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Chapter 55

November 20, 20XX (Tuesday)

Fourth Floor, Jin's Palace Bar, Beijing

Yang's eyes locked into Chang Min's light brown eyes a shade darker than Mei Li's . Their eyes were somewhat the same in form too . Their stare was heated and felt as if they were trying to intimidate the other . The other three friends steered clear, taking a step back together with Jin . No way were they going to interfere in a fight with two martial artists .

"Why are you glaring at Big Brother Chang Min?" A small voice asked, turning her sitting position to face Yang . His long legs abruptly closed and tensed when Mei Li scrambled to sit at his lap closer to his chest . Her two hands placed delicately on his chest while his arms still wrapped around her .

Chang Min observed with mixed emotions; anger at his friend's bold actions, embarrassed for his younger sister's clinginess, but glad at being called Big brother by her, and most of all annoyed for being forced to eat dog food .

"Yang, Look at me…" Seeing as the man she was trying to gain attention from was still staring at another man, Mei Li patted Yang's chest while clenching her two legs to bounce herself on his lap, "Yang!"

Yang felt the most tortured man in the world . He groaned loudly as Mei Li hit the hardness which he was trying so hard to resist . He would have already overpowered Chang Min if this woman in his arms would stop trying to seduce him, "Dammit Woman! Stop moving!"

" . . But my seat is a bit uncomfortable . . " Complained Mei Li with a babyish voice .

"Then don't sit on me," deadpanned Zhao Yang while clenching his teeth to suppress another pleasured groan coming out as she had started to wiggle again . Zhao Yang could hear his friends chuckling and laughing at his predicament on the background .

"No, you're comfortable…" Mei Li grinned while her eyes flattering at him like butterfly wings . She hummed a soft breath before continuing, "There is something hard between my legs, can you take that out and throw it?"

Everything in the room froze for a tense and awkward moment .

Suddenly, loud rambunctious laughter filled the room . Even Chang Min was full on grinning . Hao Chen and Dr Zhang Li Xi were leaning at each other while holding their stomachs; their eyes filled with tears of happiness following their laughter . Alexandre was chuckling with his phone still videotaping the whole thing . Jin tried to act as if he heard nothing but the smile hidden behind his hand was too noticeable .

Yang facepalmed himself, how can he take out a part of himself and throw it? This woman will never touch alcohol again unless she has a ring on her finger because he was going to have his way with her then! His revenge could wait but his little man couldn't .

Forcefully depositing Mei Li to Chang Min's arms, he went out and took care of himself on the bathroom, ignoring the teasing remarks of "Need help, CEO Zhao?" from Hao Chen and a "Take your time, Boss Yang!" from Dr Zhang Li Xi .

Finally, the four friends have some blackmail material for Zhao Yang . They finally have someone they could use to make the 24th Zhao Family head be their lackey! Ooh, the chances that would bring . Hao Chen and Zhang Li Xi immediately started talking to Mei Li trying to gain her favour .

Mei Li stared intensely at the door where Yang had disappeared from .

Unfortunately for the rest of the guys, the painter started wailing like a child . Xue Chang Min tried to comfort Mei Li by rubbing her back but the painter stood up and tried to open the bathroom door calling out Yang's name over and over like a kid lost and calling out for her parents .

Yang opened the door, pissed off . Can his friends not keep one woman company without him? He flicked Mei Li's forehead before taking her into his arms trying to calm her . This crybaby side of her was cute but not the right time for it . He was still hard as a diamond, dammit .

"Take me with you…" Mei Li demanded while burying her face into his neck and her legs wrapped in his waist . Yang had to grip her bottom to support her, worsening his state once more . Damn her natural seductiveness! Damn her strawberry scent! Damn her milky legs that are wrapped around him! Damn her boobs! Damn her soft butt! Damn her golden large doe-like eyes! Damn her and Damn his raging libido!

If Zhao Yang would kiss her, would she stop complaining that cutely? Today has been the biggest trial he had ever face in his entire lifetime . He was offered food that he could take but he knows he shouldn't . The war with him was fierce; between his morals and his manly needs .

Deciding immediately that he wanted Mei Li willing and sober, Zhao Yang hastily bid his grinning friends goodbye and taking Mei Li out of the Bar . If he can't relive himself soon, he might do something unsavoury to this woman still clinger to him .

Zhao Yang didn't care about the secret that he knows Xue Chang Min is hiding . In fact, he had forgotten about it because the most important in his mind now was to relieve himself without doing something distrustful to the painter . He was tempted, alright . It was like having a steak placed in front of you after a week of fasting; she was undeniably so tempting . The drive back home was the longest fifteen minutes of his life especially when the woman had wrapped her arms into his neck while burying her head into his chest .

The heat within him was comparable to an inferno .

Arriving at home, he thanks his driver and walked into the Manor with the largest stride . Mei Li still clinging at him like a monkey attacked to his front . Upon entering, he was surprised to notice his father grinning at him like a fox . So this was the person behind all this! He had taught it was his mother, she was always the one that nags at him for a grandchild . Never did Zhao Yang thought it was Zhao Shi Rong, the 23rd Zhao family head and his usually quiet father .

"Did you like my gift? I told her about the Chen Family being blacklisted as per your instruction and she was pissed off so I sent her to your location . She always behaves unfiltered when she is either angry or drunk . " Father Zhao patted Mei Li's head causing the painter to turn to him .

Mei Li squinted her eyes and after recognizing Father Zhao, she smiled before loosening her hands on Yang's neck while offering herself for the Zhao Patriarch to carry her .

Yang snorted, "You can't go to Dad . He might break his back . "

Mei Li looked up to him with a pout, "Then Yang will tuck me to bed?"

Zhao Yang, the most sadistic of his friends, soften when he heard her ask . His little man can wait for a while after he's done putting this annoyingly attractive woman to sleep .

"Gladly," Yang strode into her room after bidding his father goodnight, unknowingly leaving behind one of the masterminds responsible for everything that had happened; not just today's event but also the events that happened in Paris .

Father Zhao opened his phone and called his sister-in-law, "Hello, Qinyang? I called to tell you that everything is going according to our plan; your plan to use Lu Yi Jie to lure Chen Zhong was amazingly successful . As promised, you can hold any parties in the hotels . "