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Chapter 65

November 27, 20XX (Tuesday)

Y Building, Beijing

STRESSED; this was how Mei Li felt . The painter had taken on these very ambitious projects without the knowledge and bringing her ignorance with her while adding to the stress that it would cause her . She had planned everything of Yue's barbeque for her birthday tomorrow and the large banquet on the thirtieth while also juggling the interior design decisions that needed to be made with a whopping thirty-three floors that were larger than Zhao Manor's .

If she had planned only Yue's two birthday parties only, she wouldn't be this stress but to add the planning of two large buildings in her hands, she was knackered with overwhelming stressing causing her moodiness .

The two buildings are resting on half a hectare of land . The first building itself had 25 stories and occupied just 1,800 square meters of the land with an overall interior floor space of almost 84,000 square meters! And that was just the first building! The second building was only 8 floors tall but two times bigger than the first!

And it was her responsibility to make and approve of decisions that the Interior Designer had planned . The pressure of making one wrong decision just because she hadn't thought hard enough or that she had made her decision without due process . She hadn't realized how stressful it was to decide which tile was going on which floor . Why humans don't just make one tile and roll with it, she doesn't know .

Thank God that Trisha, the interior designer that was hired, was experienced and know how to make decisions that could make it easy for Mei Li . Trisha would narrow the choice field into five and not make her look at the confusing hundred titles that looked almost alike on some places .

Wu Mei Li tapped her finger on Yang's desk as she waited for Trisha to arrive . The CEO was off to who knows where in a meeting somewhere in Beijing and she was alone in the CEO's office trying to finish confirming all the people who had RSVP-ed to Yue's banquet in the thirtieth .

Mei Li perked up when she heard a knock on the door . Thinking it was Trisha, She was surprised when Re, one of Yang's Do, Re, Mi, Fa and Sol Secretaries, peaked inside with only her head and said, "Miss Wu, a new interior designer is looking for CEO Zhao . "

Mei Li blinked, she didn't know what to do in this situation . Ever since she had come here to freely work for Yang, she had never encountered people inside the CEO office aside from Yang, Secretary Bai, and Trisha . She grew curious when the words, 'new interior designer' came out of the secretary's mouth . Did Yang want to replace Ti? She was a great and experienced designer, though . I don't think perfectionist Yang would .

"Let her wait for CEO Zhao on the waiting lobby, isn't that what's supposed to be done on these occasions?" Mei Li asked, aside from her curiosity, she was also stressed and feeling an incoming headache .

"We have tried to let her wait in the lobby but the woman was insistent and would not stop bothering us to let her wait in the office . " Re shuffled nervously . If this was CEO Zhao that she was talking too, She was sure she would have been shouted and glared at .

"Do you have a phone number to contact the CEO?" Mei Li rubbed the right side of her forehead in circles .

"No, Miss Wu . We tried to contact Secretary Bai but he would not pick up . They are most likely be on a meeting still . "

Mei Li's left eyebrow twitched in annoyance . This wasn't here effing job! She wanted to dismiss the secretary but was stopped with a loud demanding voice outside, "I told you that CEO Zhao is partnering with my father's company, I . A . I . Interior Designs, and had replaced Trisha Fuller with me . According to Miss Fuller's schedule, I would need to meet with someone in the CEO's office!"

Mei Li's left eyebrow twitched multiple times, her annoyance growing bigger than before . Guessing by the unmannered shout, the new interior designer is the daughter of Trisha's boss . Must be one of those types of girls that the CEO is used to dealing with but she wasn't . . . In fact, Mei Li wanted to go outside and push the woman, who was demanding to come inside the office as if it is her right to just barge in, from the 25th floor of this building where she was currently working on the tiles that are needed to be put on there .

Mei Li picked up her phone and dialed Yang's number with a face that had no emotions plastered whatsoever .

The Secretary had watched in helplessly as the painter had calmly said, "If you are in an important meeting, I don't care . You come here immediately and settle this growing headache that is in a form of a woman demanding to see you saying things that she is the new interior designer because her father had replaced Ti with her . If Ti isn't the designer for your building, you can consider me out . I could only manage to do all the things that have been done because of Trisha's experience . "

Meanwhile, Yang was in one of the conferences having a meeting with the Human Resources Department's team from his own IT company and with the new IT company that he had acquired . All people on the table turned when Yang's phone sang Elvis Presley's Can't Help Falling In Love With You loudly while vibrating in the CEO's hand .

The CEO had silenced them with a command by waving of his hand into a motion of stopping with palms out . They had watched with jaws dropping on the ground when the CEO had listening to whoever was talking on the phone intently while replying with the most gentle voice they had ever heard coming from the most sadistic person they know, "I'm on the 14th floor in one of the meeting rooms . I'll come back in 5 min . I'll let Secretary Bai do the rest . "

Without any words towards his employees, The CEO rushed out of the room while Secretary Bai sighed with frustration as he started the meeting again . Although his mind was curious as to why the CEO had looked as if he was going to murder someone?