I've had a drink before," Mei Li shifted embarrassed, "Yue said I'm a lightweight and should refrain from drinking again . "

Hao Chen offered her a blue coloured cocktail, "Well try this one . Just about 3 percent alcohol . "

Mei LI shook her head again, "No, I…"

"…How about this one, Miss . " Jin offered another Strawberry Milk .

When Mei Li looked at Yang, she saw him drinking the same thing as she was and not wine as she thought he would . The painter immediately drank a few mouthfuls . She nodded in approval to him while her eyes motioned to the drink in his hands .

Yang breathed a loud air of dramatic displeasure and said to her trying to guilt her from her actions before, "I told you I've been good . My collection is just that, a collection . Wine, as it ages, will rise in value so I plan to sell those . "

Suddenly the pinky finger linked to his was retracted as if his hands were too hot and then she stared in the floor guiltily, "Sorry . I was just so mad… and I…"

Yang cursed himself for bringing that up . He wasn't even mad at her, that collection wasn't even half of his earnings in a month and he gave it to his employees that were working an unhealthy amount of overtime . Although he had tried to limit the overtime to 3 hours, most of his employees bring their work with them at work . So having at least a small form of payment through his wine collection, Yang was happy to do so .

He was just hoping to tease her a little, he had not expected her to retract her hand and leave his small lonely pinky all to its lonely self .

Of course, Wu Mei Li and Zhao Yang were too busy staring at each other to notice, Hao Chen and Dr Zhang Li Xi pouring the content from the small tequila shot glass into the milk while Alexandre and Chang Min were talking to Jin about their next orders . The two polar opposite was usually bickering with each other but this time they're working in perfect harmony; all for the sake of teasing Zhao Yang .

When Mei Li drank her strawberry milk, she tasted something different in it or was it just her imagination? She sipped again and noticed that it didn't taste bad so she continued to enjoy her drink with Yang . The CEO had even toasted to her and mockingly chugged the milk like one usually chugs a beer .

"Sister-in-law, you sure you don't want to try this?" Hao Chen offered the untouched blue coloured cocktail again, seeing as the painter was starting to get tipsy .

Yang narrowed his eyes at him before he took in the flushed cheeks of Mei Li and committed it to his memory . His curiosity got the better of him, why is she getting drank when all she ever drank was milk? His eyes immediately zoomed into Jin and realized the bartender was too good-natured to play a prank but the men seating beside her aside from himself was .

"Sure," Mei Li muttered an agreement surprising the rest of the room . Yang tried to get the drink out of her hands but was too late when the painter chugged every last drop in a few mouthfuls .

She crunched out her face in displeasure as the burning feeling the alcohol brought went down her throat and into her stomach, spreading into her body like burning embers of wildfire .

All eyes were directed at her person now . The people curious as to how she was going to react . Alexandre had even taken his phone out to commemorate the whole thing . Chang Min's grip on his glass tightens as the glare he sent towards Hao Chen become evident since no one was watching him . Now he has someone else to test some of his experimental weapons .

The painter hiccuped and shifted her chair so she was faced with Yang . She opened her arms, wrapping it to Yang's midsection, burying her face into his chest, and pouting cutely, "I don't want that drink . "

"Then don't drink it . . " Yang had never been so taken aback in his whole life than he is now . He had never expected Mei Li to be a cutesy and tactile drunk . He had met an annoying drunk, a super annoying drunk, and the most annoying drunk but Mei Li was such a cute drunk .

" . . . but he offered it to me . . . " She gripped Yang's shirt with all the strength she could muster feeling her equilibrium unbalanced . Why did she have to drink Hao Chen's offered cocktail? She opened her cute mouth and pointed at it as she stared at the man, "Look, Yang, my throat hurts . "

Yang had to hold her close to him because she was close to slipping and falling into the ground, "I see, I see . . . Be careful, You might hurt yourself . "

"I'm not worried of slipping, you're here to catch me if I do . Right?" Mei Li pouted; here bottom lips pushed out and emphasized . If that look doesn't make you want to cuddle her, I don't know what will .

Yang froze when Mei Li grew bold and sat on his lap, crawling at his embrace more tightly . She even wrapped herself in his arms, maneuvering it to circle her waist like a tied jacket . Yang felt her sit on himself . The pain it brought his lower section tantamount to the same amount of pleasure .

Chang Min could not take it anymore and sat beside Yang, blocking Hao Chen and Dr Zhang Li Xi from reaching towards the painter's drink and putting more unsavoury things in it .

Yang and Mei Li notice this actions . Mei Li's hands reached Chang Min's necktie and pulled on it while saying to him as she stares at his light brown eyes, "Your eyes look like mine . "

Chang Min felt his whole world crumble and the suspicious glances that Yang sent his way made everything worse, "You look alike, now that you're side by side with her . "