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Chapter 56

November 21, 20XX (Wednesday)

Zhao Manor

Mei Li woke up with the most painful migraine she has ever felt . When she put her feet on the ground and stood up, her balance waivers as her surroundings become distorted .

She clenched her teeth baring the pain . Immediately as she thought of what happened to her, memories came flooding in . She remembered drinking the cocktail, she remembered sitting on Yang's lap, she remembered crying out loud for Yang, and she remembered how Hard Yang had felt .

Her face blanched; colour draining from her flushed cheeks . She bit her lip in embarrassment and facepalmed herself for the things she had did because she had drunk some liquid courage .

She behaved like a total slut; throwing herself to Yang's arms like that! How Embarrassing!

Mei Li crossed her bed, went out of her bedroom and into the balcony . Freezing when she looked up to the sky because she had realized late how she had been called sister-in-law without realizing because of the anger that clouded her mind .

Staring at the stars, she reminded herself to never do two things again; one, never drink alcohol ever again and two, never ever speak to Yang ever again . Just thinking about how she had wiggled her bum with his hardness in between it, made her heart palpitate and her body warms causing that annoying heat below her stomach .

"You're awake . "

Mei Li turned to the right, surprised . She saw Yang leaning on the next Balcony siding just a few meters away from hers . She covered her shyness with indifference; she humped and turned her head to the stars, ignoring the grinning man and why is his room next to hers?

"Hey, Move over . Give me space here . . . " Yang told as he motioned his hand to the space of her balcony that separated them . Mei Li's eyebrow rose in confusion but scuttled over her left side as per his request . She complied immediately because a headache in her head was enough to keep her mouth shut even with her complaints .

Her eyes widen when Yang climbed his balcony's sidings and took a large leap with his right leg into the top of her balcony's sidings . He then proceeded to jump down into the floor, occupying the space beside her and resting his palms on the siding while turning his head left to look at her .

"That was dangerous! don't do that again!" She hissed softly . Afraid that she would make her head worse with all the shouting .

Yang cocked his head at opposite to her side to look downwards at her, making him look arrogant, and said, "If I wouldn't do that, would you let me in your room this time of the night?"

Mei Li hesitated for a long time, "If it gets you to stop doing stunts like that!"

Yang laughed at her worried state; his heart warms with joy . He reached for the flowers that he had hidden above her balcony's door knowing that she loves to go on late night viewing at the stars . She did not notice her movements at all because she had been so focused on trying to maintain her indifference . In Yang's eyes, her indifference was nonsense because the red flush on her cheeks grew when she saw him and spreads towards all parts of her face when he had closed the distance between them .

He poked Mei Li using the bouquet in his hands causing the woman to turn at him with wide eyes, visibly surprise at the appearance of the flowers .

"For you," Yang said with a grin .

"What's this for?" Mei Li tilted her head to the right and continued while trying to tease him, "Is there a special occasion? Is this for Yue's birthday? isn't it early?"

Yang growled in frustration, "It's for you, dammit . Are you so oblivious about my advances?"

Mei Li giggle, he was unexpectedly easy to tease . She shook her head and said, "No, you were too obvious about it . "

"Then why aren't you reciprocating?"

His scowl brought another round of giggle to the painter, her eyes flickering to the bouquet between them before she answered, "If you were in my shoes, would you? I have been your little sister's best friend for almost ten years now and not once did you want to meet with me . How would I know that you were genuine and not interested in momentary relief just because you found me interesting enough?"

Zhao Yang stood quietly as he registered the things that she said, 'She has a point, I was too forward with my interest . '

"Alright, take this bouquet and I'll prove to you how serious I am . Taking you to bed is not my end game, putting a ring on your finger is not my end game . . . Growing old with you is the goal . "

"What are you trying to say?" Horrified, Mei Li asked while eyeing the bouquet of red roses that had those circle Ferrero Rocher Chocolates between its rounded edges .

"Isn't it obvious, I'm asking you to give me a try . " His grin still annoyed Mei Li, even after meeting him for more than a month .

"I don't what to try you, you're not tasty . "

Yang stood stupefied for a moment at Mei Li's reply before a perverse grin lined his lips . He said with glee, "I was asking you on a date but if that's what you what, this servant can only offer himself to his Empress . "

Mei Li glared at him fiercely, rudely grabbing the bouquet from his hands, and then stumped her feet loudly towards her bedroom, closing the glass doors with a bang .

"I'll take that as a Yes . Be ready for dinner at 6 pm, tomorrow, formal dress, just us two!" Yang shouted ignoring the muffled "Only because you gave me chocolates!" from inside .

Yang sighed before shaking his head, he still has a long way to go with swaying her heart .

When he returned to his room, he noticed his phone had a message awaiting him . Thinking it was Secretary Bai with another round of last-minute documents for him to sign, he opened it and was grinning after he had read it and rereading it again and again . Hope filled his being as the text contained a small successful step towards winning her completely, 「Let's try being friends first . 」

Yang got out of his room, excitedly, and knocked into Mei Li's door . The woman opened the door expecting Yue to arrive but was once again face with the CEO next door . Her face marred again with redness she cannot control . Yang's grin widens in turn .

"What are you doing here?" Mei Li rolled her eyes, visibly showing her exasperation .

"Thank you for giving me a chance," Yang's words took Mei Li back . The amount of sincerity it carried was the most surprising thing of all . His voice had been soft and gentle . As if he was talking about something that was very important and crucial to his survival .

Mei Li smiled, this was a side to him that she likes . No woman would hate a sincere man . She patted his arm before saying, "You can just text that to me . "

"How can I show how serious I am with just texting you? Can I show my sincerity with that? I'm serious about this," Yang pointed to himself then to Mei Li before continuing, "whatever this will become, I'm already prepared for it . Good night!"

He smiled largely pouring out his excitement and a merry tune on his lips as he went back to his room .

Mei Li closed her door still dazzled by his smile . She thought that his serious face was dangerous but that smile made her heart miss a best . Even now her heart was erratically beating; That was dangerous . . . He is dangerous, Is she going to die soon?