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Chapter 62

November 21, 20XX (Wednesday)

Restaurant Xandre

Zhao Yang is a pervert; He discovered this fact is true after he had met Wu Mei Li, Xue Mei Lin in truth . Her breast was the best spot his eyes could find, well, aside from her eyes that could suck out his soul . . . and her backside was not one to be underestimated too! Her breast could easily fit his large hands in a handful if he could grope her that is .

She was wearing an off-shoulder dress that had a conservative neckline . Although her cleavage couldn't be seen when she is in front of you, it could easily be seen if she is beside you . Yang glorified at having to look down and seeing that split in between two large mounds . In fact, he had looked down and shamelessly eyed it even when they entered the French Restaurant and had been greeted by the waiting waiter . He had smirked savagely when the waiter caught him being a pervert; the waiter immediately blushed an ugly shade of red in embarrassment at Yang's deviant deeds .

The fact that the woman holding onto his arm had no idea of his actions, made Yang's grin widen . Aside from being a pervert, Yang had also proven to himself how a weirdo he could truly be but he was shameless enough to admit that he wouldn't be like this if it was any other woman . The Painter is the only one special enough to make him believe in love .

Before the waiter had the chance to take them to their private booth, Mei Li had asked, "Can you take a photo of the two of us here?"

Yang straightened in mild surprise, she would really do what she had said on the car? He really shouldn't have doubted her; she was not the kind of girl that would go back on words she had already uttered . What surprised him more was that she had asked somebody to do so . He had thought it would be just a selfie with the two of them, sparing no effort for another person to be involved . This little acts of acceptance on her part, made the hope in him blossom like spring flowers even amidst this cold autumn night .

The waiter agreed instantly, he was already used to taking pictures of customers after he had worked as a waiter for all his adult life . The black haired ordinary waiter accepted the cell phone that the CEO handed to him, already preset by Yang as a camera .

Waiting for a while for the two of his subject to pose, he snapped a photo of them with the woman holding both of her hands into the man's left arm . They had looked sweet and everything in the photo would have been amazing if not for a tall, brown haired, brown eyed man that appeared out of nowhere and photobombed right into the middle of their faces with an annoying face, far from the usual stoic he had .

"What a coincidence!" drawled the photobomber making Yang turn his head to his back, recognizing the familiar voice .

The waiter's jaw drop as the photobomber forcefully separated the CEO from his date by walking in the middle of the two of them . The hands that gripped on Yang's arm had let go because of the abrupt force making Yang's arm cold from the lost warmth caused by her small palms .

"What are you doing here?" Yang's scowl showed his displeasure in plain view .

"What do you mean?" Xue Chang Min tilted his head to the right with a question that obviously known to him but still pretending to be innocent and confused, "I was just eating my dinner here and heard from my staff that you were here so I decided to greet you . "

Zhao Yang's right eyebrow twitched remembering that this restaurant was invested by the Xue's . Due to his excitement, he had forgotten to take this into account . Oh for the love of all that is holy! This older brother was clearly third wheeling! He dared to act all innocent and say that this was a coincidence . What the heck is this friend of his?! Yang needed to teach this cockblocker a lesson .

When Xue Chang Min looked at the booking list the waiter was carrying and saw Zhao Yang's name under a private booth suited only for two people to dine . He looked straight into Yang's eyes with a devious smile that was masked by fake concern, "Why did you reserve for a small table? You always hated to be touched by other people . " Xue Chang Min continued with a drawl, "Let me arrange for you to join me on the larger private booth . "

Yang gritted his teeth, " . . . How generous of you . " At the same time thinking, 'If only you were not my friend and her brother . . . ' and planning different ways to steer away from CEO Xue .

He had specifically reserved a smaller table so he had more chances of close and intimate contact with Mei Li . Large tables would destroy his plan of teasing her with subtle and 'accidental' touches . Yang cursed this hidden older brother to the moon and never to come back . Can't he help a friend woe his sister? How inconsiderate of this long time friend!

"Only the best for my closest friend . " Xue Chang Min grinned, unusual to his notoriously known indifferent face .

Mei Li watched as the two men smiled at each other and thinking, 'why does it felt as if two prideful lions are fighting?' She tapped Yang's arm to gesture for the CEO's phone that was still on the waiter's hand so they could finish taking photos and proceed with their food . She was famished waiting for him at the Zhao Manor and right now she could eat a horse .

"Are you taking a photo together? Let me join in then . " the cockblocker asked while spreading his arms with his left on Yang's shoulder and on his right on Mei Li's head and positioning himself directly in the middle like the great wall of China, barricading two great territories .

Yang's left eyes twitch in irritation . He just knew there will be more of Yang's plans that will be foiled by this friend of his! He should have not told Chang Min that he knew about his relationship with Mei Li's . Maybe he wouldn't be here spoiling all the plans that Yang had carefully concocted as the older brother would have pretended to be a stranger!

Mei Li tried to reason out, making Yang grateful to her, "But I promised Yang that it was going to be just the two of us and-" "Three is better than two! Come now, take the photo so we could eat . " Chang Min interrupted Mei Li's reasons before commanding the waiter .

Needless to say, Yang's dream of having a photo with just he and Mei Li as his phone's screensaver were just that- a dream . Of course, if Xue Chang Min would not have arrived, it wouldn't have stayed as a dream . He regretted knowing the truth of Mei Li's past . It would have been better if he had not been as curious, he wouldn't have a third wheel tonight .

Upon arriving at the new and large room that Chang Min had placed them, Yang's temper rose as his blood begun to boil . His plan to subtly be tactile with Mei Li vanished as the table they had was large enough to fit 8 people .

Another thing that had added to his irritation was when Chang Min had gentlemanly lead Mei Li to a seat while motioning Yang to seat on the opposite side, making them furthest apart from each other- eight people apart . But the most irritating thing that the older brother did was when he sat on the chair next to Mei Li, leaving Yang to his lonely self, before retelling to her Yang's pasts with other women .

This wasn't a coincidence!

This was Sabotage!