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Chapter 63

November 21, 20XX (Wednesday)

Restaurant Xandre

"Do you know he had this thing with the model named 'LuLu' when he was still 23 years old? That model even acted like she was the next Zhao Matriarch with us?" Chang Min asked while pushing the dishes first to Mei Li's side . He ignores the fuming man sitting far from them .

"I know," Mei Li replied so casually as if she was talking about the weather outside causing the two men to be surprised at her unexpected reaction .

"How about his three years of relationship with Ye Lan?" Chang Min will not give up easily, especially if it was for the sake of his little sister! He knows he can't tell her what to do, he was a stranger in her eyes but he could at least warn her about Yang's past and the girls that might come after his little sister if they did become a couple .

He already knows how serious Yang was with Mei Li and he knows he would not dare to stop his close friend from courting his little sister . Aside from her benefiting in his safety net, he also benefited in her love . He was not blind to how the usual CEO would stare love struck at his little sister . Although it hurt him that he can't go macho and threaten his little sister's suiter . Anybody who threatens Zhao Yang is a dead man walking! He dares not be the first to try!

Mei Li merely nodded while enjoying her food, uncaring to the words that went past Xue Chang Min's mouth . Although she was listening, she could care less .

"I know," Mei Li continued while playing with her food, "I have been friends with his sister for 10 years . In that span of time, I know all the events that had happened in his life from Yue's stories and Mother Zhao's rants . "

Chang Min held his sighs while sneaking a long glance at Yang's way . Xue Chang Min swallowed his fear when he saw Yang's lips twitching into a lopsided grin while his thumb was raised near his neck and slashing it vertically in a motion of killing someone by slashing the neck .

Deciding to continue his subtle warning to Mei Li, Chang Min looked away from Yang's direction and turned to the opposite side to ask, "Do you also know that we are the black-" "Chang Min," Yang interrupted with a calm voice that sent shivers down the older brother's spine .

Chang Min gulped, he must have taken it too far . Should he run or should he fight? When he turned to Yang's seat, he found the Zhao Head curling his index finger to signal him to come nearer . Yang then pointed towards the chair closest to him while pointing to Chang Min's way . The Arms and Weapons Company's CEO stood up with a short inaudible excuse towards Mei Li to stride fast into the seat the sadistic suitor had pointed .

Yang hissed at him quietly so Mei Li could not hear, "What the heck are you doing?"

"I'm playing my role as a brother!" snarled Chang Min with the same amount of force .

"Well, you're annoying! Get out!" demanded Yang .

"That's what I am supposed to be doing," retorted Chang Min lowering his head to mask his moving mouth .

"Then get out now because you've annoyed me enough!" Yang glared .

"No way, You might do something to her!" Chang Min glared back .

While the two CEOs were fighting with each other and trying for Mei Li not to notice their whispers, the Painter had simply rolled her eyes at them . She was already used to knowing nothing as an orphan, she was already used to secrets being kept especially when she had met Mother Zhao who she knows have many secrets in her pocket, and she knows that whatever Yang and Chang Min is hiding is their own business .

Although she would like to know about it, she understands; the greatest bliss was ignorance . Being an orphan, she was ignorant as she grew up so it wasn't anything new .

Knowing these facts, Mei Li concentrated on finishing the food in front of her; the Ratatouille was simply delish . She was waiting for a dish she had ordered immediately when she saw it was in the menu . After that dish, she'll order some Gruyère Cheese Gougères and maybe some tartiflette with ham . This restaurant's Coq au vin was famous too, she'll try that one too . If she can't finish it, she'll just let Yang eat the rest seeing as the CEO was eating just a small portion while talking . Of course, she will end with the classic crepe with strawberry sauce . The thought of eating those dishes sounded like heaven on earth in Mei Li's ears .

She could care less about the subject the two men in the room was talking about, her food comes first . Mei Li was unaware that the two men's subject was her .

Ignorance is really the best form of bliss .

Suddenly the waiter arrived to serve her the dish that she was waiting for, the mille-feuille with those red delicious strawberries on top of the white whip cream . She could see three layers off puffed pastry or pâte feuilletée with alternating layers of pastry cream or crème pâtissière . She had wanted to try this in Paris but had forgotten due to the many thoughts in her mind . Now, she finally gets to eat one!

Her eager face as she clutched the fork like a kid that wields it like a sword and that large bright smile on her lips caught the attention of the other men she was with . Upon the waiter placing it in front of her, the painter took her phone and snapped a photo and sending it Yue before partaking on the delightfully sweet yet creamy dessert . Who cares if her main course was a dessert! She'll just eat the main course as her dessert then!

She put the mille-feuille in her mouth and savoring the creaminess and the explosion of sweetness in her tongue, she chewed slowly to taste everything inside the dessert . She could differently taste strawberries!

"Do you like it?"

Mei Li looked up and into Yang's eyes, smiling grandly like a kid receiving ice cream from the ice cream man . She gushed, "It's delish! Can I order a Coq au vin?"

"Of course, order whatever you want . " Yang immediately agreed with Chang Min nodding firmly in agreement on his side .

Mei Li hesitate for a moment before she spoke out her concerns, " . . . If I can't finish it, can you?"

Chang Min and Yang replied together, "Of course . "

Mei Li giggled when the two faced each other and glared . Suddenly an advantageous idea popped into her mind like a eureka moment . She turned to Yang first and asked, "I'll order Coq au vin and if I can't finish it, you will right?"

Yang nodded with a grin while mockingly staring at Chang Min feeling like a winner . He didn't expect the next words that were uttered by Mei Li when her attention shifted to Chang Min, "Big Brother Chang Min, is that okay if I call you that or should I call you CEO Xue?"

"You may call me big brother if you like," Chang Min sounded aloof but inside he was dancing with happiness . This was the second time that she called him that . It was amazing to be finally called that title .

"I want to order these three flavors of eclairs . Can big brother Chang Min finish it if I can't?" Mei Li was not usually the kind of woman who takes advantage of other people but this was because of food; She would gladly take advantage of anybody as long as there is delicious food involved .

Yang and Chang Min turned their heads towards each other, knowing the woman was taking advantage of them but nevertheless they agreed to her wants . It seems that Mei Li was too fond of the food in front of her to care for anything they do . They both reluctantly eat the rest of their food, watching Mei Li eat the rest with so much gusto that Yang felt a little jealous .

Feeling as if they've been defeated, the two men started conversing about business because the woman was not paying them any attention at all .

To Mei Li, Food was greater than any attractive men .