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Chapter 6

October 22, 20XX (Monday)

The Grand Royal Palace Hotel

Yue jumped into her own bed, her face first planted unto the soft duvet . Mei Li smiled at Yue's antics before proceeding to enter the bathroom to take a shower .

After sometime wiggling herself comfortable; Yue grabbed her phone and started a group chat with her parents and her elder brother named 'News . '

Yue:「Bad News: Mei Li and No Good Zhong broke up . :'( 」

Zhao Hui Ying:「Is this the reason why you were in a hurry yesterday? Your father and I were worried why! You guys come home so Mei Li and I could talk . Poor dear must be broken hearted . 」

With a smile, Yue changed her mother's name into Worried Mama .

Worried Mama: 「Change my name back! 」

And suddenly a text from someone she didn't expect came .

Zhao Yang:「 That's not bad news . That's good news . The bad news is she's hurt . 」

Yue gaped . She couldn't believe her eyes . Is this really her brother texting or some alien trying to be one with the humans . Her brother never replies in her group chats! He had always preferred to message the person directly!

Yue's grin would reach her ears soon .

Yue:「 ohhhhhh, you like her! You so like her! She's pretty right? I told you she is pretty! 」

Worried Mama:「 You could have meet years ago if you hadn't been stubborn! 」

Yue nodded in affirmation . Scold him, Mother! Scold him Good! She hastily added more complaints .

Yue:「… Yeah! And I'm sure Mei Li would already be my sister-in-law now and she wouldn't be hurt by Cheater Zhong!」

Worried Mama:「And I would have a daughter-in-law now! 」

Zhao Shi Rong:「…and a grandchild . 」

Yue burst out laughing at her father's short reply . She just knew her brother must have been shaking his head in exasperation .

She shortly changes her father's and brother's name into Hopeful Papa and Hard-headed Brother respectfully .

Hard-headed Brother:「 Well that quickly escalated . 」

Yue could not help but to roll her eyes at her brother's reply . It felt so exhausting to reply to him when his sentences leave no room for arguments . He was not denying or confirming anything at all! He wasn't even making excuses just stating something obvious!

Yue:「Whatever! You don't know what you're missing! By the way, Mom, you don't have to worry about planning my birthday 」

Worried Mama:「Are you finally planning it yourself?」

Yue grinned and replied fast:「Nope, Good News! Mei Li would! She decided to rent out the condo unit she bought for Stupid Zhong and her… She was going to stay at her painting studio Beijing which is near the slums . I got worried and invited her to stay at the Mansion but you know her… She said she doesn't want to 'bother' you . 」

Worried Mama:「So you asked her to organize your party? Poor Mei Li! You Bad Child!」

Yue rolled her eyes, clearly, this shows who is her Mom's favourite!

Yue:「I couldn't think of any reason fast enough!」

Hopeful Papa:「When are you and Mei Li coming back?」

Yue:「I'll be going back tomorrow, I have a photo shoot waiting for me . Mei Li said she'll stay for a while…」

Worried Mama:「Is she still going with me to the Exhibit for Miss M's Painting?」

Yue:「Yep, she said she'll meet you on Sunday, as you guys planned?」

Worried Mama:「I might come earlier though, tell her to take care! Tell her that we're going shopping in Italy whether she likes it or not! She needs to buy dresses that aren't on sale sometimes! And change our name back!」

Yue:「Good Luck with that Mom . You know how much of a cheapskate she is! And no way! Your name stays that way! Muwahaha!」

Hard-headed Brother:「Yue, I'll send the plane for you tomorrow . Mom, I'll send my card to you on that date then . 」

Yue changed her name before replying .

Suspicious Sister:「You're in a good mood… 」

Remembering something, Yue then opened the message box directly texting her elder brother about Mei Li's plan .

Yue:「Brother, Can you also send a plane for Mei Li? From Paris to Milan?」


Yue:「On October 29, she needs to be there to manage the exhibit . 」

Yang:「Why would she need to manage the exhibit?」

Yue:「I forgot that you didn't know! Mei Li is the Painter Miss M, you know . Dad was the one that introduces her to some connections… that's why she's very respectful to our parents but don't tell Mom, she still doesn't know about it yet . 」

Yang:「Why? Mom's a big fan of Miss M . 」

Yue:「You should ask her that… She wouldn't tell me why!」

Yang:「Alright, I will . 」

Yue:「What? You will what? Arrange the plane or ask her?」

Yang: 「Both . Night . 」

Yue: 「Wait! What do you mean by that?」

「OI, you stupid brother! What do you mean by both!」


And no reply was received even when Yue started spamming her brother .