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Chapter 61

November 21, 20XX (Wednesday)

On The Road & Parking Space

Zhao Yang glance at the woman beside him . He was surprised to see her playing on his phone . He did not know she likes games, she doesn't look like she does . The CEO couldn't help but ask, "Are you downloading a game?"

Mei Li smiled at him, the kind of smile that made Yang's heart beats faster, before replying, "Your phone's internet connection is fast so I downloaded a puzzle game . "

Zhao Yang snorted upon hearing the answer . He had thought it was an RPG game, he should have known it was something boring like puzzles . He shook his head and just letting her do whatever she wanted with his phone .

Unknown to him, she was not playing puzzles at all . It just looked like she was because she was scrolling at the pictures that were saved on his Photo Library . She could not believe that all of his photos were of her, she remembered Mother Zhao had taken these in Milan . Her face, she knew, was bright red again and she was thankful that Yang was concentrated with driving to the destination or else she wouldn't know what do .

When Mei Li went back to his home screen, she saw a photo of herself grinning foolishly at the camera wearing a black bodycon dress . The picture was focused on her upper half with her face taking the biggest part of the screen . Again, the blush on her face intensified . She should not trust Mother Zhao ever again if the mother sells her like this to her son . It wasn't just ten photos, he had all the photos of every dress she and Mother Zhao had brought on Milan which would count to eighteen plus other angles that were taken . How embarrassing! And to make it his screensaver! Hopefully, nobody else saw this!

"Yang," Mei Li called out, unsure how to react . He had just confessed to her in the most unlikely way but Mei Li liked it because he sounded sincere and honest . She knew by his nervous shifting on his seat that he had not planned to tell her those words, making her sure that those words where his truth .

Zhao Yang glance at her briefly before replying, "Yes?"

"When we arrive in the restaurant, we should take a photo . . . " Mei Li told, bitting her lips . She didn't want to be the sole person on his screensaver . It felt odd to see her face on someone's phone . She doesn't even use her own photo for her own phone .

"Huh?" Yang, oblivious to her thoughts, was surprised with her plan . Although unexpected, it was a wonderful idea!

'Maybe I can change my phone's screensaver into a picture of them instead of her-' Yang's thoughts stopped immediately, he recalled the secret photos of her on his phone . Cursing himself for being careless again! Had he eaten something bad that affected his brain? Or has the lack of sleep finally caught up to him? First, he had confessed so unromantically to her . Now he indirectly told her how a stalker he was by the obvious photos on his phone . What foolish thing is he going to do next?

"After we take a photo together, let's make it your screensaver and let's delete these photos of me . It's embarrassing to be the only one on the screen . . . " Her words made the CEO the happiest man alive . She was not angry at him, she was not disgusted with him, she was not annoyed about her unpermitted use of her photos, but she was embarrassed because she stood alone . Does that mean it was fine if it was the two of them? Isn't that an indirect confession already?

'No, Let's not get carried away . ' The CEO thought to himself before replying with his normal teasing tone, "In every picture you delete, we must replace with a picture of the two of us . "

Mei Li groaned while weakly glaring at Yang, "Please?"

Yang turned to her briefly before replying, "Can I at least keep some of your photos?"

Tense silence overtakes the rest of the car ride to the restaurant because of Mei Li's hesitation . Only after Yang had parked the car and they sat tensely waiting for someone to move first did Mei Li agreed, "I'll decide what you can keep and what should be deleted . "

"I like the one in my screensaver; as long as that is safe, I don't care about the rest . " Yang honestly replied . He was not going to make her mad anymore . He needed to agree to her, even if she plans to delete all of her pictures . He had a back up on his computer and his laptop, anyway .

When Mei Li nodded in agreement, Yang hastily went out of the car to open the door on Mei Li's side . The painter went down with Yang's hands helping her balance . Immediately the cold autumn air blew on her bare shoulders making her shiver and subconsciously clenching her teeth .

"You didn't bring a jacket?" Yang frowned .

"I had planned to . I forgot to take it with me when Mother Zhao called," Mei Li blushed when she remembered the forgotten article of clothing that was placed on her bed at Zhao Manor . She had been too excited to remember it .

Mei Li's cheeks were flushed pink, reacting to the biting cold of the autumn night but it worsens into reddish tint when Yang took off his suit and carefully maneuvering Mei Li to place her arms inside the sleeves . When Mei Li pushed the suits his way with a shake of her head, Yang raised an eyebrow and said, "I'm wearing a long sleeve shirt with a vest . I'm not cold . "

She hesitated again before complying . Once the suit jacket was on her, she felt the warmth that was left behind by the owner and the subtle male cologne that reminded her of their time at the Louvre in Paris . He had smelled the same cologne back then too .

"What cologne do you use?" Mei Li asked, "It smells amazing . "

Yang shamelessly grinned when Mei Li sniffed his jacket all over, she looks so cute with his large jacket almost swallowing her petite frame . Another fantasy to add on his growing list; Mei Li with nothing on but his suit jacket . That would be sexy .

Remembering that she was asking him, he replied with a grin while guiding her inside the building where the restaurant was on the top floors, "It's a gift from Mom . It's Dior, I think . Why do you want to buy one? If you do, you'll end up smelling like me . "

Mei Li matched his grin with a grin of her own, " . . . and I'll spray my perfume on you so we'll end up smelling like the other . Would that help you control your female fans?"

Yang froze at her teasing tone and was unresponsive as he registers the meaning behind those words . Was she jealous perhaps? He carefully constructed a sentence that would not destroy her mood even if it was in his own expense, "The rabid fans are scary and need more convincing . A better idea is to have a woman in my arm . " Immediately he offered his right arm for Mei Li to take .

Zhao Yang could see the war of emotions in her eyes as she stared at his offer . She was a bright woman, she must have caught the double meaning of his words . Was she willing to be the woman in his arm?

When her left hand sneaked inside the small space that divided his arm to his chest and then holding his arm before softly squeezing it with a nod of her head, Yang knew that he had her permission . Although she had not said anything to agree on his unplanned confession . At least by this gesture, she was not unwilling . This was one step forward to forever with her .

'Baby Steps, Zhao Yang . ' he reminded himself .

After all, Great things take time and effort .