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Chapter 67

November 27, 20XX (Tuesday)

Y Building & Grand Center Mall

On a silent hallway on the first floor that had the elevators, people dare not make any noise as their CEO was leaning on his exclusive elevator while talking to someone on the phone wearing a distressed face . Some employees who had used the elevator beside his had caught the CEO saying something like, 'what to buy', 'She is mad', 'I need your help', 'You are her best friend', and 'help your brother . '

They immediately know that Miss Wu Mei Li was probably mad at CEO Zhao . Every employee was now familiar to Miss Wu's face but nobody was allowed to go near her or even talk to her for a greeting as CEO Zhao would glare at them for even coming as close as 2 meters .

When the interior designer and Miss Wu would wander around discussing furniture, paints, and whatnot, all employees would try to sneak glances at Miss . The personal bodyguard that shadowed Miss Wu was the CEO's guard who scares everyone the most, so they had tried their hardest not to get on her bad side and just satiate their curiosity with sneaky glances and eagle-eyed observation .

Upon hearing their CEO Zhao calling himself 'brother' towards the person he was on the phone with, the employees realized that the CEO's younger sister must be Miss Wu's closest friend . Is this how the CEO and Miss Wu meets? What a romantic way to meet! Almost like a romance novel!

After a while, the employees were surprised to see a tall and slender woman who had the same coloring as CEO Zhao with black straight hair and dark eyes . They shared the same facial structure but hers was much softer compared to CEO Zhao's sharp jaw line . She had also the same eyebrow shape as CEO Zhao with lips that were coated with dark marron making her look wild and uncontrollable especially when she grinned .

The CEO's younger sister was one of the most illusive elites in Beijing . Although most of the elites know who she is, other ordinary people like them had no idea of her appearance . To see her in person, the employees thanked Miss Wu for being mad at their CEO a little bit .

" . . . So you think you really angered her?" Yue asked when she reached her brother's side after she had grinned on his employees at the lobby .

Yang narrated the events that happened while he helpless look at the widening grin on his little sister's face . Yue grinned not because she was happy that her brother is finally being a gentle suitor rather than the sadistic merchant but because she knew he had misunderstood Mei Li's anger . She was angry, yes, but it wasn't him .

She then decided that she'll let his brother suffer just a little bit more . She grinned jokingly at him, "I will pray for your soul then . She's not easily mad but when she is, it's hard to shake her off of it!"

Believing her, Yang grabbed his little sister's wrist and lead her to his Ferrari and setting her on the passenger seat with a forceful but playful push, "I know you know something more about her that can help me get back on her good side . "

"Oh?" Yue was surprised when his brother started the card and continued with a smirk, "What will I get if I help you?"

"If you help me," Yang smirked back, "Your problem about inheriting grandpa and grandma's business will be gone because if she becomes your sister-in-law, our grandparents would be more interested in giving it to her because she's more knowledgeable to manage grandpa's restaurants with her cooking experience and food-related degree . "

Yue growled, angry that his brother dared to even suggest her pushing work into her best friend's hands, " . . . not a good reason for me to accept . "

"Well I can buy you whatever you want with no limits," Yang drawled with the smirk still plastered on his face . His sister was the most materialistic of them all . She could easily be baited with buying her stuff .

"Alright," Yue immediately agreed, causing Yang to sweatdrop while fearing for the future pocket of his sister's husband!

Arriving at the mall, Yue had happily dragged Yang to every shop that looked interesting . She had brought bags, shoes, socks, makeup products, dresses, skirts, blouses, scarves, towels, and all that she could think off . These two siblings are both opportunistic .

Yue was enjoying herself watching his big brother bear her over the top shopping spree .

Yang, on the other hand, followed like a robot while letting the guards that shadowed after them carrying all the things that his sister was buying . He felt that his black card was going to have a mark of constantly being used soon . He did not worry about that, he was more worried about the time that had passed .

The CEO had pulled his sister to give her the card He stepped out of the furniture store and called the CEO who had caused all of Mei Li's irritation at him, not knowing the wicked grin his little sent at his back .

With just a few rings, his call was answered .

"Is Trisha Fuller now available?" Yang's abrupt question made the other line hesitate .

"Yes, CEO Zhao," The person continued, "She will return tomorrow bright and early . "

"Alright," Yang nodded to himself, satisfied with the outcome, "Do not try to use your daughter to gain my favor . I am not available for other women nor am I looking for mistresses . This will serve as a warning, one more mistake from you . . . I will not be merciful . "

Zhao Yang immediate hang up, uncaring about anything else besides finding a way to lighten up Mei Li's mood . He was prepared to be on his knees and beg, dammit!

He flicked Yue's forehead when he went back to his little sister's side only to discover she had brought a king size bed and her reason was, "This is for Mei Li's room . I sleep in there with her so she needs a bigger bed!"

Yang had to bite his tongue to contain his jealousy . His little sister's smirk had not helped calm the green-eyed monster in him .

"Can we buy Mei Li's now?" Yang asked with a sigh .

Yue blinked at him, "What do you mean? All I bought are both mine and Mei Li's . Remember, anything that has strawberries on it . You buy little things like that for her, she's instantly happy . So our last stop is in a bakery, we need a chocolate cake for me and a strawberry cake for Mei Li . "

Yang was surprised to know this fact . He had thought that all she had bought before was for her, he had not expected that half of it was for her best friend . She really knew Mei Li well . In this, Yang dare not even compete with her . He thanked the heavens for giving him a capable mother and a very capable little sister .

And lastly, Yue had given her a very important advice, "The best way you can get on her good side is through food . Take her out to eat dishes she hasn't tried yet and she'll cling to you like a leech . "

Her words had explained how much the painter had tried little bites on every dish when they had gone to eat at Restaurant Xandre .

Yue's smirk had stayed on her face like it had been glued into place, 'She's not a grey at you but I won't tell you that .

In the car, Yang helplessly looked at the clutter that his little sister had caused as she separates her stuff from Mei Li's . She had combined Mei Li's stuff in two large paper bags while putting the cake box on the dashboard temporarily .

Yang stopped himself from nagging his little sister to clean up . His precious Ferrari can easily be sacrificed for Mei Li's sake .

The older brother had no idea that his little sister was keeping her laughter at bay . He's so carried away with his misunderstanding that it's so funny .