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Chapter 66

November 27, 20XX (Tuesday)

Y Building, Beijing

Zhao Yang hurried to his own floor not caring about the obstructions that hindered his path . He even kicked a small box full of something breakable and had pushed away a woman employee who had tried to attempt getting his attention by falling in his way . He scoffed and walked away, treating that woman as air but memorizing her identity so he could fire her later .

When he arrived on his floor, a woman wearing a form-fitting black dress on those killer hells that had those tacky spikes everywhere was loudly replying to his three secretaries, who had acted call and composed just as Secretary Bai had taught them . Yang nodded in approval to the Secretaries but his displeasure was easily seen when his eyes caught the unknown woman's .

"Who are you?" Yang spatted in disgust . If Mei Li had misunderstood why this kind of woman was looking for him, he would separate all heads that were involved .

"CEO Zhao!" The woman continued with a large smile of relief, "I am the new designer that is replacing Trisha Fuller . My father had decided that Trisha Fuller was not capable to take on this project and had sent me here in her stead . "

Zhao Yang's forehead furrowed with irritation . This woman, who was dressed like a low-payed escort was the new designer? If this wasn't another plot from this woman's father to appeal to his primal side, he doesn't know what else to say . But the fact that Mei Li had heard and was the one to inform him of this woman, irritated him more . They can mess with him and he would probably just bankrupt them but if they messed with Mei Li especially in this fragile state of their relationship, he would chop their bodies into pieces and scattering them in the bottom of different locations on the oceans of the world .

He knew how stressed Mei Li had become with each passing day closer to Mei Li's birthday while juggling the work he had pushed in her way . He had even caught her sleeping on his sofa for a while before going back to work after she had woken up in 2 hours . He had tried to let her sleep but the woman was too responsible to be idle for long . Now, this company that he had hired was choosing the wrong time to irritate him . He was already walking in eggshells with Mei Li and they dare to plot in her presence!

When she had called Yang, her voice sounded so calm and steady that he immediately know that she was angered and displeased . Her anger was always not as explosive as his . In fact, she was quiet but she was the scariest because of how clear her head is when mad . She could stab someone with her words, she could kill someone with her indifference, and she could leave someone hanging with her silence . In her angry state, Yang felt that Mei Li was one that watches as another person drown .

" . . . And when did I even agree to change the interior designer that I have chosen?" Yang drawled while avoiding the woman's daring touch on his arm . Nobody touches his arm but Mei Li!

"That is why I am here to explain to you ab-" "Get out and bring Trisha Fuller back . If it is not her, My company will not hire anybody else . " Yang interrupted .

He had no time to waste on women that were cheap to themselves, to others, and to their beliefs . Besides, he needed to go to Mei Li to confirm that she was not angry at him or have misunderstood the situation . No other woman but she was in his mind twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week .

"But the CEO had already-" "Then consider my contract with your father's company null and void . " Yang took out the handkerchief in his breast pocket and use it to cover his hands and then pushed the woman into his bodyguard that had shadowed after him with a command, "Get her out of the building and throw this handkerchief away . I have no use of this . "

The woman had cried and begged and shouted excuses at him but Yang had treated everything like air as he waited for silence before he opened the door to his office, careful for Mei Li not to hear any more of this nonsense .

"Is Ti not the designer anymore?" Mei Li's abrupt question greeted him . She was seated on the new chair he had brought for her to use with his desk . He silently loosens his necktie with a few yank downwards and sideways on each side .

The CEO sat beside her on his own chair before replying, "I will get her back for you . Trisha's CEO must have thought that I would be easily swayed with his daughter . "

Mei Li snorted and mockingly laughed, "Was she pretty?"

Zhao Yang gulped at her tone . Her laughter that he use to liken to a sweet chiming of a bell sounded deeper and monotoned . Uh-Oh, she was either angry at him or irritated . If he answered 'No,' she would say that he was lying and if he answered, 'yes' he would need to kiss his chance on wooing her goodbye . So he remained silent while dialing Trisha's CEO's number, he pressed the speaker button so Mei Li could also hear what they are talking . Maybe this call would answer all her questions .

"Hello, CEO Zhao! Did you meet my daughter? I have arranged her to be your company's designer as Trisha Fuller will be deported back to the US to our Sister Company there . "

Zhao Yang's eyes twitched in annoyance; like father like daughter . He glances at Mei Li to gauge her reactions only to see her indifferent face, calmly looking at him while waiting for his reply .

"Our contact had especially specified that it would be the experienced Trisha that would work for me," Yang said immediately . His palms sweating as Mei Li's fingers began to tap on his desk as if it was a ticking time bomb seconds away from detonating .

"But you see CEO Zhao, My daughter also designed the-" "The contract was signed by Trisha Fuller, not your daughter . If it is not her then I will be pulling out from our agreement . " Yang interrupted hastily as the tapping increased in rhythm .

Damn her calm expression, he hated when she was angry . She was damn scary in her silence! He had thought that his mother was the scariest woman alive before especially when she would start throwing breakable things on his direction but no, Xue Mei Lin was the scariest . She throws nothing nor does she shout but her disappointed look as her eyes conveys how much a low person you are in her view and the fact that she would rather cut you out than spend an effort to be angry was the scariest .

"Give my daughter a chance, CEO Zhao and she will prove to you that-" "That what? That she can sleep on CEO Zhao's bed as long as she showed up with the skimpiest outfit on her wardrobe? That she can spread her legs open and CEO Zhao would take her on his desk so that your company would be safe? That she can be the next Zhao Matriarch?" Yang was surprised when Mei Li interrupted him from interrupting the person on the other line of the call .

"Who is this?! How dare you say such slanderous things about my daughter!"

"If you have something to complain about me, you may say it to CEO Zhao's mother . I'm sure you know who Madam Zhao Hui Ying is? If you do not, I will refer you to call CEO Zhao Shi Rong . They are the people that had been like parents to me, you may complain to them about me . Aside from who I am, it does not matter . " Mei Li snorted before continuing, "I need Trisha Fuller . If not her, CEO Zhao Yang's company will not accept anybody else . "

Zhao Yang touched his nose helplessly as Mei Li stood up and went to the door . She briefly turned back and said to Yang, "I will return to your company if Ti is here . If not, then see you at the Zhao Manor . I will sleep for a while, maybe after I wake up, I will be sorry about interrupting your delightful conversation . Right now, I don't want to listen to a father who is willingly teaching his daughter to sell herself!"

Yang wince when the door was slammed shut . He picked up his phone and turned off the speaker function . He then turned his chair back to look at the city's skyscrapers while saying with a smirk, "I will give you 2 hours to retrieve Trisha Fuller or the Zhao Family will acquire your small company . You better hurry because the clock starts now . "

He hanged up . His thoughts filled with ways on how to please a mad girl .

After a while, Yang got up to buy chocolates and readying himself to beg and crawl to Mei Li's good side again .

Really! A man can control the world but they can't control a woman!